"Greenlee walked into the restaurant to pick up some take out dinner when she spied Jake sitting all alone. She asked him about Gillian and was told that Gillian would recover, but that she lost the baby. Greenlee said it was horrible news and that she wouldn't wish this upon Ryan and Gillian. Jake informed her that the baby was his. She apologized to him and gave him her sympathies, then tried to take her leave. Jake persuaded her to stay with him and ordered her a drink. She told Jake that she's no good at comforting people and Jake said that was ok, he wasn't looking for comfort. Sticking her foot in her mouth, Greenlee wondered how bad he must feel, not being able to save his own baby. Jake didn't get upset, saying that was exactly what he had been thinking.

Meanwhile Leo and Laura arrived for dinner. Leo complimented Laura, telling her he only had eyes for her this evening. She pointed Greenlee out to Leo, who watched as Greenlee ran her hand up and down Jake's arm in a gesture of sympathy. Leo turned back to Laura and said he didn't care if Greenlee was there but offered to take Laura somewhere else for dinner. She declined and then suggested a wager for the evening. If their date is a success, Laura would pay Leo $200. If the date is a disaster, Leo would pay Laura the $200. Leo said "You're on!"

Jake and Greenlee raised their glasses in a toast to better days when Greenlee spotted Leo with Laura. She looked very sad and turned back to Jake. Jake told her about being selfish at the hospital when Gillian was brought in, only thinking of the baby, not Gillian's health. Jake told her about his decision to quit medicine. Greenlee couldn't believe her ears and said "Now let me get this straight. The first time Gillian hurts you, you run off to a war zone. This time you're going to end your career?" She went on to tell him he's being too hard on himself and that he needed to go have some fun. Grabbing her coat, she told Jake to let her show him the fine art of wallowing in self indulgence. He hesitated but then agreed and they left together.

Laura had been telling Leo a story from her childhood, which reminded Leo of a scam his mother tried to pull off once. Laura tried to get Leo to elaborate but he told her he didn't want to tell her about the scamming, it would just ruin their date. She told him he could be honest with her so Leo tried to tell her a story but got distracted by Greenlee and Jake's departure. As they walked by Leo's table, he grabbed Laura and kissed her. He said he wanted to go someplace to be alone with her but Laura saw through this. She told him it wouldn't help stop him from thinking about Greenlee being with Jake. Leo looked sheepish and handed Laura $200, and said he was sorry. Laura took the money, stood up, said "So am I Leo" and walked out.

At WRCW Becca asked Hayley how she was feeling after her nap. Hayley said she was feeling guilty for taking so many naps and holding up production on her show. Mat joined them and Hayley told him her first guest was Dar, a "psychic to the stars." Before he could say anything Dar walked up and Hayley welcomed her. Dar told Mateo that the shipment of light beer he was waiting on just arrived. This freaked Matt and Hayley out until Dar admitted that she'd overheard the message in the green room. Hayley asked Dar to go up on the stage where they could go over the contents of the show. Dar took Hayley's hand and said this show would reveal more than they knew, and walked up to the stage. Mateo asked Hayley to not let the psychic "weird [her] out" and Hayley agreed. Mateo left and Hayley joined Dar. They began to discuss what would be on today's show when Dar stared off in to space. She told Hayley she was getting interference. She said it was someone from Hayley's past who wants her to admit something. Hayley told Dar to save anything about herself for after the show and reminded her to keep things light. They began taping and Hayley introduced her guest, saying Dar would reveal secrets about Hollywood and Wall Street. Dar said all she could see was the letter "L," someone named Lottie. She was getting a message from this person for Hayley. "Don't be afraid, be happy with your new life.". Hayley said she likes her life and doesn't want a new one. Dar told her she wasn't getting a new life, there was "new life" in her, that she was pregnant. A stunned Hayley stopped the taping while a thrilled Becca beamed from the side lines. Becca called Matt, who showed up and asked Hayley what was wrong. She said nothing, that she had the feeling something might be very, very right. Hayley cleared the set and kissed Mateo. He wanted to know what was going on and she told him the psychic said she was pregnant. He didn't believe it but Hayley did. He reminded her that she wasn't to let Dar weird her out but Hayley told him the message came from her Aunt Lottie. Mateo didn't want Hayley to get her hopes up. Hayley told her husband that she'd been having a feeling but didn't want to let herself believe it. Mateo finally believed that she was pregnant and they shared an ecstatic hug.

Tad walked into the building where Leslie was holding Junior. He called out for his son but was knocked unconscious by someone hitting him over the head with a board.

David and Dixie returned to her house to find Tad missing. Dixie was upset that he left without a note but David said maybe he knew where Junior was and went to get him. Dixie agreed, saying Tad wouldn't leave unless he had news of Junior. David got an emergency call from the hospital and had to leave. He tried to convince Dixie to go with him but she refused. David left and Dixie received a phone call from Leslie. Dixie asked her where she was holding her son and begged to talk to him. Leslie agreed and played the tape of Junior saying "Hi mom, I'm ok. Leslie's treating me alright". Dixie was relieved and Leslie told her J. R. would be home soon if she does exactly as she's told.

Tad hadn't been ambushed by Leslie as it initially appeared. Junior, who thought he was clobbering Leslie, helped Tad to his feet and told him they were in an attic. He told Tad he was the one who'd hit him, he'd thought it was Leslie returning to get him. Tad said they had to call Dixie and pulled out his cell phone. He placed the call but David answered, having returned from his hospital emergency. David told Tad that Dixie was upstairs resting and Tad ordered David to get her on the phone. Junior went ballistic when he realized David was in his house and went running out the door. Tad struggled to follow him and dropped the phone on the way out. David went upstairs to get Dixie and discovered that she wasn't resting at all. He went off on the policeman who was supposed to have been guarding her. He said all he knew was that she said she was going upstairs to rest. He went out to the car for a moment and that must have been when Dixie left. David was furious and then remembered the phone call from Tad. He grabbed the phone but Tad wasn't there. He checked the caller ID and it said the number was from Chandler Enterprises. David flashed back to a conversation he'd had with Leslie, when she had told him that someone was going to take a very long fall for this. He looked horrified and ran out of the house. A few minutes later Tad and Junior stormed into the house. The police officers said that Dixie was supposed to have gone to her room. If she wasn't there, then they said that they had no idea where she. Tad realized Leslie had Dixie.

Dixie arrived at Tad's darkened office and called out for Leslie. Leslie said she'd been waiting for her. Dixie told her that nobody knew she was there and demanded to see Junior. Leslie said that she wasn't turning him over yet and that they needed to "negotiate" first. Leslie said that Dixie wanted Junior safe and sound, that was her "deal breaker". Leslie said her deal breaker was Tad. But Dixie couldn't just hand Tad over the way Leslie could hand over Junior. Dixie told Leslie that she'd gotten under Tad's skin, and implied that she didn't want Tad if Tad wanted Leslie. Leslie told Dixie that she'd been dreaming of Tad for 20 years, that she was Tad's one great love. But then she'd gone away and came back to find Dixie in her place. She said Tad has to be given the chance to choose Leslie over Dixie. If Dixie wanted this to come to a successful conclusion, for Junior to come out of it alive, Leslie said there was one outcome - Dixie had to die. Leslie had no plans of murdering Dixie. Instead, she wanted Dixie to commit "suicide." Dixie agreed to give her life for her son's, prompting Leslie to remark that she knew Dixie would do the right thing. Dixie reminded Leslie that she would still have to face kidnapping charges. Not so, according to Leslie, who hinted she would portray Junior as unstable in court so that no one would believe his account of what happened. "What about David? He loves me!" Dixie cried. Leslie said David would just cut his losses since she had so much evidence against him. Dixie wondered what evidence Leslie had, but Leslie wouldn't tell her because wanted Dixie to die with a good opinion of David. Dixie told Leslie she could have everything she wants without anyone getting hurt. Leslie laughed and told her that all she had to do was dial a number on her cell phone and Junior would die. Leslie told Dixie she had to jump off the balcony of the high-rise's office before she dialed the last number. With that, Leslie started began pressing the numbers. Dixie just stood there for a moment as Leslie dialed the phone and then yelled "Ok, STOP!". Leslie looked at Dixie smugly and told her to "just do it fast, don't think about it". Dixie wanted to see Junior but Leslie refused. She picked up the phone again and started dialing. Dixie went to the edge of the railing, where Leslie followed her. Dixie turned around and grabbed Leslie, saying "Give me back my son or I'm pushing you over this balcony!". The two women struggled, but Leslie managed to wrestle free. Leslie then pulled a can of mace from her pocket and sprayed some in Dixie's face. Leslie grabbed Dixie and shoved her over the balcony as David ran into the office. David screamed Dixie's name in horror as he watched what Leslie had done."

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