"The mere mention that Mrs. Livingston thought of her daughter as "dead" both outraged and pained Erica. Mrs. Livingston, however, felt that her relationship with her daughter was none of Erica's business. "What if she really does die?" Erica asked pointedly. Surprisingly, Mrs. Livingston's hardened exterior started to crack. She softly mentioned that Sarah was her only child, adding that it sickened her that Sarah needed Bianca more than her. In the background, Bianca listened quietly from around the corner. Mrs. Livingston lashed out at Erica, accusing her of believing that she's more sophisticated and accepting of her daughter's alternative lifestyle. Erica bowed her head and confessed that she hadn't been as open-minded as Mrs. Livingston believed. Erica admitted to be "sick at heart" when Bianca told her that she was gay. Perhaps hearing Erica's candidness helped Mrs. Livingston open up because she fired back with a barrage of questions. She asked Erica if she believes that people are "born this way" and wondered if Erica blames herself for Bianca's homosexuality. Erica offered the woman some advice on how to talk to Sarah. She urged her to tell Sarah a story of the day she was born and to tell her that she's still the same person that she was on her very first day of life. Mrs. Livingston said nothing as she rose to her feet and walked back into Sarah's hospital room. Bianca emerged from hiding and approached her mother with tears in her eyes. Erica knew that her daughter had overheard her discussion with Sarah's mother. Bianca sat next to her mother and asked her for a favor. She recalled when she was battling anorexic Erica had told her that Mona's spirit was looking over her and protecting her. Bianca now asked if her mother could ask Mona to look over Sarah. Erica took Bianca in her arms and hugged her tightly, promising that her grandmother would surely look over Sarah. After they separated from their embrace, Erica told Bianca that she's afraid she'll be hurt. Bianca misunderstood, thinking that her mother meant that another girl would break her heart. When she stated that a boy could just as easily hurt her, Erica explained that she wasn't so much worried about a broken heart as she was with something much more serious. Erica feared that Bianca's safety could be at risk because of "the label" that had been attached to her. Bianca snapped that she believed her mother was only concerned about herself and that she was ashamed of her sexual orientation. Again Erica shook her head. She looked her daughter square in the eyes and said that she doesn't want Bianca to be ashamed of herself. Bianca's eyes again welled with tears as she smiled warmly at her mother and told her that she had taught her to "be myself every day of my life." Back inside Sarah's room, Mrs. Livingston was saying goodbye to her daughter. As Erica entered and overheard the farewell, she asked Mrs. Livingston why she was leaving. Sarah explained that her mother had some fundraisers to plan. Speaking for herself, Mrs. Livingston informed Erica that Sarah had made it clear that she did not want to return with her to Boston. Sarah meekly looked up at her mother and said that she couldn't carry on life with Ian. Mrs. Livingston nodded and said that she understood that and assured her daughter that she would not force her to carry on a life that was a lie. She told her daughter that she just wanted her to return home and be with her. Sarah smiled broadly and said that she'd like that arrangement very much. The two mothers stepped out of the room to get some coffee. After they'd left, Bianca promised Sarah that she'd visit her often. The two young woman held hands and breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Hayley smiled ear to ear as she spotted her mother. The reaction of everyone else was not quite as exuberant. "I tried to tell you," Mateo interjected as Hayley tried to determine if she was hallucinating. "It's me sweetie. I'm back," Arlene grinned. The judge exited the courtroom and happened upon the scene. He was shocked to learn that the supposed murder victim had somehow resurfaced. Since the fire had been extinguished, the judge saw no reason why the arraignment hearing could not continue. Still outside in the hallway, Mateo told Hayley that Arlene had been living it up in the Caribbean. Hayley was dismayed to learn that her mother hadn't planned to let anyone know that she was still among the living. Inside the courtroom, the judge saw no reason why Adam and Hayley should face murder charges. He did, however, wait until Arlene entered the courtroom to ask her if she wanted to file charges against anyone for her attempted murder. "There's a lot of blame on both sides," Arlene replied. "So let's let bygones be bygones." With that, Arlene turned and breezed out of the courtroom. She got no further than a few feet from the courtroom before running into Derek, Palmer and a wheelchair-bound Vanessa. Vanessa wasted no time with formality and immediately asked Arlene what she'd done with her necklace. Hayley slipped out of the courtroom and asked that Palmer and Vanessa lay off of Arlene. After all, she pointed out, Palmer's insurance company had already paid for the necklace. Vanessa questioned why Hayley was coming to her mother's defense. "She'd made a career out of seducing your husbands," Vanessa quipped. Hayley explained that her mother deserved a second chance... the same type of second chance that she'd been given. Mateo appeared by his wife's side and stated that he was inclined to side with Vanessa. Next to speak up was Adam, who said that he was glad Arlene wasn't dead because it had been playing havoc with Hayley's sanity. He did, however, let Arlene know that he loved the idea of her being "on the ocean floor feeding the fishes." Palmer continued to insist that Derek arrest Arlene for theft, but Adam stepped forward with another option. He told Palmer that he'd cut him a check for the price of the necklace - plus some additional money - if he agreed not to press charges against Arlene. Arlene was overjoyed, but she soon realized that there would be some strings attached to the offer. Adam told Arlene that she needed to sign off on their marriage and never return to Pine Valley. Mateo added that he didn't want Arlene to have any contract whatsoever with Hayley. Derek, meanwhile, reminded Palmer and Vanessa that it was their "civic duty" to make criminals pay for their crimes. Arlene reluctantly agreed to Adam's terms and conditions. Before signing off on the marriage, she headed back to the courtroom to find her coat. Palmer and Vanessa were quite pleased with Adam's arrangement. After all, Palmer had gotten his money back - and then some. Vanessa on the other hand was almost assured of getting an even better necklace than the one she'd lost. Adam and Liza were on their way out of the courthouse, but Derek blocked their path. Derek told Adam that he was going to be taken down to the police station to answer questions about the fire he'd started in the courtroom. On top of that, Derek said that he had suspicions that Duffy would peg Adam as the man who had hired him to shoot Vanessa Cortlandt.

In the bar at The Valley Inn, Leslie chatted with a bartender who warned her about creating any more scenes like she'd made the night before. As they talked, a man, presumably the hotel manager, approached Leslie and told her that he'd tallied her bill and expected her to check out within the hour. Leslie called the man's decision to give her to boot sexism. Furious with her impending eviction, Leslie tossed a cupful of coffee in the man's face. David raced over and apologized for Leslie's actions, saying that she was being medicated for an illness, before escorting Leslie out of the bar. David took Leslie upstairs where he informed her that Tad knew that she had Libidozone'd him. Leslie denied that she'd done any such thing, but her insistence subsided when David told her that the hospital had a videotape of her stealing the Libidozone from his office. Leslie was puzzled by the remark and said that she didn't know that the hospital had cameras set up in doctors' offices. David quickly replied that the cameras are hidden and that they are in place to protect the hospital from theft. Leslie seemed to buy the explanation and sadly told David that she was going to give up on her pursuit of Tad. Even under the influence of Libidozone, Tad had turned her down. Leslie said that she promised herself she'd cut her losses if Tad showed no sign of leaving Dixie. She flashed a frown at the doctor and said that she hoped he'd have better luck in his conquest of Dixie. David told Leslie that he'd leave her alone to pack up her belongings. Time passed and Leslie showed no signs of packing up anything. A little while later, a knock sounded on her door. Leslie allowed a man, whom she referred to as Staz, to enter her room. He told her that everything she'd asked for what in place and that it would only be a matter of time before Dixie was out of the picture.

Dixie sat in her living room looking happily at a floral arrangement. She read the card attached and learned that Tad had sent the flowers to her. At about the same time, Tad arrived at the house. He rang the doorbell rather than using his key to gain access. When Dixie answered the door, Tad reminded her that they had both promised to chaperone a Valentine's dance at Pine Valley High. Dixie agreed that their personal differences shouldn't interfere with a promise that they'd made. Tad looked into the room and spotted the flowers on the coffee table. He breezed past Dixie and walked over to check them out. "Kinda skimpy, don't you think?" he grumbled. Dixie smiled and said that she rather liked the flowers. Tad picked up the flowers and snapped that he found it reprehensible that David had sent flowers to Dixie on Valentine's Day. As Tad was about to toss the flowers out the front door, Junior burst into the room and revealed that he'd sent he flowers and had Tad's name signed on the card. After Junior left, Tad apologized to Dixie. He also apologized again for his rage the night before. He explained that he been given another dose of Libidozone. Dixie was surprised that Tad hadn't reported the incident to the police. Tad explained that he and Jake believed that David had somehow set Leslie up to cover for his involvement in the Libidozone fiasco on Ryan's yacht. Dixie was furious that Tad and Jake continued to believe the worst about David. Junior returned to the room with a computer printed Valentine's card for his mother. She opened the card and saw that Junior had printed out a photo of their entire family at a much happier time. Just as things were looking up, a deliveryman arrived with a large box for Dixie. Junior accepted the package and smiled in Tad's direction. He said that he knew that Tad would not forget to send Dixie flowers. Tad's silence clued Junior into the fact that he hadn't sent them. Junior threw the flowers to the ground and raced out of the house. Tad chased after the boy to talk to him. Dixie, meanwhile, decided to at least see what had been delivered in the box. She carefully removed the red ribbon around the box and gasped upon seeing the long-stemmed red roses inside. Oddly, there was no card. Dixie decided to poke around inside the poke for a card. As she pushed some of the roses aside, a tarantula crawled out of the box. Dixie threw the box across the room and screamed loudly. Her breathing became heavy as she continued to scream in horror."

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