11/20/2000 Laura Overboard

"The whole program today, took place on the yacht that Ryan rented for his "Incredible Dreams" party. Ryan gave a speech about the fund-raiser and then asked everyone to join him in a toast. Everyone was toasting from the punch bowl that David dropped his flask into. Tad made a comment to Dixie after drinking his glass of punch that he must be dying of thirst because the punch that he was drinking tasted great. Dixie told him to "go easy" on the punch. Mateo and Hayley were on the deck and Mateo asked Hayley if he could have her drink of punch. She said yes because she still gets nervous around a punch bowl. Hayley told Mateo that she was going to stick with her seltzer. Hayley told Mateo that she was going to get a seltzer to drink and then round up her camera crew for some interviews.

Adam was talking to Liza and he told her that he wanted to marry her. Liza asked him what he was going to tell his wife. Liza walked away to get another glass of punch. Arlene, who was working as a waitress on the yacht, walked by Adam while holding a tray to cover her face. She was drinking a glass of the punch and when she got to the steps, she took a bottle of champagne and left the main room.

Jake asked Gillian if she would like to dance. He told her that he wanted to put his arms around her and hold her all night long.

Bianca, Laura and Leo were drinking punch and talking about the jealousy scheme that they were putting on for Greenlee. Bianca asked Leo if he thought Greenlee wasn't smart enough to see through their high school jealousy scheme. Bianca asked them if they thought it was a waste of time and Laura told Bianca that it wasn't as long as you were having fun. Leo and Laura then left to go inside and dance and make Greenlee jealous. Greenlee and her date, Bill, were also on the dance floor. Laura made it a point to bump into Bill while dancing. Greenlee noticed Laura and Leo and told her date "that if she wanted a blow up doll for a date, she would have gone to the Pleasure Chest." She told him to dance with her like he meant it.

Jack came up to Erica and told her that he didn't know what was happening but all of a sudden he had "all those feelings about him and her making love." Erica asked him how much champagne he had drank and Jack replied that the only thing he had to drink was the punch and there was no alcohol in it. Erica said that there must be something in the punch.

David went to Leslie and asked her if she has talked to Tad yet. Leslie told David that talking is not what she wants to do with Tad. David wanted Leslie to get Tad to drop the harassment charges against him.

Opal came up to Tad and Dixie and said that she was having a great time. Opal told them that she was really enjoying the punch. Tad excused himself because he said he needed to get some fresh air. Opal asked Dixie if the two of them were "out of sorts." Dixie told Opal that marriage is a rocky road and sometimes it gets a little bumpy. While Tad was out on the deck, Leslie saw him walk by and followed him.

Brooke was talking to Laura, Leo and Bianca. Brooke asked Laura if she was feeling OK because she looked a little flushed. Laura told her mother that she was just having a good time dancing. Brooke told Laura to find her later and they would take the same launch back to shore. When Brooke left, Laura told Leo and Bianca that she was surprised to see Rev. Eliot at the party. Laura said that she couldn't believe that he would run over a little kid and think that his collar was a free pass. Leo told Laura that what she needed was another glass of punch because the sugar would be good for her so he handed her one after he took a sip from it.

Dimitri walked by Bianca without noticing her. She stopped him and he said that he was in another world and didn't even notice her. Dimitri said that he was looking for Alex and Edmund and wanted to know if Bianca had seen them. Bianca said that the last time she saw them was before Ryan gave his toast.

Adam was carrying on a conversation with a couple of men and telling them that he does not put his stamp of approval on anyone else's business but Ryan is on to something and he has a great plan. Adam told these businessmen that they need to get on board with Ryan. Liza interrupted them and asked if she could speak to Adam alone for a moment. Liza told Adam that what he was saying was the most boring conversation she had ever heard. While she was sipping the punch from her glass, she told Adam to meet her on the fantail and she would show him how to get her attention.

Hayley started her interviews and was talking with Vanessa and Palmer. Hayley commented on the necklace that Vanessa was wearing and asked Palmer to tell her what it cost. While she was interviewing them, Mateo was standing behind her blowing in her ear and massaging her and running his hands all over her. Palmer wouldn't tell the price but Vanessa shouted out the amount of $500,000 and said that it was all for her. Vanessa then pulled Palmer on the dance floor.

Mateo was telling Hayley about his dream. He was telling her about his dream of being in the stateroom with her and moonlight shining through the porthole. While he was telling her about his dream, he was kissing her all over. Hayley told Mateo that he was starting to get to her. Mateo wanted to know when she would finish her interviews because he was really getting anxious about being with her.

Jack came back into the room drinking the punch and saw Erica at a distance. He asked himself if Erica had always been that beautiful and then asked himself "what the hell was going on?"

Dixie went outside on the deck to get some fresh air and David followed her. She turned around and saw David standing there. Meanwhile Tad was inside by one of the cabins and Leslie came up behind him and stroked the back of his head. He turned around and saw her and asked her what she was doing. Leslie replied that she had a message for him. They went inside the cabin and she kissed him and he returned the kiss. Tad said that "this was all wrong" and started to walk away. As Leslie was kissing Tad, she told him that she wanted him to drop the suit against David. Tad said that he needed to find Dixie. Leslie told Tad that she wanted him and she wanted him right now and continued to kiss him. Tad told her that he needed to find his wife. Leslie told Tad that what he had with his wife was over. He was fighting off the advances of Leslie and he told her that she doesn't know the first thing about his marriage. Tad told her that "this was totally out of control." He didn't know what was happening but he needed to find Dixie and make everything right again. He ran out of the cabin. Leslie was right behind him.

Arlene came into the area that Tad had just left and saw the box on the wall marked "High Voltage." She hesitated to open the box.

Adam and Liza were on the fantail of the yacht. After drinking a few glasses of the punch, Liza told Adam that "he tries to hard." Liza told Adam that he could have her but he just needed to tell her what he would do with her. Adam pointed to the sky and said that there was a space station up there and he was going to take all his boring money and buy the station and fly her up there and make love to her all day and all night long.

Palmer and Vanessa were dancing when Vanessa told Palmer that she felt she had too much champagne in her punch. Vanessa said that all she could think about was finding a stateroom that was empty and being alone with Palmer. She asked him if he could manage that and he replied that he could because "he was Palmer Cortlandt, King of the world." Becca and Tina came running over to Palmer. Becca told Palmer that she had heard he was the most wonderful dancer and asked him if he would dance with her. Vanessa told her "not now" but Palmer said that he was a wonderful dancer and started to dance with Becca. He left Vanessa standing there alone. Tina was standing there by herself smiling at Vanessa and then Vanessa looked at her and replied "don't you get any ideas."

Tad came down the stairs looking for Dixie and nearly fell down. He saw Tina standing there and asked her if she had seen Dixie and she told him that when she came in, Dixie was outside talking to David. Tad took off to the outside of the yacht. Dixie was walking along the deck of the ship with David behind her. She told David that she did not feel very well and came out there to get some fresh air. She asked David to leave her alone. He stroked her face and asked her if she was sea sick or feverish. She looked at him and he looked at her. Tad then came to the outside deck and saw them.

Arlene was standing at the "high voltage" box and she opened it and turned off one of the breakers. The lights went out in the main room where Ryan was standing at the top of the steps with a glass of punch in his hand. He told everyone to remain calm until they could find out what happened. Ryan told everyone to stay there until the lights come back on and then he told everyone to "get naked." Ryan then said that he couldn't believe he had said that and then changed his tune to tell everyone to party and make noise and enjoy the candlelight.

Tad grabbed David and told him that he warned him over and over again to stay away from Dixie. David told Tad that he only came outside to see if Dixie was OK. Dixie told Tad that she came outside to get some air and David followed him by accident. Tad told Dixie that it was no accident. Tad punched David in the stomach a few times and then put his knee into his chest a couple of times. While Tad was punching David, Dixie told Tad to leave him alone because she cared for him. Tad turned around and looked at Dixie. Dixie said that she didn't know where that came from. Tad stormed away.

Vanessa found a waiter and asked him to dance with her. Arlene stood by the side and just smiled.

Laura went to Rev. Eliot and asked if she could talk to him. Laura asked Eliot how he could live in his own skin after what he had done to a little girl. She also asked Eliot how he could explain what he had done to Brooke. Eliot told Laura that he had tried to make this up to her mother the best that he could. Laura said that the only way he could make this up to her mother was to bring her little girl back to her. Eliot told Laura that he completely understood her rage. He told Laura that if she wanted to talk to him later, he would listen but this was not the time or place to talk about this. Leo pulled Laura away from Rev. Eliot and told her to calm down. Leo looked at Laura and said that she looked flush and wanted to know if she was drinking. Leo asked her what was wrong with her. Laura said that she was completely "into Leo" and then kissed him. Becca went to Greenlee and told her to turn around because Leo had a new girlfriend. When Greenlee turned around, she saw Leo and Laura kissing.

Ryan is at the top of the steps watching Gillian and Jake dancing. Just then, the lights came on.

Leo and Laura continued kissing and when the lights came back on, they stopped. Leo told Laura that he really had it bad for Greenlee. Laura told Leo that she was "only playing" when she kissed him and really got into it. She knew that he wanted Greenlee. She told Leo to go and find Greenlee.

Greenlee was out on the deck watching Leo and Laura. Bill came up to her and told her that he was feeling sick and Greenlee told him to take the launch back to shore because he was useless for her.

Leo went up to one of the officers and told him that he needed a stateroom now. He offered him money for the room but the officer told him no. Greenlee went to the same officer and asked him what Leo wanted. He told Greenlee that he offered him money for a stateroom. The officer, feeling a little tipsy, from the punch told Greenlee that he would not give a stateroom to Leo but if she wanted one, he would give her a room. Greenlee looked at him and said "in your impossible dreams, Gilligan."

Hayley was finishing up her interviews stating that one incredible dream after another had been fulfilled tonight. Mateo interrupted her and said that he was going to fulfill someone else's dream. He wanted her to come with him now. Hayley told Mateo to get a stateroom and she would take care of her crew, get them fed and put them on the next launch. She asked Mateo if he could wait that long. He told her to hurry.

Dimitri came into the room still looking for Alex and Edmund. Gillian saw him and said that he looked awful. Dimitri said that he was still looking for Alex. Jake told Dimitri that she saw Alex looking for Dr. Joe and was going to talk to him before he took the launch back. Jake told Dimitri that he would go with him and talk to the men that send the launch back and see if she was on there. Jake asked Gillian to wait for him and he would be back soon. When Gillian turned around, Ryan was standing there looking at her.

Tad went running into one of the staterooms and Leslie was behind him holding a drink. As Leslie was unbuttoning him shirt, she was telling him how much she wanted him. Tad pushed himself away and told her to shut up. Dixie and David were in the main room and David told Dixie "thank you" for staying with him because he thought he was going to pass out. Dixie told David that she was going to look for Tad and explain. David told her that Tad would not listen to her. Dixie told David that Tad was her husband and she loved him.

Adam and Liza were standing on the deck and he was holding her tight and kissing her ear. He told her that this night was turning into an incredible dream. Liza told Adam that he had 3 seconds to put "that rock" on her finger.

Jack was kissing Erica on the neck and Erica asked him what in the world was going on with him. Jack told Erica that he has never stopped loving her.

Tina talked to Hayley and asked her where she was going in such a hurry. Hayley told Tina that she was going to find Mateo. Hayley said that he was hopefully waiting for her naked in a stateroom. Hayley walked away and Tina asked herself "what is going on here?"

Ryan put his arms on Gillian and asked her if she would meet him in his stateroom. Gillian replied "yes."

Laura went outside because she wasn't feeling good. While she was standing by the deck, Bianca came out and saw her. Greenlee also came out one of the doors. Greenlee saw Laura leaning on the side and ran up to her and tossed her off the side of the ship. Bianca saw what happened and fainted.

Mateo was in the stateroom lying in bed naked waiting for Hayley. He heard the door open and asked Hayley where she had been. He told her that he had been waiting for her. Standing at the door was Arlene holding her wig in her hand. She moved closer to the bed and started to undress. Mateo, thinking it is Hayley, told her to hurry up and get into the bed. Arlene undressed and was wearing a negligee under her clothes. She also was wearing Vanessa's necklace that Palmer gave her. She got into bed with Mateo and started kissing him and calling him "lover.""

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