09/02/1999 Edmund Asks If Dimitri Wanted To Die

"As Gillian held Ryan is a passionate kiss on the terrace of the Chandler mansion, Mateo sneaked past them to the house. As he opened the door however, Adam came out and told Mateo to leave or he would have him arrested for trespassing. Mateo wanted to see Hayley but Adam refused. When Mateo insisted Adam angrily told him, "She doesn't want to see you! What, you think you are so damned irresistible?" Mateo faced up to him, calling Adam "a big fat liar!" As they went at each other, Ryan pulled them apart as Hayley appeared on the terrace.

Mateo begged her to listen to him. Again he insisted he didn't sleep with Raquel. "She came on to me and I turned her down," he explained, to Hayley's evident disbelief. Gillian came to the rescue, saying that when she spoke with Raquel there was nothing said to indicate Raquel had slept with Mateo. "That's hardly a ringing endorsement," Adam commented sarcastically. Hayley reminded Mateo of his torrid dance with Raquel at SOS, he replied it was just a dance. Hayley told him she didn't believe him and that Raquel was just another of Mateo's victims - he used Raquel and hurt her as he had hurt Hayley. Mateo desperately tried to convince Hayley they should be together again. "Don't do this to us," he begged. Hayley laughed at him, reminding him that he was the one who had kept saying "there is no us any more!" and she wanted him to leave. Mateo said they had been through so much. "Exactly," Hayley sadly replied, "You've put me through too much." Defeated, Mateo left. Gillian tried to still plead his cause, but Adam asked her, "Haven't you done enough?" She left. Hayley told Ryan to go after her, assuring him that she will be all right.

Later, as Hayley sat sadly thinking about her troubles, Stuart came with a sketchpad. He didn't want to disturb her and was just going to do some sketching. But they did get to talking and Stuart managed to get a laugh out of Hayley. After she unburdened herself about her disappointments with Mateo, Stuart gently suggested she and Mateo should talk, just the two of them. Hayley sadly wondered if she would ever be happy, and told Stuart what had just happened when Mateo was there, but Stuart reminded her that almost everyone has been hurt at some time by someone they love. He spoke of how he felt when Gloria rejected him for Adam, but that he is now totally happy with Marian.

Gillian was back at the hospital when Ryan caught up with her. He questioned her about how she could have helped Mateo to sneak into the Chandler mansion. Gillian jumped on him, asking why he always believed what Hayley believed? "Use your own brain!" she yelled at him. Ryan said that Hayley was his friend, but that he hadn't counted on having feelings for her. Gillian demanded to know what she was to him, and he told her she is his ex-wife. Gillian angrily told him she was tired of waiting for him, and she was sick of his Peter Pan/Men are from Mars syndrome! "You want someone like Hayley - because she is unavailable, or better yet someone who has so many problems that you'll never run out of ways to rescue her!" Angrily, she told him to go and not come back. A confused Jake entered and asked what was wrong. "I'm not going to be Ryan's doormat any more!" she told Jake. When he asked for how long, she flared at him, "You men all think we women can't do without a man! Men are aliens from outer space sent to torture us!"

Mateo came in and caught Gillian at the wrong moment to ask for another favor! "Forget it! Get on with your life, like I intend to do," Gillian angrily told him when he begged her to set up another meeting Hayley.

At WRCW, Tad re-ran the tape of Dixie caught wincing with pain when Scott's videocam was left running. He was shocked to see her reaction to his shoulder rub. Liza came in, took a look at the freeze frame and joked that, from the expression on Dixie's face, Tad wouldn't be giving Sven the masseur any competition any time soon! Tad explained about the video, and how he realized now that Dixie had been deceiving him about her back pains, even on the same day that she lost their baby. "She lied to me, she knew something was wrong," he told Liza. Liza tried to play devil's advocate, saying maybe Dixie didn't want him to over-react, and that she had wanted the baby so much. Marian came bouncing in, and Tad groaned, "That just makes my day," and left. Marian gushed on to Liza about her big plans to get Stuart into "society", starting with a brunch she wants to host - on the terrace of the Chandler mansion! The idea is to get super-snob Millicent Greenlee to realize what a wonderful person Stuart is, and then get him on to the Committee for the Preservation of Historical Architectural Treasures! Liza was astounded, and asked if Stuart knew of these plans. Marian admitted he didn't but would be pleased. Liza saw through the plan as a way for Marian to ingratiate herself with the Greenlee clique. Liza went on to say how Millicent's obnoxious granddaughter is an intern at WRCW who doesn't pull her weight and spends her time chasing Scott. Marian thought that was fine, and that Greenlee would be better for Scott than Becca! Finally, Liza agreed to let Marian use the terrace for her function, and Marian floated out on clouds!

Tad came back and told Liza he has a plan to turn the tables on Dixie, and asked if he could use her private plane tomorrow. Then he called Dixie and told her he has a surprise for her tomorrow!

At the Marick mausoleum, Alex was thinking back to the early days with Dimitri. She remembered sitting on a park bench with him and explaining her theory to him about how to trigger replenishment of new brain cells. His condition is very rare, she had told him. After realizing the risks and being willing to have faith, Dimitri agreed to the treatment she proposed. "Dear God, have I done the right thing?" Alex wondered aloud, as Edmund entered the mausoleum. He said they must have had the same idea - to come to the mausoleum to be close to Dimitri, and Maria for him.

Edmund talked about Maria's sensitivity to her patients, started to quiz Alex about terminal patients, and with David's hints about Alex obviously on his mind, asked her about euthanasia. Had any of her patients ever asked for help in that way? Alex realized where his questions were leading. "You're asking me if I helped your brother to die? NO!" she told him emphatically. Edmund told her what he had overheard her say about doing the right thing. "You were spying on me? she asked angrily. "You are hiding something. If it's something about my brother, I have the right to know! Tell me!"

Alex replied, "I can't! I will - but not now!" Edmund demanded to know how much longer she wanted him to suffer, but Alex replied she didn't want anyone to suffer. At that moment, a smiling David appeared in the doorway and innocently asked, "Oh dear, did I come at a bad time?" A furious Alex as not happy at all to see him, and believed it was a set-up between him and Edmund, and accused David of putting ideas in Edmund's head that she murdered Dimitri. David admitted that he and Alex had had "a little run-in" a few years ago.

"You are so slick," Alex told David. "Like a little snake. You're just hoping I'll let my guard down long enough for you to strike!" He told them he was there to apologize to Alex for intruding on her mourning. David wanted to make amends, and held out his hand to Alex, but she ignored it and brushed past him, saying she was late for an appointment. After she had gone, Edmund asked David why he was buttering her up. Keeping her off balance, and keep your enemies close, David replied. Edmund then asked him the vital question - what was in the vial? Was it poison? "You're right, it is a poison," David told him."

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