09/01/1999 David Agrees To Test The Solution

"Mateo placed a phone call to Raquel from the hospital. He spoke briefly to Max, but when he asked to speak to Raquel he was told that she had "just left." Gillian wandered by and smiled when she noticed that Mateo was not wearing his disguise. She mistakenly assumed that Mateo and Hayley had patched things up. In actuality, that was not the case. Mateo broke the news that Hayley had been released and is presumably staying at Chandler Mansion. Mateo knew that Adam wouldn't let him anywhere near Hayley, so he needed Gillian's help. He concocted a scenario where he would hide in the back seat of Gillian's car to gain access to the grounds. Once inside, Gillian would create a diversion thereby allowing Mateo to sneak some time alone with Hayley. Gillian was initially skeptical that Hayley would listen to her. After listen to Mateo's explanation, she decided that she could help. "It's a pie!" she chirped gleefully. "Cake," Mateo replied in correction. "It's a piece of cake."

Elsewhere at the hospital, Tad and Dixie filed into Dr. Clader's office for what Dixie claimed was a "routine exam." Dixie told Tad that he didn't have to wait around, but Tad said that he wanted to be there with her. Dixie began fidgeting in her seat and wondered if the doctor was running late. Tad took her arm gently and informed her that the doctor was probably running on time---and she was twenty minutes early. Tad wondered if Dixie was anxious because she wanted to get Dr. Clader's "green light" to start trying to have another baby. Dixie played everything very smoothly; so well, in fact, that it was difficult to tell if she was being entirely truthful. Dixie told Tad that she was in no hurry to get pregnant again. The couple shared a hug as the doctor entered the room. He was happy to see that Tad and Dixie were no longer at odds. Time passed slowly, very slowly, as Tad sat alone in the waiting room. He flipped slowly through a binder of photographs of the babies of Dr. Clader's patients. One of the final pictures was that of little Colby. As smiled warmly at the photo, Jake sauntered into the room. Of course he couldn't help but comment on the beauty of "his" daughter. Tad asked his brother to sit down for a few minutes. Tad struggled to find the words to express what he wanted to say. He asked Jake if there was any possibility that David had been right when he'd said that Dixie could carry a baby to term. Jake conceded that it was possible, but he stopped short of giving his stamp of approval on the idea. If Dixie was to try again, Jake said that Dixie would have to exhibit "one hundred percent honesty and two hundred percent compliance." What he was saying was that Dixie had to follow her doctors' orders exactly and needed to be truthful about her health. Jake continued on his rounds and Tad was once again left to wait. Some time later, Dixie and Dr. Clader exited the examining room and broke the good news: Dixie was as good as new. The doctor was paged away on other business and Tad and Dixie had some time to discuss their possible future plans. Tad wanted to get right to the heart of the issue and talk about whether or not to try to make another baby. Dixie, however, continued her calm approach to the subject by saying that she wanted to wait until the time was right. She followed it up with a mention that when the time came she would be sure to take care of herself and her baby and to maintain open communication with Tad at all times.

David and Edmund continued their conversation in the solarium at the hospital. There, Edmund told the doctor that he needed the solution he'd stolen from Alex analyzed. David wanted to know how Edmund had gotten his hands on the liquid. "I doubt that Dr. Devane was giving out free samples," he said with a wry smile. Edmund admitted that he'd been spying on his sister-in-law and that he helped himself to the sample when Alex was out of the room. For Edmund it was a forgone conclusion that David would help him. It was an assumption that he shouldn't have made so quickly. David wanted to know what he'd get in return for helping Edmund. Cash incentives wouldn't work since David was already very well off. So Edmund offered the chance to get revenge. No one had said anything, but Edmund had inferred that Alex had done something to upset David. David neither confirmed nor denied Edmund's suspicions, but he did sign on to analyze the liquid. "I like a good mystery," David remarked as he took the vial from Edmund. He unscrewed the cap and noted that the solution had a "distinctive smell."

Greenlee hobbled into Ryan's office at WRCW and immediately pressed him for details about his personal life. As Greenlee continued to dig, Scott and Becca entered the office to view their completed documentary. Greenlee looked to Ryan and asked him if he'd taped a segment in the project. Ryan shook his head, prompting Greenlee to say that Ryan was "very mysterious." Scott popped the tape into the VCR and prepared to press the play button. Before he could view the tape, a call came down from the production floor; Scott was needed to operate one of the cameras. Scott dashed off with Becca by his side to watch. Ryan told Greenlee that he had to go check on a friend and headed on his way. Greenlee was not at all happy that she'd been shunned by two men. Her nostrils flared as she made her way towards the VCR. She popped out the tape and flashed a sinister glance. When Scott and Becca returned to the office, they found Greenlee pretending to read a magazine. She hadn't been reading. In fact, she'd just got done popping a tape into the VCR. Greenlee announced that she'd leave so that Scott and Becca could view their film in private. Scott asked his friend to stick around so that she could view the film. Greenlee watched from the back of the room with an evil grin planted firmly on her face. As the film rolled it became very evident that something was not quite right. "The time codes aren't burned in!" Scott groaned. Becca put her hands over her mouth and said that she must have messed up in the editing room. "I was so careful," Becca said sadly. Greenlee raised her eyebrows and muttered that it would take hours to fix the problem. Since Becca believed that she'd caused the problem, she said that she'd fix it. She urged Scott to go ahead and do other things. Greenlee quickly stepped in and asked Scott if he'd help her review some proposal idea forms. Becca was still editing the film when Scott returned to the office. The young woman moaned that she'd still be working at the end of the next millennium. Tad arrived to screen the film and let Scott know what he could and couldn't use in the final draft. Becca bowed her head and told Tad that there was nothing for him to view because she'd made a mistake in the editing room. Scott stated that it wasn't like Becca to make mistakes because she's usually so organized. As he made mention of her little notebook, Becca's eyes lit up. She remembered that she'd made notes in her notebook to log the times of various scenes on the videotape. So while the visual cues were not on the actual tape, there was a timeline on paper that they could use. "Impressive save," Tad said in praise. Greenlee frowned in defeat. Becca and Scott went back to the editing room. Greenlee was about to leave, but Tad asked her to check his mailbox and fetch a cup of coffee for him. Again Greenlee grimaced, but she did as she was told. Tad began watching the tape and came across a startling find. The cameras had been rolling when Dixie first felt the signs that she might be miscarrying. She had stooped over to pick up some of the boys' toys when a surge of pain shot up her back. Tad entered the room and offered to give her a back massage, but Dixie came up with an excuse to put off the rub.

Hayley reclined on chair on the terrace at Chandler Mansion. Adam appeared by her side with a stack of books. Hayley asked her father to stop trying to hard to make her feel better. Adam worried that his daughter was going to get bored. "No, boredom would actually require too much thought," Hayley grumbled. On his way out, Adam grabbed the phone. Hayley asked him why he was taking the phone, to which Adam said that he was taking it because she'd asked not to be bothered. Adam got a few more steps in before Hayley asked him if Mateo called. "Would you talk to him if he did?" Adam questioned. Hayley shook her head and Adam continued on his way. Hayley dozed off, but her sleep was hardly enjoyable. She dreamt that Mateo had poured her a seemingly innocent glass of water. Hayley refused to drink it because she thought that Mateo was trying to slip her a drink. Mateo insisted that he wouldn't do that because he loves her. Ryan suddenly appeared and ordered Hayley not to drink the "water." Mateo looked at Hayley with big puppy dog eyes and assured her that he'd never do anything to hurt her. Hayley smiled and took a sip of the drink. Almost immediately she spit it out: It was vodka. "You lied to me!" Hayley screamed. From out of nowhere, Raquel, wearing a white wedding dress, breezed onto the terrace and remarked, "It wouldn't be the first time." Hayley was shocked that Mateo was turning into someone that she didn't know and couldn't trust. "You never knew him---not the way I do," Raquel chimed in. "I'm the one he loves." In the real world, Ryan sat beside Hayley and gently called to her. When she woke and saw Ryan holding a glass of water, she instinctively swatted it away. When she realized that she was no longer dreaming, Hayley apologized for her behavior and told Ryan about her dream. Ryan urged Hayley to grab a bite to eat, but Hayley claimed that she wasn't in the mood to eat. A few seconds later, Adam returned with news that Lucretia had whipped up a batch of Hayley's favorite brownies. Hayley smiled. She could never pass on Lucretia's famous brownies. After Hayley scurried off, Adam sat down with Ryan to discuss a few things. "Just what are your intentions towards my daughter?" Adam asked pointedly. Ryan blinked a few times before offering, "I'm not sure I know what you mean." Adam flashed a slight smile and told Ryan that he's noticed how he's always there for Hayley in her time of need. Ryan insisted that he and Hayley were just friends. "I would never do anything to jeopardize that friendship," Ryan said softly. On several occasions Adam tried to force a definitive answer out of Ryan; were his intentions purely platonic? Adam said that Hayley did not need to get involved with another man who would let her down. "I would never do that," Ryan replied. Adam then wanted to know if Ryan meant that he'd never get involved with Hayley or never let her down. Gillian appeared in the doorway and asked if Hayley was receiving visitors. Adam headed off to the kitchen to find Hayley. Ryan, meanwhile, asked Gillian how she'd been able to track down Hayley. Gillian explained that she'd dropped by Trevor and Janet's but found no one home. Just beyond the terrace, Mateo hid behind a shrub. Mateo wanted to slip inside the house, but he couldn't do so with Ryan standing by. Gillian slowly walked back and forth so that Ryan would remain facing in her direction. As she did so, Mateo was able to inch his way towards the door. Ryan was about to turn around and find Mateo, so Gillian had to act quickly. She lunged towards her former husband and planted a passionate kiss on his lips. Ryan closed his eyes and Mateo scurried towards the door.

Alexandra's journey took her by the Marick crypt. She kneeled before her husband's vault and sighed sadly. Unbeknownst to Alex, Edmund was observing her from the doorway. "Oh, dear God," she huffed. "Have I done the right thing?""

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