09/03/1999 Edmund Wants An Autopsy

"With a day off of work, Becca went with Scott to the lake. After floating on the lake, Becca chased down Scott and blasted him with a watergun. Scott fell to the ground mimicking death. Becca teased him about underestimating her marksmanship. She explained that her grandfather had taught her how to shoot soda cans with a BB gun when she was just a girl. As Becca taunted her friend, Scott remained motionless on the floor of the cabin. She nudged him with her foot, but Scott still showed no signs of life. It was then that Becca feared that something was wrong. Perhaps Scott had hit his head when he fell to the ground. She dropped to her knees and checked Scott's vital signs. Scott's eyes suddenly fluttered and he planted a kiss on Becca's lips. Things got very heated very fast. Their lips once again embraced. Becca slowly pulled away and softly told Scott that they should be headed home. Scott hesitantly agreed. The pair headed out to Scott's car, buckled up, and prepared to travel back to Pine Valley. When Scott turned the key in the ignition, the engine refused to turn over. With wide eyes, Scott and Becca looked nervously at one another. Scott popped the hood and checked the engine for signs of trouble. From inside the car, Becca chirped that she already knew what was wrong: the timing belt had broken. Scott was amazed and asked Becca if she knew how to fix the problem. A broad smile on her face, Becca nodded. There was just one small problem---she didn't have a new belt or tools. All wasn't lost. Scott said that he could phone home on his cellular phone. That wasn't going to work either because the phone's battery had gone dead. Scott suggested that they spend the night in the cabin and find a way home in the morning. They headed into the cabin and once again those nervous jitters took over. Scott offered to make a fire, but before long there were sparks of another kind. Scott and Becca once again shared a passionate kiss.

The long days of summer were drawing to a close. Fresh from her honeymoon in Paris, Janet dropped by The Glamorama for a few touchups. Janet was stunned to learn from Tiffany that there was a "new Mrs. Palmer Cortlandt." Millicent, who was eavesdropping on the conversation, breezed over to the manicuring station and blathered that she and her husband were thrilled that Palmer had moved on. "At last poor Palmer has a wife who is his intellectual and cultural equal," she said snootily. As Millicent chattered on about wanting to get to know Vanessa better, Janet grumbled that Millicent and Vanessa had a lot in common. Tiffany bit her lip to keep from laughing. Marian strolled into the salon and immediately dashed towards Millicent. Marian asked the woman if she had received the invitation to her brunch. Millicent's face suddenly dropped and her mind went into overdrive to come up with an excuse to get out of the party. The brunch, Marian said, would be for "all the fat women." Tiffany's ears perked up. Marian laughed gleefully and explained that she'd misunderstood her. It was actually for the PHAT women---women from the Preserving Historical Architectural Treasures organization. Still Millicent wasn't ready to sign on. Marian looked across the room and noticed that Erica was sitting at a nearby desk. Marian told Millicent that her "dear friend" Erica Kane was going to be at the event. Millicent was impressed, but she was actually more interested in learning about Erica's facial reconstruction surgery. "I read somewhere that [she's wearing] an elaborate mask," Millicent gossiped. Millicent was called away for her facial. Meanwhile, Erica left a message at The Valley Inn for David. "Tell Dr. Hayward that his evening appointment has been confirmed," she purred. Marian scurried over to Erica and begged her to attend her luncheon party. Erica wasn't sure that she could make it, but Marian pleaded and begged until Erica agreed to show up. Opal arrived in the salon and she was immediately swarmed by Janet and Erica, who both wanted to offer support to their friend. Opal insisted that she was not at all upset that Palmer had moved on with his life. She was, however, fearful that Vanessa would get her talons on little Peter. "We have a secret weapon," said Erica when Opal mentioned her fear that the newly-wed Palmer would try to get another custody hearing. Opal and Janet both looked at Erica and asked her what she was talking about. "David Hayward," Erica replied curtly. She said that she could run a guilt trip on David to make him testify against his mother in court. That way, no judge would ever allow a child anywhere near Vanessa. Erica excused herself to head off on a business trip to promote The Glamorama's new web site. Shortly after Erica left, Millicent wandered out of the back room. Marian ran over to her and again asked her if she was going to attend the luncheon. Millicent was undecided until Marian mentioned that Scott was going to be there---and urged Millicent to bring Greenlee with her. Suddenly Millicent was singing an entirely different tune. She put on a big smile and told Marian that she couldn't wait for the brunch meeting. Millicent waited until Opal had her back turned so that she wouldn't have to speak to her on the way out. She told Marian that she absolutely could not tolerate Opal. Marian had to disavow her friendship with Opal for fear of pushing Millicent away. Marian scurried off right after Millicent prompting Opal to wonder why her friend had left without saying goodbye.

Erica slipped into David's hotel room, but there was no sign of the doctor. She ducked into the bathroom and donned a sexy black negligee. She spritzed the room with perfume and anxiously waited for David's return. She dipped her hands in a beautiful box of rose petals and scattered the petals on the bed. She carefully laid across the bed and smiled sexily in anticipation of David's arrival.

At the hunting lodge, Alexandra placed an urgent call to Sean, her friend in England. "He knows, Sean," Alex groaned. "No, not about that---that I'm a doctor." As the phone call ended, Alex told her friend that they might need to prepare for a "quick escape to England."

Edmund asked David if he was positive that the mysterious liquid was, in fact, a poison. "Without a doubt," David replied. Edmund shook his head in disbelief. He had silently been hoping that the test results would show otherwise. He told Edmund that he had been hoping that Alex's story would check out and that she really did love Dimitri. David didn't want to trouble Edmund more, but he felt a need to point out that there was no proof that Alexandra had used the poison to kill Dimitri. Edmund was in complete agreement. He cited a need for "solid proof," telling David that he was going to help him get it. The only way to prove that foul play was involved was to have an autopsy performed. David was shocked when Edmund announced that he was forgoing the legal route and opting for far more drastic measures. He watched as Edmund stepped out of the crypt for a few seconds only to return with a crowbar. David's jaw dropped. He told Edmund that he could not help him because unlawful exhumation could land him in jail or result on the revocation of his medical license. Edmund promised that he would take full accountability for what they were going to do---and said that he'd never even mention David's name was questioned about his activities. The promise didn't win David over, so Edmund once again had to turn to the revenge factor. He told David that there would be no better way for him to get back at Alexandra than sending her to jail for murder. The thought of Alex spending the rest of her life behind bars obviously appealed to David because he agreed to assist Edmund. David said that they would need to be careful so as not to disturb the body. They agreed to take a sample of Dimitri's hair and fingernails. Before David would allow Edmund to use the crowbar, he warned him that the body inside the coffin would no longer look like Dimitri; it had already started to decompose. Edmund took a deep breath and apologized to his brother for disturbing him. A few minutes later, the coffin's seal was broken. Edmund slowly flipped open the lid, but he was not prepared what he found inside. David's eyes bulged and Edmund gasped loudly. "Oh my God," he panted."

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