05/28/1998 Marion & Stuart Have A Picnic

"On a beautiful late spring day, Marian headed to the Gatehouse at Chandler Mansion to spend some time with Stuart. When she arrived, she found a peculiar note dangling from a piece of string. In verse, the note told her that a surprise was waiting for her and that all she needed to do to find the surprise was to follow the string. Easier said than done. Marian opened the door to the house and walked inside and found that getting her surprise was going to be a bit of a challenge. The string did not meander gently across the room. Instead, it zigzagged wildly across the room, around the legs of the coffeetable, around paintings, and around every other stationary object in the house. After several minutes of following the twine, Marian reached the end of the line. She opened up a closet door and found her surprise. "Surprise!" Stuart chirped as he leapt from the closet. Marian smiled happily and thanked Stuart for the surprise. Stuart, however, had only just begun to surprise his friend. He told her that he'd planned a picnic for them. Marian gleefully accepted the offer to join Stuart for a bite to eat. At the picnic site, Marian and Stuart readied to chow down on chicken, potato salad, and a rare Spanish wine that Stuart had taken from Adam's private reserve. The picnic had at least one uninvited guest---a bee that dive-bombed Marian. Marian's first instinct was to swat at the bee, but Stuart advised her to remain calm. He told her that bees only sting "when they have to." He told her that without bees there would be no flowers. Marian wasn't well versed on the process of pollination and Stuart feared that explaining the process would bore Marian. Marian appeared mesmerized by Stuart's ability to understand the workings of nature and urged him to tell her the entire process. He obliged her and told her all about pollen, stamens, pistils, and flowers. "We'd be out here alone," Stuart said referencing how flowers and trees would cease to exist in such large quantities without bees and other insects to aid in the pollination process. Neither wanted to be alone as evidenced by the kiss they were about to share. The two slowly leaned towards each other, closed their eyes, and kissed.

"You know me chapter and verse," Liza responded. Adam thanked Liza for going out of her way to protect Hayley from Camille. Liza explained that her divorce from Adam doesn't mean that she no longer cares about Stuart, Scott, or Hayley. In fact, she announced that she'd never stop caring or visiting them. Liza pointedly commented that Adam must have forgotten what it's like to care about someone. She used her mother's feelings for Stuart as an example to further bolster her claim. Adam gritted his teeth hoping that he could hide his disdain for Marian and Stuart's relationship. "I told you," he smiled slightly. "I'm fine with that." Liza didn't believe a word he'd said. Adam asked his former wife if she wanted him to take a polygraph test to prove he was telling her the truth. Surprisingly, Liza nodded her head. Even though she'd only been married to Adam for a few short months, Liza felt she was more than qualified to determine if Adam was lying or not. Adam laughed and informed Liza that he's managed to bluff some of the most brilliant business executives without so much as batting an eyelash. Liza announced that she would serve as the lie detector. She walked to a nearby table and sat in one of two chairs. Adam sat across from her and awaited his instructions. Liza held her hands out palms-up and asked Adam to put his hands on top of hers palms-down. One by one Liza asked Adam a series of questions ranging from "Is your name Adam Chandler" to "Do you snore." Irrelevant as it may be, Adam claimed that he never snores. Then he quickly changed his statement to say that he rarely snores. Liza asked Adam if he planned to spring any surprises at the dinner he had planned for Marian and Stuart. Adam remained silent for several moments before admitting that he had a few tricks up his sleeve. Adam, however, explained that all were good surprises---like a three-piece ensemble to play music and a menu that contained all of Stuart's favorite foods. Liza knew all the right questions to ask. She asked Adam if it was okay with him that Marian and Stuart were spending the entire afternoon together. Still Adam remained calm and his tone of voice never changed. "I told you the truth," Adam replied. He insisted that he was happy that Stuart and Marian were getting along. "You are a liar's liar," Liza told Adam calmly. She told him that he would have been able to deceive her had his palms not become cold and clammy when she mentioned her mother and Stuart's name in the same breath. Adam argued that Liza's lie detector test wasn't foolproof. He told her that he'd rather not think about her mother's insatiable need to have sex. Liza warned Adam that if he even thought about hurting her mother, she'd track him down and make him pay for the rest of his life.

At Holidays, Mateo and Edmund scoured the restaurant for signs of Camille. Mateo realized that having Hayley changed her wedding gown might have been enough to alter his visions. When the wedding party arrived, Mateo showed signs that he didn't believe that things had taken a more positive path. Tim popped a bottle of champagne and Mateo mistook the noise for a gunshot. He raced over to Hayley and pulled her close to him. Hayley knew instantly that Mateo was still worried about Camille. He asked his wife to leave the party early so that they could spend some time together. Hayley told Mateo that their private time would have to wait because she wanted to be by her uncle's side. When it came time to issue to customary speeches, Janet, Amanda, Trevor, and Axel all argued over who could speak first. Janet won out in the end since she said that she'd been the only one who did not know that she was going to marry Trevor. She apologized once again for deceiving everyone with her phony ex-husband routine and thanked them for showing that the lying can be a very "toxic." Trevor thanked the Academy Award-worthy performance from Albert, the Faux Axel. In a side chat, Dimitri and Brooke briefly discussed another recent wedding---Gillian and Ryan's. Since things were not going well for the pair, Brooke said that she was relieved that she was not the only one whose life was in turmoil. Trevor and Janet shared their first dance together and afterwards Janet took a stroll around the floor with Albert. Amanda reminded Mateo that he'd promised to show her how to slow dance. While Matt's hands were full with Amanda, Trevor asked Hayley if she'd mind dancing with him. Opal found it odd that Brooke was able to enjoy herself at the party while facing a life sentence for murder. Palmer and Phoebe scolded her for trying to ruin the festive mood and both assured Opal that Brooke was going to be cleared of all charges. The bouquet and garter tosses proved quite unique. Dimitri caught the garter belt, but he placed it on top of Albert's hairless head. When the men cleared the floor, it was the ladies' turn to see who'd be the next to wed. Janet overthrew the group of women---and Albert ended up catching the bouquet too! The newlyweds announced that their honeymoon to Hawaii would be more of a family vacation. After Brooke's trial had ended, they entire Dillon clan would head to Honolulu. But for tonight, at least, the two lovebirds would be spending time alone at The Valley Inn. Before leaving, Janet told Albert that she'd never forget him. Mateo searched around the restaurant for Hayley, but she was nowhere to be found. He began to panic. Kevin told his boss that Hayley had left a while ago---but that she'd left a note. The note told Matt that Hayley had reconsidered his offer to spend some time alone. She asked her husband to meet her at the apartment. Mateo flipped out and dashed out the door.

Hayley, toting some flowers she'd taken from Holidays, entered her darkened apartment. Since her hands were full, she left the door opened behind her. The light from the hallway was suddenly blocked as a shadowy figure slowly walked into the apartment. Hayley could sense the presence and turned around. She took one look at the intruder and screamed."

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