"Summoned by Phoebe, Edmund dropped by Brooke's house to chat with his good friend. Phoebe is always pleased to see Edmund, but this time she didn't call him for social reasons. Phoebe asked Edmund for his thoughts on "this Jim Thomasen person." Edmund held nothing back; He made it clear that he didn't trust the man as far as he could throw him. He wished he felt differently for Brooke's sake, but he wasn't about to turn off his early warning detection system. Phoebe wished that things could have gone differently for her niece because she didn't like seeing her with Mr. Wrong. Edmund offered what he thought might help Phoebe by saying that Jim was there for Brooke when she needed him most. Phoebe already knew that, but wondered what price Brooke would have to pay for that support. Phoebe was worried about Brooke and asked Edmund to look around town to see if he could find her.

In the sunroom at the hospital, Jake and Allie discussed what they would do after David was out of the picture. They had to end their niceties when Joe appeared at the doorway. They didn't want anyone to question their relationship. Joe told the couple that the board hearing had been pushed back two weeks. The news was just what the doctor had ordered for Allie. She gave Joe a big hug and kiss as thanks for helping her. She quickly composed herself and apologized for her outburst of emotion. Joe figured out that Jake and Allie knew who administered the wrong medication and asked them to give him a name. Jake shook his head and stated that his father wouldn't believe him. He assured his dad that he'd get the proof. Joe reluctantly agreed to let his son "go outside the lines" to clear his name.

Mateo and Hayley were about to leave when a man entered the lot and asked if he could have a quarter. Hayley reached into her pocket and handed over a quarter. He looked at the quarter and decided that he wanted more--much more. He pulled a switchblade from his pocket and demanded that the couple hand over their wallets. Hayley wasn't about to part with her money and credit cards. She looked dead into the stranger's eyes and told him that she wasn't going to bow to his demands. Hayley took a step back and the thug followed her. The distraction allowed Mateo to grab the man's arm and wrestle him for the knife. While the men struggled, Hayley sneaked up from behind and bopped him on the head with some of the debris littering the lot. Mateo was able to get the upper-hand and knocked the man to the ground. Matt and Hayley were about to make their getaway when another thug entered the lot---this one was carrying a metal baseball bat. He swung the bat at Matt, but Matt ducked in time to get out of the way. This second scuffled allowed the first thug to get his second wind. Hayley took on the first thug while her husband handled the second. Hayley clobbered her thug with a trashcan lid. In what could have doubled as a professional wrestling move. Mateo and Hayley flung the two men towards each other. They crashed into one another and tumbled to the ground. The Santoses were able to elude the goons and head back to Pine Valley.

Brooke tried to play it cool by claiming she had no idea what Jim was talking about, but Jim was too smart to fall for her story. He reminded her that she was the only one who knew about his loan shark connection. Out of the blue Mateo and Hayley started poking around in his old neighborhood asking questions. Brooke was still intent on getting answers, asking Jim what type of "business" Mateo and Hayley had been asking about. Brooke was forced to admit that she told Mateo about Jim's underworld connection, but she felt she had a good reason. She said that Mateo and Hayley have been having marital problems ever since the plane crash because Mateo has been blaming Adam for the crash. Jim didn't like having his safety traded for a couple's happy marriage. He described how dangerous it was for Mateo to get involved and noted how crazy it was for Matt to get his wife tied up in the matter. Brooke nodded and insisted that she'd tell Mateo to back off. Brooke insisted that she didn't want Mateo to go to New York---she'd only told him to help ease his anger. "Don't you believe me?" Brooke asked, echoing a line Jim had used on her so many times. Jim grabbed her by the chin and cast a cold, methodical glance deep into her soul. He didn't believe her. He told her that she's been cold and standoffish in recent weeks and thinks that she's up to something. "This is not about some article for Tempo," he growled. "This is about my life... and your life too!" Their discussion as cut short by a knock at the door. Edmund couldn't have picked a worse time to track Brooke down. Edmund claimed that he was looking for Brooke because he had to ask her some questions about an article. Jim was ticked off and asked Edmund when Brooke's need to clock into work everyday had started. Brooke smiled and every word she spoke with was carefully and skillfully chosen. She told Edmund that she had purposely ducked out of sight because she hadn't had much time alone with Jim of late. Edmund asked her if she was okay. Brooke nodded. After Edmund left, Jim accused Brooke of feeding Edmund lies about him. Brooke again professed her innocence. "Why would I make life hell for the man I'm going to marry?" she asked. Jim was flabbergasted. His anger washed away in a tide of jubilance. He was at a loss for words to explain how he felt. That was only natural, Brooke noted, because Jim is a photographer not a writer. Jim wanted to spend the rest of the day making love to Brooke. He kissed her neck unaware of the look of horror on Brooke's face.

Edmund returned to Brooke's house and told Phoebe that all seemed to be in order with Jim and Brooke. Something, though, just didn't seem right. Mateo and Hayley showed up hoping to give Brooke some news on an investigation they'd been doing for her. Edmund asked them if they were working on a piece for Tempo. Mateo and Hayley couldn't seem to agree; one said yes and the other said no. They looked at each other nervously before Mateo explained that they were not sure if their work would ever be good enough to make it to the pages of the magazine. Of course that led to Edmund asking for the topic of the investigation. The old Cuban cigar story resurfaced, but since no one else had believed it to date why would Edmund be any different? He pointed to a bruise on Matt's cheek and mused that cigars must pack a powerful punch. Hayley laughed and said that Mateo's bruise came from "walking into one of those things." Hayley was going down awfully quickly. Mateo tossed her a lifesaver and said that he'd walked into a firebox. Edmund didn't buy it, but played along with them. Phoebe knew what Matt and Hayley were up to, but she couldn't say anything in front of Edmund. After the couple left, Edmund asked Phoebe if Matt and Hayley seemed to be acting a little weird. Phoebe smiled and said that she believes the couple was meant for each other. Well that didn't answer Edmund's question and it made him think that Phoebe was hiding something from him. He never got to find out because Phoebe "remembered" that it was her naptime.

Liza asked David to drop by her office at WRCW to discuss adding a medical segment to WRCW's line-up. David liked the idea, but thought Liza was only offering him the job to keep his silence about observing her and Jake in a kiss. Liza denied the claim and said that David had misconstrued what he'd seen. David was sure of what went down---Jake and Liza were kissing. Stuart, who had been listening to the conversation from the hallway, burst into the room and demanded some answers. He was crushed to hear that Liza was cheating on Adam. He insisted that David must be mistaken because Jake loves Allie. Jake and Allie were in the hallway and knew that their plan could go up in smoke if someone didn't do something. Allie walked into the room and told Liza that she'd considered her medical segment proposal and decided to accept the offer. Stuart turned and asked Allie if she and Jake were still together. Allie nodded her head and smiled. Stuart turned to Liza and told her that he knew that she wasn't dating Jake again. Allie's face dropped. She asked Liza if she was trying to play some kind of cruel joke. David took her by the arm and escorted her from the room, telling her that Liza's office wasn't the proper venue for her to hear about the truth. He led her back tot he hospital and told her the horrible truth---Jake and Liza are having an affair. Allie refused to believe him. She had to turn her back to the doctor to hide a smile that had emerged on her face---David had taken the bait. Back at WRCW, Jake slipped into Liza's office and closed the door. Stuart's eyes nearly popped out of his head as he thought about what Jake and Liza might want to do with the door closed! Liza told Stuart that he'd almost blown their plan. Jake asked Stuart if he could keep a secret. Stuart nodded. Jake told Stuart that he could be the key to their plan---their plan to kill Adam. Stuart made a goofy little smile until he realized that Jake might not be joking!

Adam's sleep was flooded with nightmare after nightmare. In the most vivid dream, he imagined himself entering Liza's office and catching her in the act with Jake. Hayley, acting as Liza's secretary, entered the office and demanded that Adam return when he has an appointment. Adam insisted that he didn't need an appointment because he was there to do something important: confess. Out of nowhere, Brooke appeared and asked Adam if he wanted to confess for causing the TransGlobal crash. Joe materialized and asked if the confession would be an apology for trying to destroy Jake's medical career. None of those scenarios were right. Adam said that he wanted to confess for not honoring the love he and Liza shared. Everyone broke into spontaneous applause. Adam celebrated that he'd given the right answer, but then everyone disappeared in a puff of smoke. Joy appeared behind him and told him that he'd confessed the wrong thing. "You know what you have to do," she murmured. Adam woke from his sleep and shouted "leave me alone." He didn't know that Tad was standing at his doorway. Tad told the millionaire that he wasn't going anywhere because he'd been told that he wanted to see him. Adam got out of bed and moved on to the reason for the meeting. He asked Tad how long Jake has been sleeping with Liza. Tad laughed and told Adam that Jake was in love with Allie, not Liza. Adam told Tad that he'd broken up a late-night rendezvous between Jake and Liza at the boathouse. Tad implied that Adam must have been mistaken. "I am not delusional! I know what I saw and I know what's real!" His words came as an eerie premonition to another hallucination. In the corner of the room, a bright light enveloped an object hovering in the air. Adam pointed to the corner and told Tad to look, but by the time Tad turned around the object had disappeared. Adam insisted that a walking stick had been floating in the air. Tad worried that Adam was having another hallucination and gently toyed with Adam over his vision. The ribbing didn't amuse Adam and he ordered Tad to leave. Tad agreed, but before leaving he suggested that Adam consult a doctor. Adam plopped down on his bed and put his head in his hands. He asked himself what he did to deserve the torment he'd been receiving. A spooky voice echoed from somewhere in the room, "Murder....""

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