"After the taping and their encounter with the psychic, Hayley and Mateo walked back to the condo with armfuls of groceries. Mateo told Hayley that he didn't believe what the psychic had said but Hayley argued that she was legit. Once inside, Hayley wondered if she had just made herself believe she was pregnant. To her amazement, Mateo pulled out a home pregnancy kit from one of the bags and challenged her to find out.

As the pregnancy test sat on the table, Hayley and Mateo stretched out on the couch and waited for the results. Hayley reasoned that home pregnancy tests weren't always accurate and suggested that they should wait until she began getting symptoms before they got their hopes up. Mateo told her that they had six minutes left before they could look and asked her if she wanted him to throw the test away. Hayley reluctantly agreed and as Mateo rose to throw it away, she warned him to not look at it. He picked it up and opened the lid of the garbage can but Hayley suddenly screamed out that she could wait another six minutes and Mateo burst out laughing. He told her that it was only a one minute test and that he just let her think it took longer because she was always so impatient. He turned it to face her and, before he raised it for Hayley to see, he told her that they would keep trying if it was negative. "Trying is all the fun," Hayley joked, but as Mateo raised the test to face level, she became quiet. Fearing the worst, Mateo began to console her but Hayley interrupted him and told him that she was pregnant. She turned the test to face him and the two joyously embraced. Hayley suddenly pulled back and became quiet. She asked Mateo when the baby could have been conceived and they estimated that it was around the time of the yacht party. Hayley became nervous and wondered if the Libidozone had done anything to harm the baby or if she had done something when she assumed Arlene's identity. Mateo assured her that she hadn't been drinking or taking men home with her and told her that he knew she would never do anything to harm their baby. Hayley agreed to call Dr. Clader the next morning to determine if she was really pregnant. Mateo told Hayley that she should believe in what she felt inside and trust herself, but she reasoned that she hadn't been very good at that lately. Mateo looked into Hayley's eyes and hoped that "she" would be as kind and caring as her mother. "The same goes for if it's a boy," Hayley replied and the pair kissed.

Back at home, Junior looked on as Tad called Adam to let him know that he found his son. When Adam asked if Leslie had been arrested yet, Tad explained that she had tricked him into rescuing Junior so she could go after Dixie. Adam warned him to find Dixie because he didn't want his son being "traumatized if anything happened to his mother." Tad told him that he was looking. "Keep me posted... and keep your pants on!" Adam hollered, and slammed the phone.

Adam paced around the room as he tried to come up with a plan to get away. He sat down on the couch and began pulling on the ankle cuff, but it wouldn't budge. "I bet I could be halfway there before they even sic the dogs on me," he mused, and crept towards the front door. As he opened it, a surly police officer faced him and asked him where he was going.

Derek arrived at Adam's to find Officer Baird hovering over him. He informed Adam that Junior had been found and asked him why he was trying to leave. Liza strolled down the stairs and asked Adam what he was up to. Derek warned him that if he got six feet away from his home, "signals would be set off from here to Center City." Adam turned his attention to Liza and asked her if she would let him speak privately with Derek but she refused, fearing that Adam would try to bribe the detective. Derek told him that the police officer was going to keep a close eye on him and warned him to stay put or else they would "lock (him) up and throw away the key." After he left and the officer returned to his post, Adam told Liza that he wanted a sandwich and she went off to the kitchen. Once alone, Adam called Stuart and told him to come right away but demanded that he take the tunnels and not let anyone, "especially Liza", see him.

As they ate their sandwiches, Adam asked Liza how Chandler Enterprises' financial situation was coming along. She replied that the fourth quarterly report was almost completed but that she was still waiting on a "few numbers." Adam told her that he worried that this would cause "negative repercussions" and convinced Liza to go to the office to get the reports in order. Once alone, Adam let Stuart in through the tunnel door and asked him to switch places with him. Stuart refused and told Adam that he wasn't going to break the law for him. He informed Stuart that Skye had called him from Llanview and that she "needed" him. "Is this it?" Stuart asked. "I'm afraid so," Adam quietly replied. Stuart's mood changed and he asked Adam how he was going to get the ankle cuff off. Adam responded that it would take some work and told Stuart to return to the tunnels and wait. Adam opened the front door and asked Officer Baird to come inside for a moment. Once inside, he poured himself a drink and offered one to the officer, but he refused. "Why do people always ask you that when they know you're on duty?" the officer questioned. "To see how far you'll go," Adam replied. He asked Officer Baird if he had any children and he replied that he had three boys, all of whom were honor students in school. Adam reasoned that it would be hard to send three boys to college for four years each on a police officer's salary. "If what's coming next is a threat or a bribe, I don't want to hear it," the officer interrupted, but Adam continued. He offered to send his three sons through college and pay for their tuition, textbooks, room and board, and spending money. The officer looked astounded but told Adam that he was leaving. Adam proceeded and asked the officer if he would help him "get out of the house for a few days" if he had a "fool-proof plan" where no one would know that he even left. Officer Baird looked skeptical but waited as Adam opened the tunnel door to reveal Stuart.

Liza arrived as Stuart was practicing being Adam and she knew something was up. She handed him the quarterly reports and he looked at them but had no idea what they were. He stuttered and stammered as the pair sat down on the couch. Liza confessed that she had waited a while before she left to see how long it would take him to escape. She purred in Stuart's ear that she was looking forward to the two of them spending a romantic evening alone in front of the fire. "I won't bite," she whispered. "Unless, of course, you want me to." Stuart jumped halfway across the couch and asked, "You know, don't you?" Liza replied that she did and could tell the two of them apart. She asked where Adam went, but Stuart replied that he couldn't tell her. She became frustrated and asked how he was able to get the ankle cuff off. "I guess anyone can be bought," Stuart replied, and assured her that Adam would explain everything once he got back.

Tad asked the police officer if he knew where David went but the officer replied that he didn't. Tad reasoned that he may have had his cell phone on him and he searched through Dixie's address book for his number.

On the terrace at Chandler Enterprises, Dixie held Leslie's face over the edge. Leslie suddenly grabbed a can of mace from her pocket and sprayed it in Dixie's eyes. Dixie recoiled in pain and Leslie grabbed her. David watched in horror as she picked Dixie up and threw her over the terrace. Dixie hung on as David ran to help her but Leslie quickly closed and locked the terrace doors. As Dixie screamed for mercy, Leslie made her way over to her and began pulling her fingers back, one by one.

Tad and Junior found the number and called, but David didn't answer. Tad assured Junior that they wouldn't hang up until David answered the phone.

As his phone rang, David pleaded with Leslie to stop before she went "down for murder." Dixie hung on for dear life as Leslie told David that what was about to happen wasn't murder but a "tragic accident." David finally broke the doors down but didn't get far before Leslie sprayed him with the mace and he backed away. She held the can in front of her and warned him to stay away from her. David pleaded with her to let Dixie live and reasoned that Tad wouldn't want to be with the woman who killed his wife. The phone continued to ring and David told Leslie that it was probably Tad. He tried to answer it but she stepped closer with the mace in front of her. It stopped ringing as he pulled it out and begged her to let him call Tad back.

Junior asked Tad why Leslie would want to hurt his mother when it was him she was really after. He told Tad that Leslie was "whacked" and that all she talked about when she kidnaped him was "how hard it was being the other woman." The phone suddenly rang and Tad answered it. David frantically told him that he found Dixie and Dixie screamed out and asked if Tad found Junior. Relieved at hearing his wife's voice, Tad replied that he had and David relayed the message. Without an explanation, David told Tad that they had a problem with Leslie and that he had to tell her how much he cared for her. Leslie warned David not to put words in his mouth but David feverishly reasoned that Tad had to "know what's at stake." Leslie refused to take the phone and demanded that he raise the volume so she could hear. Junior, David and Dixie listened as Tad told Leslie that he had cared about her ever since high school and that he would get her any help that she needed. David coaxed Leslie into taking the phone from him and as she did, he pushed her to the ground and ran for Dixie. He pulled Dixie up to safety, carried her into the office and laid her on the couch. Leslie got up, entered the office and picked up an envelope knife from the desk. As Dixie tried to string together words, David told her to keep quiet because she was hyperventilating. As he took his coat off and sprawled it on top of her, Leslie quietly approached him from behind. "I can't see very well," Dixie screamed, "but I think someone is behind you!" David turned around and grabbed Leslie's hands but she managed to stab him in the shoulder. He chased her to the terrace and Leslie told him that she was going to tell everyone what he had done. "You're credibility is shot," David retorted, but Leslie only responded that Dixie wouldn't die because of her; rather, she would die of a broken heart once she realized what her "lover" had done.

Junior looked on as Tad put the phone down. He told Junior that the line had gone dead but Junior interrupted and asked Tad why he had said such things to Leslie. Tad replied that David told him it was what Leslie wanted to hear. "Who cares what she wants to hear?!" Junior screamed, and became frantic with the thought that Leslie could be hurting his mother. Tad tried to comfort him, but when he called him 'Junior' he became enraged. "Stop calling me that!" Junior hollered, as he threw cushions at Tad. He told Tad that he "wrecked" their family and finally burst into tears. As he kicked and screamed, Tad grabbed him and held him as they fell onto the couch. Junior pushed Tad off of him and moved to the other side. Tad reasoned with him and told him that he could now "become a man" and learn how to "re-direct his anger to use it in a way to help him." He told Junior that together they could figure out where Dixie was, but only if Junior could calmly repeat everything that happened while he was with Leslie. Tad offered his hand to Junior and he took it. Junior asked how he could help and Tad replied that he needed to know everything that Leslie said to him because anything may lead to Dixie. He told Tad that Leslie mentioned "something about someone taking a fall," but Tad assumed that she meant it only as a figure of speech and was referring to David. Junior absentmindedly mentioned that Leslie had been holding a set of keys with a rabbit's foot on them and Tad suddenly became alert. He rushed to the desk and searched through one of the drawer's contents but came up empty handed. He told Junior that Leslie had taken his office keys. Tad rushed outside and told the officer to watch Junior and to call Derek and tell him to meet him at Chandler Enterprises.

Dixie tried to get up, but she fainted. On the terrace, Leslie told David that she was going to ruin his life and his career. David asked her how much Libidozone she had taken that night but Leslie only replied that she had taken "enough." She stepped up to the ledge to swing down to the terrace below them but David warned her that it wouldn't hold her weight. He reached out to help her back down, but Leslie wielded the knife and warned him to stay back. As she stood up, one of the bricks came loose and she slipped. David reached out and Leslie grabbed on to his bloodied arm. She frantically screamed for David to help her. "No," he replied and remained motionless."

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