11/21/2000 Hayley Loses Arlene

"On the yacht at the party, everyone was having a great time when Marian Chandler arrived and said how she just loved a good party. David told her "Trust me, the fun is just beginning." Marian watched as Opal was grabbing food from everywhere. Vanessa realized that her necklace was missing and ran from the room. Opal took Becca away from Palmer and danced her out of the room. Jack and Erica were outside on the deck and he told her that he had never stopped loving him. She told him that he had always been one of her oldest, dearest friends and he said "isn't that nice" and threw down his glass in anger and walked away. Ryan told Gillian to go to his stateroom and wait for him there. Jake saw Brooke and asked if she had seen Gillian. Someone came up to Jake and told him that his wife wasn't feeling well and could he help, so he went with him. Leo came in and asked Ryan for a stateroom. Ryan told him no and Leo said it was for Greenlee and that he owed her. Ryan told him he was "nuts" and that "I don't owe the tramp a damn thing." Meanwhile, Greenlee was out on the deck looking overboard and shouted out to Laura that there were other fish in the sea, to find her own. Greenlee turned and saw Bianca passed out on the deck and quickly went inside. Dixie saw David and asked if he had seen Tad and told David he should have stayed away from her. Tad woke up on the floor of one of the staterooms and looking around asked "what have I done." Opal and Becca did nothing but eat. Opal said "who needs men when you've got chocolate." Becca said "Amen" and they went inside for more. Liza was admiring her ring and told Adam that they should get married tonight. Adam remembered that Arlene hadn't signed the divorce papers and that she was on the boat in disguise and Adam said that he would find her and that she would be out of their lives. Arlene was in the stateroom with Mateo, who was completely out of it and thought he was with Hayley. Hayley walked in and found Arlene on top of Mateo.

Opal and Becca ran inside and said that someone had fallen overboard and David, Ryan and some others ran out. Opal said that Bianca was outside and Erica and Jack ran out too. Brooke saw that Becca had Laura's camera and ran outside, while Greenlee said "bon voyage."

Everyone was out on the deck shouting. Eliot saw that it was Laura and quickly jumped in. Ryan jumped in after him. Erica saw that Bianca was passed out on the deck and called David over to help her. Eliot and Ryan got to Laura and held her up so that Leo could get a hold of her and pull her up on deck. David took her inside to check on her. Bianca woke up and started saying she wanted to see Sara. David laid Laura on the floor and he and Ryan performed CPR on her. Leo asked Greenlee what happened and she said "maybe she jumped." Leo told her Laura can't swim and Greenlee said that maybe it was "karma" and walked away. Laura woke up and told Brooke it was definitely time to take those swimming lessons.

Hayley pulled Arlene off Mateo and told her to get off her husband. She yelled at Mateo and realized that he didn't know what was going on. Hayley chased Arlene out of the room and grabbed her arm. Arlene told her that she was hurting her. Hayley told Arlene she had hurt her for the last time. Arlene tried to push Hayley off the boat and Hayley started to choke Arlene until she passed out.

Bianca came inside with Jack and Erica and kept saying she wanted to see Sara.

Ryan told everyone that Laura would be okay and that anyone that wanted to go could catch a launch back to shore and that anyone that wanted to stay was welcome to party.

Vanessa approached Ryan and angrily told him that someone had swiped her necklace.

Tad stumbled back into the main ballroom and he and Dixie apologized to each Other. Their make up came full view of Leslie and David.

Gillian was in Ryan's stateroom when Jake knocked on the door. Gillian answered and was surprised to see him standing there. He started to kiss, but Gillian pulled away and said that they needed to stop because of Ryan. Jake became angry and asked Gillian if she'd been waiting for Ryan instead of him.

Marian and Liza were sitting at a table on the deck and commenting on how everyone was acting so peculiarly. Marian spotted the glistening rock on Liza's finger and asked her if she was out of her mind. Liza told her that she wanted to marry Adam and wanted that more than anything. Liza told Marian that Adam was going to find Arlene at the party, get her to sign the divorce papers and force her out of their lives. Marian said how Arlene has done nothing but ravage people's lives and that Adam might be a widower because she wasn't sure if she wouldn't hurt Arlene if she saw her.

Hayley yelled at Arlene to get up so that she could inflict more punishment on her. When Arlene didn't budge, Hayley leaned over and checked her pulse --- there was none. Wrapped around Arlene's neck was Vanessa' beautiful and expensive pearl necklace.

Vanessa continued to hound Ryan about her pearl necklace. Ryan came into the main room and checked on Laura. Laura saw her camera and Brooke told her that Becca had found it. Brooke asked Laura how she fell in. Laura told her that she didn't remember and asked how she got back inside. Brooke told her that Eliot jumped in after her. Laura apologized to Eliot and he told her that it was okay. Leo came over to check on Laura. Brooke and Eliot walked away and she said to him "you risked your life for Laura's--you of all people.

Bianca asked Erica what was going on. Bianca said her head felt funny. Bianca asked if Laura was okay and Erica asked if she was okay. Erica asked if she fainted because she didn't eat. Bianca asked why she would pass out.

Leslie continued to watch Tad and Dixie dance. Tad told Dixie he loved her and wanted to be alone with her right now and they left the room. David came up to Leslie and said "you look satisfied." David told a waiter that the punch didn't taste right and that he should take it away and get another batch. Ryan saw him and told the waiter to put it back and find something else to do. Ryan asked David what he was up to. Ryan warned David to stay away from the Martins, especially Dixie.

Back in Ryan's stateroom, Gillian tried to get Jake to head back to the dance floor. Jake refused, saying "Tonight is our night. This is our stateroom." They then began to make love.

The paramedics showed up and David told them about Laura and what he wanted them to do. Greenlee looked around the room for her date and Leo called him a ringer. Leo told her she used him to make her jealous. Leo admitted that the same was true for Laura. He told her he was trying to get a stateroom for them.

Bianca kept looking over at Greenlee and realized that it was Greenlee that pushed Laura overboard. Jack asked about Sarah and Erica told Jack her "version" of the story and Bianca said she must have been in the ozone and that she never would want to see Sarah again.

Adam found Liza and looked stunned, while Liza asked him if he had found Arlene and he told her they couldn't be married.

Vanessa was hounding the police to find her necklace before the thief left the ship. Vanessa gave them a full description of the necklace and pleaded with them to act swiftly.

Hayley returned to Mateo's stateroom and tried to wake him. She frantically told him that Arlene was dead. Mateo slowly regained full alertness and asked his wife what she was talking about. A look of fear on her face, Hayley told Mateo that she had killed her mother.

Adam told Liza that they would have to wait to get married. Liza couldn't believe that Adam was delaying and thought that he had cold feet and didn't want to marry her at all.

Tad and Dixie returned to the main room. Leslie told David that Tad would be hers. Tad told Dixie that he didn't care about David and just wanted to get her home and make love to her all night long. Dixie left to say goodnight to Opal and Leslie wandered over to Tad and told him that "tonight was fantastic." Tad watched her as she walked away. Leo and Greenlee were kissing on the dance floor and Leo told her he wanted to find someplace private for them. Leo left to find a stateroom.

Bianca walked over to Greenlee after Leo walked away and told her that she saw her push Laura overboard.

Leo asked Ryan again for a stateroom, but Ryan restated his claim that all were booked. Leo even pleaded for use of Ryan's room, but Ryan refused.

In bed, Jake told Gillian that this was their beginning and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life showing her how much he loved her. While en route to his room, Ryan peered through the porthole and saw them in bed together.

Hayley and Mateo went back to where Arlene's lifeless body had been sprawled. This time, however, Arlene was gone. Mateo asked if Hayley was sure that Arlene had been there. Hayley nodded and began looking high and low for signs of her mother."

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