"At BJ's, Leo asked an unamused Laura if she would let him handle Greenlee his way. Laura stormed out and told him he could do whatever he wanted. "Another blow to Laura's dismal life," Greenlee mused, as she came up behind Leo. She assured him that Laura would get over him, just as Becca had. Suddenly, Leo saw Ryan and Gillian enter the restaurant and he walked over to them. He explained what had just happened and Ryan told him that he was on his way to the mountains. Leo reluctantly agreed to handle the party himself and the pair left. Greenlee asked Leo if they could leave, but he resisted. He got everyone's attention so they could "witness a $2000 kiss" and he planted one on Greenlee. When it was over, he jumped back and announced to an astonished Greenlee and the gaggle of onlookers that their $2000 date was over. He declared that he didn't love Greenlee anymore and walked away. Tina informed everyone that the drinks were still on the house and the group dispersed. Jake walked up to Greenlee and reminded her of the advice he had given her in the hospital about "cutting (her) losses with Leo." Greenlee replied that she didn't appreciate his advice and informed him that he was in no position to lecture her, seeing as Gillian, the love of his life, just left with Ryan, the love of her life. Jake reluctantly agreed that if he was in love with someone as much as she was in love with Leo, he might have done the same thing. He offered to buy Greenlee a drink and, as she watched Leo leave BJ's, she asked if they could leave.

Liza rushed into the Valley Inn to meet Tad. She told him that Adam had been charged with some felonies but Tad was too upset to offer any sympathies. He informed Liza that, because of Leslie and David, he had lost his family forever. Tad retold to a surprised Liza his conversation with Junior in the park. She sat in disbelief as he told her that Junior had figured out that his mother had slept with David Hayward. When Liza asked why he didn't lie to him, Tad replied that he could never lie to Junior. Liza reasoned that the bond between him and Dixie was strong and she wasn't convinced that he had lost his wife and family. She told Tad that David had "snaked his way into Dixie's life when she was most vulnerable" and encouraged him to "get his life back right now." Tad replied that it wasn't as simple as that because he couldn't tell Dixie that he let her son find out that she slept with David. Liza countered that his love for his family was stronger than David and Leslie, but Tad remained resigned to the idea that he lost his family forever. He repeated to Liza what Jake had said to him when he suggested that Dixie found comfort in David because she wanted to, not because he tricked her. He confessed that he didn't feel like he could stand between them and went so far as to suggest that he shouldn't. "What's that look for?" he asked a dumbfounded Liza. "I'm waiting for your violins to start," she replied facetiously. She suddenly gave him a hard slap across the arm and told Tad that he was her best friend and she knew he had the strength to get his family back. She informed him that all women wanted to feel as if they should be fought for and told Tad not to come back until he was "beaten to a bloody pulp" with David driven out of town. When Tad appeared dubious, Liza stated that if he didn't start fighting now, their friendship would be over and she'd never speak to him again. As Tad chuckled, Liza told him that she was serious and told him again to go home and fight for Dixie. Their conversation stopped short when they witnessed Jake and Greenlee come in together. Tad reasoned that they had entered "the Twilight Zone."

As they sat down, Greenlee noticed her father sitting alone at a table. She asked Jake if she could take a rain check and she walked towards him. She asked Roger why he wasn't at home. "Home? What home?" Roger replied, and explained that her mother was divorcing him, all thanks to her. Greenlee asked how they could be divorcing because they were so happy together, but Roger confessed that they were just putting on a front. He told her that when her grandfather had followed Greenlee's orders and did an audit on her trust fund, her mother filed for divorce when she found that it was "a few pennies short." Greenlee reasoned that she could call her mother and convince her that everything was alright, but Roger countered that it would be better if she just stayed out of his life. Greenlee begged her father to change his mind, but Roger refused. He told Greenlee that they weren't planning on having children and that he was grateful that it had only happened once because she was "enough." Greenlee looked shocked as Roger coldly told her that pregnancies surprise many couples but he hated surprises. "You were a mistake, Greenlee," he told his daughter. "A mistake."

"I have an excuse for ruining my love life," Liza told Jake and Tad. "I was raised by my mother." She reasoned that they were raised by "two perfect saints" and had no excuses. She declared to Tad that they still had a deal, demanded that he fight for Dixie, then left. Alone, Tad told Jake that he had to get his wife back "or else." Jake agreed that it sounded like a good idea. He apologized for what he said earlier about Dixie choosing David because she wanted to and admitted that he didn't really believe that was the case. He tried to comfort Tad by telling him that Dixie understood that he had been under the influence of Libidozone and assured him that "Dixie would fight against the devil" for him.

At Dixie's doorstep, a fallen Leslie explained that she came to sort out their differences and had twisted her ankle as she came up the stairs. She reached her hand out to Dixie and she reluctantly helped Leslie into the house. Once she settled on the couch, Dixie cautiously asked Leslie if she liked flowers. Leslie replied that she had an allergy. Dixie asked her if she was allergic to tarantulas and threw the box of flowers at her. Leslie jumped up and ran from the couch. Dixie approached her and asked her why she sent the flowers but Leslie denied any involvement. Dixie informed her that it was her turn to "take a shot" and challenged, "If you want to play, let's play!" Leslie replied that she wasn't trying to play games with her, but Dixie countered that she walked pretty well for a woman with a sprained ankle. Leslie repeated that she didn't send the flowers and Dixie became enraged. She backed Leslie into the wall and told her that Junior, Becca or Jamie could have been bitten by the spider and asked her if she was trying to give her "a heart attack or something." Leslie asked why she would want to do that and told Dixie that she should leave. Dixie violently pushed her against the wall and told her that she was calling the police. When she picked up the phone, however, there was no dial tone. "Phone troubles?" Leslie inquired, as she moved closer to Dixie. "And here we are, all alone." Leslie told Dixie that it must have been a "freak accident" but reveled in the fact that they couldn't be disturbed now. Dixie replied that she was "way passed disturbed", but Leslie assured her that when it came to love, they were "two peas in a pod." She told her that her love for David was identical to her own love for Tad and reminded Dixie of her affair with David as further proof that they were similar. Dixie became angry and told Leslie that what she felt for Tad a fixation, not love and that she knew nothing about her feelings for David. Leslie sat down and declared that she had what Dixie wanted and suggested a "trade" to "fix everything" between them. Dixie announced that she was "deranged" and that she needed "professional help." Leslie tried to rationalize the situation by explaining that she could have Tad in exchange for David, but Dixie replied that Leslie's problem was that they both wanted her. Leslie got up and told Dixie that she couldn't understand why. She took her scarf off and began to tighten it in her hands and told a frightened Dixie that she would leave her and her family alone in exchange for Tad. Dixie backed towards the desk where the dead phone sat and asked Leslie if that was all it took. Leslie calmly put the scarf back around her neck, stepped closer to Dixie and asked if they had a deal. "No!" Dixie screamed, as she picked the phone up, hit Leslie in the face and knocked her to the ground. "I live in a house full of boys. I can knock you from here to Llanview!" Dixie screamed. Leslie asked her if she would let her stand up and leave and Dixie reluctantly agreed. She assured Leslie that she was going to call the police and warned her never to get near her family ever again. Leslie said nothing and left.

In the car on the way to the mountains, Gillian and Ryan decided to forget about Leo, Greenlee and the party and focus on themselves. Gillian asked Ryan if they were lost because of the heavy fog, but Ryan assured her that they were on the right "road to paradise" and as long as they were together, they were in "the right place." He offered to turn around and look for the farmhouse that they had passed, but Gillian only snuggled into his arm and told him that she felt safe as long as she was with him. Gillian pulled out a map to try to help Ryan but quickly put it back when she realized that she couldn't read it. Ryan laughed and told her that they weren't lost because he had an "impeccable sense of direction." Quietly, he hoped that if the baby was his, it would too. Gillian admitted that ever since she got in the car, she had been hoping that the baby was his. Suddenly, she sat straight up, and told Ryan that she was feeling some discomfort. Ryan replied that it was too early for the baby to be kicking and Gillian reasoned that she never knew what was going on with her body anymore. She leaned against Ryan's arm as he described the "paradise" that he was taking her to. As he finished, Gillian suddenly pulled back and screamed out in pain as she shrunk lower in her seat.

Leo arrived at Palmer and Vanessa's room and asked to speak to his mother. Vanessa came out and Palmer retreated to the bedroom to watch television. Alone, Leo's cheerful mood became sour. He warned her that he knew what she was up to and demanded that she stay out of his life. Vanessa told him that she didn't appreciate being threatened and denied any involvement with Greenlee. Leo replied that Greenlee's attempt at appearing to not care then "buying (him) like a gigolo" was her style and demanded again that she stay out of his life. Vanessa reminded him that only mere months ago, he had been begging for her help with the apartment, but Leo replied that things had changed. He stated that he didn't want to "be in business" with her anymore and suggested that this was due to "the whole murder charge thing" with Paolo. Quietly, Vanessa inched closer and reminded Leo of why they had come to Pine Valley in the first place and declared that "Greenlee Smythe was on the top of the list." Leo told her that he was quitting but Vanessa wouldn't relent. He asked her to not "force (his) hand in this" but Vanessa replied that she had to. She told him that she was sticking to their initial plan which was to "stake out" Pine Valley. Leo countered that they had found a home there but Vanessa only laughed and replied that Pine Valley wasn't home, it was a "weigh station." She admitted that she felt something for Palmer, but quickly brushed it off. She reminisced about trying to con Erica and declared that she was "fortunate enough to find Palmer" when that hadn't worked out. She quickly mentioned Palmer's will, but Leo told her that it wasn't "about the bottom line anymore." Vanessa nervously told him that Greenlee was "mad" about him and he had to keep up his end of the bargain. They both had Greenlee eating out of the palm of their hands and the "scam couldn't be better if (they) tried." Leo replied that she could do whatever she wanted with her life but he was "starting from scratch." Vanessa reasoned that he didn't know how to work or live on his own and told him that he should "take advantage of (his) good fortune" by letting Greenlee take care of him. Leo resisted and told her that he was done with her scheming. "I love her mother," he cried out. "I love Greenlee so much and I'm never going to do anything to hurt her."

Dixie used her portable phone to get through to the police station and was hurriedly leaving a message for Derek when the phone died. As she was looking for batteries, the lights suddenly went out and she screamed in fear. Slowly, the front door opened and a gloved Leslie Coulson made her way inside."

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