05/29/98-06/01/98 Janet & Trevor's Wedding Night

"With the bride and groom gone, there wasn't much of a party left at Holidays. Brooke and Dimitri engaged in meaningful conversation with Brooke finally admitting that she was worried about her upcoming trial. She told Dimitri that when she was a young girl she nearly drowned after turning her turning her back to the ocean and getting walloped by a huge wave. She likened that experience to the way she's trusted Jim. In the end she realized that Jim was a creep, but she seemed to be the last one to make that determination. Brooke laughed nervously upon realizing that---had she not killed Jim--- this would have been her wedding day. Dimitri was confident that Brooke would not have gone through with the wedding. She, however, wasn't so sure. Phoebe pulled Edmund aside and asked him what was going on between Dimitri and her niece. "Just conversation," Edmund replied. "Nothing else." Albert walked over to Phoebe's table and asked her if she wanted to help him polish off the final bottle of champagne. Phoebe had had more than her fill and declined the offer. She called out to Brooke and told her that it was time to go home. Brooke stated that she'd lost all track of time. Phoebe "Mm hmm"ed under her breath. Dimitri offered to escort the women out, but Phoebe assured him that they could manage on their own. Edmund asked his brother if everything was okay. Dimitri bowed his head and smiled slightly. Albert realized that the end of the party meant the end of his stay in Pine Valley. He bumped into Winifred, who had volunteered to help clean up for Hayley and Mateo. Albert told Winifred that he used to work as a waiter before he broke into acting. Winifred was dazzled; she had never met an actor before. Albert was likewise enraptured, but by Winifred's beauty, not her occupation. Albert dashed over to the jukebox and selected "As Time Goes By." Then in another performance, he asked Winifred to imagine that they were starring in the movie "Pine Valley Apocalypse." He told her that he'd wandered into the bar and fell for her at first sight. His character wanted to seduce her slowly, he said, but because there was a war raging just outside the door he knew he didn't have the time. He then took Winifred by the hand and told her that he wanted to dance with her until sunrise.

He had promised not to interfere in Marian and Stuart's afternoon, but Adam couldn't stop himself from breaking that promise. He made a mad dash for The Gatehouse and called out to his brother. He had hoped that he'd arrived before Marian, but when he couldn't find a sign of his brother, he knew he must have been too late. He looked curiously at the ball of string on the sofa, but decided it meant nothing. A few seconds later, Liza also arrived at the house. She scolded Adam for lying to her and reminded him that she'd make him pay if he hurt her mother. "They care for each other," Liza stated softly. She tried to appeal to Adam's sentimental side. Adam insisted that he wanted the pair to be happy and that he would never come between them. "We'll see," Liza replied as she looked ahead to the dinner Adam was planning for Stuart and Marian. Liza picked the ball of string up and looked at it curiously. "I wondered about that myself," Adam said with concern and a trace of amusement. "Maybe they were wrapping present," Liza offered weakly.

Hayley's screaming came to an end and she took a deep breath. Her face demonstrated that she no longer feared for her safety. The mysterious intruder was Mateo's roommate from the hospital. He'd just been released from the hospital and he wanted to drop by to check up on Mateo. Hayley told the man, who'd yet to introduce himself by name, that Mateo wasn't home but quickly noted that he'd be showing up soon. She smiled sassily as she told the man that she was planning a romantic evening to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. The just-released patient could almost feel how much Hayley needed to make the evening perfect. He offered to help her get things set up so that everything would be perfect. The two rummaged through a shopping back looking for candles and other items to set the mood. Mateo entered behind them and had no idea what was going on. His back to the door, Mateo didn't know who the man next to his wife was. Mateo rushed the stranger and put him in a headlock. As he dragged him to the door, Hayley called to her husband to halt his attack. Mateo realized that the man was not a stranger and quickly apologized to him for jumping him. In addition to seeing how Mateo was doing, the man was also hoping that the couple could help him find a job. But considering Mateo's outburst and Hayley's plans for the evening, he decided to leave. Hayley did not yell at Mateo for his wild behavior. In fact, she said that she was glad that it would be just the two of them. As Hayley lit a candle, Mateo recalled another of his visions. Mateo immediately told his wife that they had to leave. Hayley wasn't about to go anywhere. Mateo told his wife that he'd booked a room at the Sleepy Hollow Inn and that he wanted them to spend the night there instead. Hayley was flattered that her husband had made the arrangements, but she demanded that they be allowed to make love in their own bed for a change. "What's so damned important about this place?" Mateo snapped. He referred to "their bed" as "the bed we almost died in." Hayley now realized why Mateo was so upset. Whereas she believed that Mateo was afraid to sleep in the bed in which he nearly lost his life, Mateo was actually worried that his premonition would come true. Hayley agreed to go to the inn, but she asked if she could pack a few things first. Mateo told her that everything that she needed was already at the inn. Hayley blew out the candle she'd just lit and the couple left.

Marian and Stuart laid on the ground and their kisses grew more passionate. Suddenly someone from a few yards away cleared their throat. Stuart looked up and saw his brother hovering over them. Liza was just a few steps behind him. Stuart pointed out that he and Marian were having a picnic and invited Adam and Liza to join them. Adam said that he couldn't join them because he was supposed to meet with Scott in a few minutes. Stuart had forgotten all about the meeting that he too was supposed to attend. Marian urged Stuart to keep his date with Scott, citing that one's family is one of the most important things. Stuart smiled and told Marian that he's see her tomorrow. "You look wonderful mother," Liza said. This was high praise coming from Liza. Marian climbed on an old swing and gently swung back and forth in the breeze. She told her daughter that she feels like she's in heaven. "Stuart brings out the best in you," smiled the daughter. Liza didn't want to rain on her mother's parade, but she wanted her to be leery of Adam's planned dinner. Liza explained that she feels that Adam is up to something. "Stuart and I will handle it," Marian remarked. "Stuart and I---that sounds absolutely marvelous. Not even big, old, bad Adam Chandler can ruin this."

At the Gatehouse, Adam and Stuart were ready to walk out the door when Adam remembered that he needed to make a business call. He urged Stuart to go on without him, saying that he'd catch up in a few minutes. Once Stuart was gone, Adam placed an urgent call to someone and asked him to meet him immediately. A man showed up only a few minutes later and assured Adam that the "surprise" was ready. Adam seemed to have doubts about going through with the plan---especially when he recalled Liza's threat to unleash pain on him if he crossed her. Adam shook the voices out of his head and told the man to go "full speed ahead."

Mike was enjoying being tied to Erica and he made little---if any--effort to break free from the rope. Finally Erica managed to wriggle one of her hands free. After that it was only a matter of seconds before both were untied. Erica celebrated loudly at her accomplishment. Mike, however, was less than thrilled. Eric dashed to her purse and grabbed a nail file. She told Mike that she might be able to pick the lock with the file. Mike rolled his eyes and sighed. Erica was proving more resourceful than he'd imagined. First the cellular phone and now the file. Fortunately for Mike, Erica's file broke in half before she was able to pick the lock. Mike sat across the room and urged Erica to sit down and relax. Erica begged Mike to kick down the door. Mike knew he had to at least make an effort. And he did. Mike made a very lame attempt to kick down the door. He did little more than push the sole of his shoe against the door. Erica now started to fear the worst. She knew that in only a few hours the gunman would return and take their lives. Mike was amazingly calm. Of course, he knew that they weren't in any danger. He started a fire in the fireplace. Erica seized a poker and carried a piece of burning wood across the room. She planned to set the cabin ablaze and thereby gain freedom. Mike grabbed the poker and tossed the wood back into the fireplace. He told her that he'd already been trapped in a burning building and explained that it wasn't any fun. Erica had also been in a similar situation. Erica, however, was not thinking clearly. She feared for her life and sobbed as time slowly crept towards her date with the gunman's bullet. Mike urged Erica to think of a place where she felt most at ease. Erica envisioned a field of flowers. The image helped Erica relax. Mike told Erica that he always pictured her when he was in a jam. Thinking of her laugh, the smell of her hair, and her face helped him keep calm. Slowly their lips moved towards each other.

At the Sleepy Hollow Inn, Mateo and Hayley entered their suite. Both were impressed with the romantic and cozy atmosphere. Hayley called her husband the "most romantic man in the universe." Mateo asked Hayley to forget all about the past. He wanted to forge a new future with her. "Home is right here," Mateo said softly as he held Hayley's hand over his heart.

Back at their vacant apartment, a muted rumbling sounded from somewhere in the walls. The apartment began to shake slightly and dishes and glasses tumbled out of the cabinets. The shaking grew more and more intense and eventually nearly every item in the apartment had been toppled over. Suddenly a loud bang sounded as a ball of fire enveloped the apartment.

All in all, this was a sweet and romantic day on AMC. It started with Hayley and Mateo in their hotel room, celebrating their 1st anniversary. Hayley was thrilled with the way the room had been set up for them and the goodies that were left, declaring that it was like 'an R-rated Martha Stuart.' While Hayley was exclaiming over a small box of chocolate truffles, Mateo hinted that carrots would be a better treat. Hayley was unsure if he meant edible carrots or... karats until Mateo gave her a gift - a single perfect pearl on a fine gold chain.

In their own room Janet and Trevor were endearingly awkward with each other. As Janet showed her new long white nighty to Trevor, he exclaimed, 'Hubba hubba!' She smiled happily and decided to go 'slip into something more comfortable,' stating that she'd always wanted to say that.

Meanwhile, still at Holidays, Tad found Brooke frantically searching for something, asking if she was 'trolling for loose change.' Brooke informed him that she was looking for her aunt Phoebe's antique compact. With the item found and safely secured in Brooke's bag, Tad asked how she was doing, a question she was clearly just a wee bit tired of hearing. He quickly changed the subject, asking Brooke how the wedding had gone. She informed him that it had been rather calm considering - no handcuffs, merely an alternate Groom, which Tad labeled 'the old bait 'n switch.' On that note, Tad offered to provide Brooke with some distraction for the evening.

Mike and Erica were still trapped in the cabin, with Mike turning his charm full force of his hapless consort. He spoke of their possibly imminent end, and told Erica that the time he'd spent with her was the last time he felt truly alive. Erica sarcastically referred to Mike as 'the spy who loved me.' He referred to Erica as his first and only love, and asked her to be with him. Erica shushed his morbid talk, and reminded Mike that her fiance would never ever give up until he found them. Mike demanded to know why she loved Jack, but upon hearing her explanation decided that Jack sounded like 'a cross between Lassie and a Boy Scout,' and insisted that Erica only loved Jack because he fits conveniently into her appointment book. He then insulted Erica by inquiring about her sex life with Jack, asking if he makes her 'shake, rattle and roll.' She pointed to her ring as a sign of the commitment between them, and he pointed to his own ring, given to him by Erica. She, in turn, asked him to remove it.

Jake found Allie sitting on the floor in her room. He tried to entice her into going out with him to find a jukebox, but she declined. When he asked her to go to dinner with him, Allie pointed out a half-empty box of crackers and said she'd already eaten. Seems that Allie has kept herself busy by cleaning out her closets and ironing her clothes (including her lucky cow-socks). When Jake asked if she'd left the house that day, Allie was silent. Finally he asked when she had last left the house. She confronted him with the fact that this is her life now, there is nothing else. Not even the promise of a 10k run could break Allie out of her funk. She showed Jake a large, dusty old medical book that she'd found in an old bookstore while she'd been in college. The book had a woman doctor's name in it, and Allie had long ruminated over this woman, who was she? Would Allie, too, soon have the priviledge of adding 'MD' to her name? Allie then gave the book to Jake, under his noisy protest, insisting that this part of her life had ended.

Hayley pointed out to Mateo that he'd jumped the gun on her anniversary gift, stating that pearl was the proper gift for the 30th anniversary. He promised to make up the other years he'd skipped over in the years to come that they would share. Hayley again brought up the subject of making a baby. Mateo felt that this was not a good time to bring a baby into the world. Taking Hayley in his arms, he told her, 'I see things.' He then painted a beautiful picture of the children they would have, and their children bringing their grandchildren to visit. He promised her that everything would work out. Hayley agreed that there was no rush because 'we have a lock on the next 30 years' while smiling at her pearl necklace. She then grinned and suggested that they could still practice making a baby.

Trevor, dressed in his nightclothes, hides a small box under a pillow on the bed as Janet emerges from the bathroom, looking beautiful in her white silk robe. They kiss for a moment before being interrupted by a knock on the door. It's Amanda, of course, followed by Tim. Tim apologizes profusely, saying that Amanda had force him to bring her over. Seems that Amanda wants a family honeymoon.

Mike solomnly tells Erica that he removed the ring once. When he awoke from his 'death' and saw the ring, he believed it was a sign that he and Erica would find each other once again. He removed the ring solely to find out if there was an inscription. He asked her if she remembered the inscription, and Erica asked how she could be expected to remember something that happened so long ago. The inscription read: 'Mike and Erica forever.' He then told Erica that if she wanted the ring off his finger, to remove it herself. Erica waffled, clearly unable to do it. Mike changed the subject abruptly, asking Erica if she had a list of things that she wanted to do before she died. After some thought, Erica admitted to wanting to see the Sarengeti, and wanting to skydive. Mike teased her not to try both at once, as she'd likely wind up landing amidst a pack of tigers. He then promised that if they made it out of this current situation (when, she reminded him) he would take her skydiving and even pull the ripcord for her in case she froze. Erica snorted at the thought of freezing at such a time, then asked Mike what was on his list. He mentioned a desire to tango with her, saying that he'd learned how in Spain while on assignment, from a Contessa who lived to tango. Mike asked Erica to tango with him, and she drifted into his arms, saying she wasn't sure if she could do it. He told her to follow his lead, but clearly the dance is not what she meant, as she displayed an ability to step and swivel with the best of them.

Jake wanted Allie to go to the gym with him for a run around the track. She snapped at his apparent inability to grasp her situation, telling him that she was afraid to leave the house. When the doorbell rings, Allie fears that the police have come to arrest her. Jake insists that it probably won't happen. He tells Allie not to give up, to apply for her license in Pennsylvania and try to move on with her life. Allie professes her helplessness and ignorance on how to go about fixing her life. She refuses Jake's suggestion to speak to Joe, since his feelings regarding Allie have been made pretty clear. Allie insists that her life is over and she has lost.

Amanda polishes off the last bit of a treat, declaring that she's never had such wonderful chocolate pudding. Janet informs her that it was chocolate mousse, causing Amanda to dramatically clutch her throat and exclaim, 'I hope I didn't swallow an antler!' Amanda insists that she is suffering from separation anxiety because Trevor and Janet aren't at home. Just then comes a thudding sound from the door. Amanda rushes to open the door and in bounces Harold. He bounds into the room and hops up on the bed, instantly seizing onto the box that Trevor had hidden there. They manage to secure the ring box, and Amanda insists on witnessing Trevor placing the engagement ring on Janet's finger. After consulting with Tim, Amanda agrees that after watching, she and Tim will go home. Trevor places the ring on Janet's finger, reciting: 'Come grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.' After the kids leave, Janet states that this is the happiest day of her life.

Brooke and Tad are still at Holidays, chatting idly while Tad tries his hand at darts. Tad decides to show off by using the mirror from Phoebe's antique compact to watch the dartboard while throwing the dart backwards over his shoulder. Tad babbles on about his history with games, telling Brooke that as a child he once threw a game of 'pin the tail on the donkey' at the request of a cute little girl. He then tells Brooke that Jamie must be taking after him, because he's gotten very good at horseshoes. Brooke shows her insecurity by telling Tad that when she sent Jamie away, she was worried that he would miss her, but also worried that he wouldn't miss her. The conversation grows serious as Brooke asks 'What if I'm sent to prison?' Tad shakes his head and says that they will deal with it as best they can, if and when the time comes.

After their slow and sensuous dance, Erica asks Mike what else he regrets. He stares unblinking into her eyes as he says, 'dying and not coming back to you.' He then expresses his dismay at having missed so much of her life. Erica changed and became a much stronger woman, and he missed seeing it. Mike holds Erica and swears that he will not let her die.

Tad and Brooke are not yet tired, and they decide to go to a cinema that shows old movies, everything from 'Animal Crackers to Duck Soup.' Erica falls asleep on Mike's chest. Trevor and Janet, alone at last, give in to their passion for each other. Hayley and Mateo make love."

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