11/17/2000 The Guests Have Punch

""Jake Martin is a very lucky man," Ryan told Gillian, with a look of longing in his eyes. She complimented him on the job he'd done with the gala, with a similar look. She told him that things were very complicated for her, being on the boat with both Ryan and Jake. Ryan told her to forget he was even there. He walked out of the stateroom. She plopped down on the bed dejected. Jake walked into the room. Gillian jumped up and hugged him.

Ryan made his entrance into the party. Hayley asked for an interview; he asked if he could speak to his guests first. He grabbed a glass of champagne, and started mingling. As Ryan moved through the crowd, greeting his guests, he spotted David Hayward. He growled in his ear, "If I catch you making trouble for the Martins I will personally escort you off this boat." David assured him that he was only there to support Jake.

David divulged to Leslie Coulson that Tad was interested in her. He told her she should make a move on him. He said once he had heard Tad name her as the woman he would most like to seduce.

David told Leslie to ask to speak to Tad in private. When she approached him, David ran over to Tad 's drink and prepared to pour in the libidozone-laced potion from his flask. Just then, a hand pushed his away. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Alex asked. "I was freshening up my drink." David said. Alex assured him she knew what was in the flask and that it wasn't alcohol. "I don't know what you're talking about," David muttered and stormed away.

You have libidozone in that flask don't you?" Alex asked as she followed him. She said she had seen David with the drug in his office. Alex knew he had no intention of giving up his research and accused him of experimenting on a human guinea pig at the party. She promised she would tell Joe. David asked her if maybe she was having flashbacks to her espionage days. That stopped her. Noting she was suddenly unsure of herself, David pressed on. "You're seeing a psychiatrist, aren't you?" Alex slowly backed down, but promised David she would be watching him.

Alex walked over to Jake and said she needed to speak to Joe right away. Jake said Joe had just left and was taking the launch back to shore. Alex ran after him.

David asked Leslie for a progress report. Noting her lack of success at getting Tad alone, David told her to watch for his signal and to try again to speak with Tad. David turned and came face to face with Dixie. "Dixie you look beautiful," he said. Before she could reply, Tad walked up and snatched her away.

Liza and Adam talked in their stateroom. They reminisced over the many times Adam had hurt her and she had taken him back. She felt she couldn't trust him and told him she wouldn't commit to him one more time. She started to leave. He pulled out a ring. "Will you marry me?" he asked.

Liza looked at the ring and accused Adam of having no shame. Adam readily agreed, especially when it came to Liza and winning her back, he said. She threw the rock at him, then asked to see it again. He begged for an answer. Liza reminded Adam that he was already married -- to Arlene. He was surprised when Liza told him Marion had caught Arlene begging money from Stuart. Liza suggested that he hock the ring, and either give the money to Arlene or use it to hire a hit man. They both smiled.

Adam told Liza that he would tell Barry to give Arlene $50,000 to get rid of her. Adam promised that Arlene meant nothing to him. He asked Liza to remember their time in the cabin when they had made love. I'm not talking about something I have to promise," he said. "It's the connection that's real." He told her they hadn't lost their connection and they were just wasting time until they got back to each other. Just then a waiter knocked on the door. He had been told to gather the guests for Ryan's toast. Liza grabbed Adam's hand and they walked out together.

Edmund and Dimitri continued their argument about Alex. Edmund couldn't believe that Dimitri thought Alex could possibly be in danger with him, but Dimitri knew that Edmund was hearing Alf in his head and he feared Alf would get control of Edmund. How do you know that, Edmund asked? Dimitri confessed he had spoken with a psychiatrist at Oak Haven. "You son of a bitch." Edmund lunged at his brother. "You had no right talking to anyone about me." He grabbed Dimitri in the collar. Just then, Brooke came out on deck. She was shocked. When Edmund saw her, he released Dimitri and fled.

Leo, Bianca and Laura watched as Greenlee flirted with her date Bill. "You guys actually believe that act?" he asked the two girls. He grabbed Laura and pulled her out onto the floor to dance. Bianca looked on sadly. Greenlee and Leo each showed off with their respective partners, purposely trying to make the other jealous.

Leo admired Palmer's gift to Vanessa from across the room. "How much?" he mouthed. "Five hundred thousand," she mouthed back. A disguised Arlene read the signals as she passed a tray of hors d'oeuvres around the room. Leo called for the waitress to bring her tray; Arlene ducked her head so as not to be recognized. Leo fed Laura treats while Bianca looked on sadly and Greenlee looked on jealously.

Later, Bianca and Laura laughed at Leo's and Greenlee's misguided attempts to make each other jealous. Laura asked Bianca if she were jealous of her and Leo fooling around. Bianca denied it. Just then Leo ran up and grabbed Laura, leaving Bianca alone once again.

Becca said hello to Greenlee as she watched Laura and Leo. Becca said, "It looks like Leo is having a wonderful time without you." Greenlee stalked off.

Ryan watched Gillian from across the room. Then it was time to make the toast. A cheer went up from the crowd and the music continued as the punch bowl was brought in and placed on the table.

Arlene asked another waiter for the location of the main light switch.

Ryan started passing out glasses of punch, first to Erica and then to Tad. Just then, Hayley asked Ryan if she could take some photos before everyone toasted. Tad put his cup down and walked away. David gave Leslie the signal to go after Tad. He then walked over and poured some of the drink from his flask into Tad's glass. David accidentally knocked the entire drug-laced flask into the punch bowl, while the WAVE camera rolled nearby. David pulled the flask from the punch bowl and ran away.

Adam and Liza entered the salon. Adam recognized Arlene and a startled look came over his face, but he didn't say a word.

While the waiter poured out drinks from the tainted punch bowl, David looked on anxiously. The waiter passed around the glasses, offering one to David. He declined and slipped out the door.

Ryan made his toast. "To Jake, his new bride, and the Pine Valley Teen Pregnancy Program." Everyone drank heartily. Tad tossed his down and asked for more. "It's really good," he said.

Dimitri asked Erica if she had seen Alex. She said no. While Dimitri continued his search, Alex approached the launch boat looking for Joe. She called out his name. An unseen man placed his hand on her shoulder."

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