"At the Valley Inn, Leo and Vanessa talk about Greenlee. Leo has said he's in love with Greenlee. Vanessa remembers when he was younger, he gave her a ring and said she would always be his best girl. Vanessa says, "Well, I'm still your best girl and as such, I'm going to give you full out permission to fall head over heels in love with Greenlee Smythe. Leo says he doesn't want to be in love. Vanessa says, "That's no crime, not compared to our last capers. Darling, Look at me. I admit I'm genuinely fond of Palmer." Leo retorts, "You're in love with his lifestyle." Vanessa says, "Well, the two are not mutually exclusive." She tells Leo he can get his hands on Greenlee's trust fund because she adores him. Vanessa wants him to take Greenlee's money so she and Leo can sail off to Rio. Leo says, "No, forget it! It's out of the question. Greenlee can't be the target anymore." Vanessa reminds him of the cons they ran before in Europe. Leo says those people deserved to get taken and to count him out of the game. Vanessa admits she didn't come to Pine Valley because of David, but to take advantage of Erica and Palmer. She tells Leo that he likes living on Adam's yacht and he could have his own. Leo says, "You know, believe it or not, more important things than money." Vanessa says, "You can only say that because you are so very young. You say you're in love with Greenlee. But I know eventually that you will get tired of that little harpy and you will look for a quick getaway. All I'm asking you to do is make certain your pockets are lined with a little cash then." Leo says she was a much better accomplice than she was a mother. He says Greenlee's already been stolen from, her father has been looting her trust fund, "This guy's a real piece of work, believe me. Greenlee deserves better than he's delivered and I'm not going to be the last in a long line of disappointments for her." Vanessa says if the tables were turned, Greenlee would take advantage of him. Leo says he knows that, but he's still not going to steal from her. He asks Vanessa to be content with Palmer. Leo refuses to go back to Greenlee because he would have to tell her the truth-- that he came on to her for her money. " I can't do that to Greenlee. She would never survive the truth," he says. Vanessa says she accepts his decision, but when he leaves, she muses that he's not out of the game forever.

At the Valley Inn bar, Greenlee is stunned when her father tells her she was an accident. She says, "You and mommy didn't want me?" Roger says, "Your mother never liked to share the spotlight, dear. I'm sure you noticed that. Frankly, we both had an aversion to propagating the species. I aimed to be the end of the family line. The almighty Greenlee bucks were going to end right here." He tells her he and her mother got drunk and careless-that's how she was conceived. Greenlee, still unbelieving, asks why they didn't get rid of her. Roger says, "We thought about it. But your mother felt Woody and Millie would enjoy a grandchild, and they were thoroughly thrilled-just not thrilled enough to make me a partner in the family business, but the joke was on me. We had you for no reason at all." Greenlee says, "Oh God, I am such a stupid fool. I've spent my whole life trying to please you, trying to find that one thing that would make you proud of me, to get you to smile at me just once...I would have done anything for you-turned a hundred cartwheels, won a spelling bee, painted a perfect sunset. But it wouldn't have mattered. I never even existed for you, even after I was born." Roger tells her she's just like her mother, full of self-pity. Greenlee says, "You adore Mommy. That was always the problem. You were so crazy about each other, there wasn't even any room for me." Roger says they were never a love match. Greenlee asks why they stayed together all those years. Roger admits he married her mother for her money and says, "I should have walked long ago when I still had an opportunity to score a good settlement." Greenlee gets upset and leaves. Her father orders another drink.

Later on, Erica comes in as Roger is lighting a cigar. She tells him not to light it, and when he does, she takes in and extinguishes it in his drink. When he finds out who she is, he is very interested.

Ryan and Gillian are in a car on a remote road. Gillian is in pain, possibly having a miscarriage. The car stalls; Ryan tries to fix it, and cannot. He tries to phone for help, but his cell phone is out of range. He and Gillian try to walk to a service station, but Gillian sinks to the ground in pain, and Ryan puts her back in the car. She cries out in pain and prays that her baby will be all right. Ryan says he will flag down a car.

Meanwhile, a sobbing Greenlee gets into her car. "Damn you, Daddy!" she says, "I don't need you, I don't need anyone." She drives, but it is foggy and visibility is bad. She sees Ryan and swerves into a rail. She is angry with Ryan for causing the accident. He begs her to go for help, saying, "Gillian is very sick and we need to get her to a hospital. She needs a doctor ASAP." Greenlee retorts, "What do I look like, Ryan, a Siberian Husky? I can't get Gillian down this mountain." Ryan tells her Gillian is going to have a baby, and this affects Greenlee. Ryan says, "It's a matter of life and death...if you do this for me, I will do absolutely anything to repay you." Greenlee says, "You and your princess always treat me like I'm something you stepped in. If I were smart, I'd thumb a ride and leave you here to fend for yourself...But it's cold and a walk will warm me up, and I'll call an ambulance when I hit the service station." Ryan gives her the flashlight and she walks off.

At the Valley Inn bar, Tad and Jake talk. Jake says Tad should go see Dixie and try to work things out. Jake tells Tad about Gillian being pregnant. Tad reminds him that Gillian is with Ryan and it might not even be his child. Tad talks about Junior and how it's unfortunate that he found out about his mother and David Hayward. Jake says Tad should go home to Dixie and tell her that Junior knows.

Meanwhile, Dixie is at home, in the dark, trying to find a flashlight. She finds it, and searches the room with it. The light falls on Leslie. She taunts Dixie, saying, "The game is just beginning. We play until I win." Dixie threatens to call the police, but Leslie says, "Ooh, and how are you going to do that, Dixie Belle? The phone is on the fritz." Dixie says she has a cell phone, but Leslie reminds her that the battery is dead. Leslie moves around the room in the dark, taunting Dixie. Searching around the room with the flashlight, Dixie is tense and frightened. The jukebox goes on and she jumps, startled. Leslie grabs her from behind by the throat saying, "Die, you bitch, die!" They struggle and Leslie says, "I tried to play nice and cut you a deal-you give up Tad and set up house with David. You turned me down. My offer wasn't good enough. You had to have both men! Well, you know what? You can't have Tad. He's mine! You got it? That's it for you, Dixie Belle. You are going to fade out and I'm going to fade in like you never existed!" Dixie breaks away and clobbers Leslie across the face with the flashlight. Leslie falls to the floor, bleeding and not moving. Dixie finds the spare battery for the cellular phone and calls for the police and an ambulance. As she was about to tell the 911 operator that she had pummeled Leslie, she shined the flashlight on the floor and discovered that Leslie was gone. Only a small pool of blood was left behind. She hung up the phone and frantically searched the room with the flashlight. Suddenly, someone put a hand on her shoulder and Dixie screamed in terror."

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