11/16/2000 Gordon Quits

"Alex dropped by Edmund's office at Tempo to give him some gentle nudging about scheduling another appointment with his therapist. Edmund smiled broadly and assured his former fiancée that he was doing very well. Alex, however, explained that Dimitri was worried for her safety and wanted Edmund to seek more professional help. Edmund countered Dimitri's fears by asking Alex if she is afraid of him. Alex shook her head and assured Edmund that she doesn't feel uneasy around him. Edmund grumbled about the way Dimitri was using his wife as a "go between." Alex admitted that she didn't like the situation much herself, but informed Edmund that Dimitri would probably try to talk to him later that night. As the conversation waned, Brooke and Laura walked into the office. Alex headed on her way, but stopped to introduce herself to Laura before leaving. Brooke sensed that Edmund might be upset by seeing Alex and offered her ear, but Edmund flashed a smile and convinced Brooke that he'd be fine. As they talked, Eliot appeared in the doorway. Seeing that Brooke wasn't alone, he decided that it'd be better to return later. Brooke stopped him from leaving, telling him that he could say whatever he had to say in front of Edmund and Laura. Eliot bowed his head slightly and entered the office. He told Brooke that he'd stopped by to warn her that he'd be at Ryan's party. Brooke shrugged her shoulders and asked Eliot why he felt the need to tell her of his plans. Eliot became uneasy, telling Brooke that he didn't his presence to blindside her. Brooke remained indifferent to Eliot's plans and told him that he was free to come and go as he wished. Once Eliot left, Laura laid into her mother for giving Eliot the green light to attend Ryan's party. "He would have stayed away if you said to," Laura snapped. Brooke surprised her daughter by calling Eliot "basically a decent man." Brooke explained that she'd seen a different side of Eliot when he'd told her about Laura's (Cudahy) final moments of life. Later, after Laura left, Brooke turned to Edmund and asked him if Laura was right --- if she had been too easy on Eliot. "Have I turned the other cheek too far... too fast?" she asked. Edmund tried to remain unbiased, telling Brooke that ultimately he she treats Eliot is her own personal decision.

Tad and Joe paid David a surprise visit in his office at Pine Valley Hospital to announce that Tad had dropped his plans to sue David for sexual harassment. David showed no visible signs of relief. Instead, he smiled smugly and insinuated that Tad had only dropped the charges because Dixie was unwilling to testify against him. Joe put David on notice that any future scandals would result in his immediate termination. Joe was paged away before David could respond. Tad, however, stuck around and let David know that he still wanted to make him pay for what he'd done to Dixie. David rolled his eyes and scolded Tad for blaming his faltering marriage on him. Dixie, said David one more time, didn't do anything that she didn't want to do. Tad refrained from strangling David, but he did vent his anger by knocking some items off of David's desk. As Tad was leaving, Erica filed into the office to find out what had happened to her the night before. Before David could say a word, a nurse entered the office with lab reports for David. She smiled broadly at Erica and praised her for her song and dance number at The Valley Inn. Erica's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. David hurried the nurse out of his office before she could say anything further. David saw the look of horror on Erica's face and moved to reassure her that her Cole Porter tune was wonderful. Up until this point, Erica had believed --- or perhaps hoped --- that her antics of the night before were just a dream. Her mouth formed a frown as Erica asked David what had happened afterwards in his bedroom. "You were insatiable," David grinned. Erica's jaw dropped. She told David that making love to him was a "horrible mistake" that could never be repeated. David reminded Erica that she'd told him that she was addicted to him. Erica announced that she'd have to quit David "cold turkey." Gordon entered the office and overheard the final few lines of the conversation. David ordered him out of the room while he tried to convince Erica to remain with him. Erica, however, had already made up her mind. "There will be no repeat performance," she snapped. After Erica left, Gordon entered the office and told David that he wanted out of his Libidozone experiments. Drugging Erica, he yelled, was wrong. David threatened to take Gordon down with him if the lab tech even thought of blabbing about his experimentation. Gordon backed off of his threats to expose David after realizing that his future would also be jeopardized. He did, however, demand that David give him back the vial of super-concentrated Libidozone. David smiled devilishly and told Gordon that he had "plans" for the medication. A look of fear crept over Gordon's face. He told David that he didn't want to know what he was up to --- but let it be known that he didn't approve of whatever it was. Later, David sat at his desk pouring the potent medication into a flask. What he didn't know was that Alex had poked her head into the office and observed his actions.

At the Martin residence, Gillian and Dixie made some last-minute adjustments to their outfits. Dixie, who hadn't been planning to attend the party ended up wearing one of Gillian's "rejected" dresses. Gillian comforted Dixie when she started to show signs of sobbing over the troubles in her marriage. Gillian confidently told Dixie that nothing that happened was her fault, telling Dixie that she was just "a player in David's sick little fantasy." Gillian told Dixie that David most likely wasn't going to be at the party. Gillian, too, was a little unnerved about the party because Ryan would be there. Dixie was about to ask Gillian about her "relationship" with Ryan but Jake and Tad's arrivals prevented Gillian from answering. Gillian sensed that this would be a good time for the two brothers to be alone and asked Dixie to help her touch up her makeup. After the women left, Tad offered Jake a sincere apology for the crass remarks he'd made. Jake said that he understood, but Tad didn't want to be let off the hook so easily. Tad told Jake that he's going through a bit of a "mid-life crisis" and that he's worried by his graying hair. Sometimes, he confessed, he misses "Tad the Cad." Jake shook his finger disapprovingly and told Tad that he should be glad that his cad days are behind him. Dixie, he said, had made "a real man" out of him.

Hayley arrived before the party began and found Ryan practicing his speech. She marveled at how Ryan had gone from tending bar to being rich enough to own the bar --- several times over. Oddly, Ryan stated that he'd always envisioned this level of success for himself. He then turned to Hayley and asked her about her happiness level. Hayley grinned and said that she was "flying high" and that nothing could bring her down.

The party finally got underway. Bianca was one of the first guests to arrive. She dodged shutter-happy reporters by the entranceway and immediately raced over to a familiar face - Laura. Bianca grumbled about her dislike for all photographers. Her face wrinkled up at the moment she realized her faux pas; Laura was an aspiring photographer. Bianca smiled nervously and assured Laura that she didn't hold her in the same contempt as the rest of the photographers. Mateo arrived a little while later and proudly boasted that there was no way that Arlene could crash the party. According to Mateo, all guests were being shuttled to the yacht aboard a smaller boat. If a guest didn't have an invitation, they didn't get on the ferry. In the kitchen area, a woman adjusted her shoulder-length red hair. When she spun around, big glasses and wig aside, it was clear that this woman was Arlene Vaughan. She smiled evilly and called mocked a claim that the yacht was a "ship of dreams." Still smiling sinisterly, Arlene noted that the Titanic was also called a ship of dreams. Back amongst the partygoers, Laura pulled out a digital camera and fired off a shot of a still nervous Bianca. Laura commented that Bianca's eyes looked sad. Bianca became a bit worried. Nevertheless, Bianca again pledged to do her best to get Laura assigned to the Enchantment campaign. Laura told Bianca that she was uncomfortable being aboard the yacht because she doesn't know how to swim. Bianca told Laura to stick with her because she was on her high school's swim team. "You'd save my life?" Laura asked somewhat in shock. "In a heartbeat," Laura smiled. The two young woman sat down on a sofa and smiled broadly as Laura held her camera around and snapped a picture. Jake, Tad, Dixie and Gillian arrived at the party. Gillian, however, had to make a hasty retreat when something spilled on her gown. Hayley directed her to an empty room at the back of the boat. Erica and Jack arrived and Hayley's Wave team swarmed to film them. Erica smiled broadly for the cameras and waltzed over to her daughter's side. Bianca puckered her lips and smiled even in the face of her unhappiness. She looked over her shoulder at rolled her eyes at Laura. Outside, David was stopped and asked to show his invitation before he was allowed to board the yacht. Tucked into David's pants was the unmistakable shimmering of his Libidozone tainted flask. Gillian entered a supposedly vacant room to clean her dress, but instead of finding an empty room, she found a shirtless Ryan.

Meanwhile, back at Pine Valley Hospital, Alex sneaked into David's office to try to figure out what he was up to earlier in the evening. She found an empty vial near his desk and knew that something wasn't quite right. She rose to her feet and rushed out of the office vowing to find out what David was up to."

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