02/04/1998 Axel Cancels

"From the doorway of the bar, Jim motioned to O'Brien. The two men went outside and had a private discussion. Their conversation didn't consist of more than a few words. Jim called the two strangers "trespassers" and ordered O'Brien to "get rid of them."

Back inside, Mateo and Hayley realized that they'd hit a dead end. They were preparing to leave when O'Brien re-entered the bar and asked them how their meeting with had gone. Mateo noted that he would have been set up with the cash, but that his "old lady" didn't approve of getting the woman from another woman. O'Brien chuckled and admitted that his wife wouldn't let him get involved with Winona either. O'Brien grabbed a napkin off of one of the tables and scribbled down an address. He told Matt that the address would lead them to another source of cash. Hayley and Mateo left, unaware that Hayley had dropped one of her gloves. Once the coast was clear, Jim jumped out of his hiding spot and grabbed Winona by the neck. He demanded to know what Mateo wanted. The door to the bar opened an Hayley walked back inside. Jim bent Winona and started kissing her so that Hayley wouldn't see his face. She got her glove and went back outside. Winona defended her decision to talk to Mateo, saying that the stranger claimed to be a friend of his. Jim was furious. Randy added that he thought that Matt's "woman" was working for Jim. The implication was that Hayley was a prostitute. Jim was concerned that someone had told the couple about his studio. O'Brien said that no one had opened their mouths and that Matt only wanted to be hooked up with a loan shark that had previously given Jim a loan. O'Brien shrugged and said that he didn't know that Jim had dealt with loan sharks. Jim snarled and flashed his teeth. He informed his friends that he never dealt with a loan shark. The loan shark was a story he made up for "some woman who couldn't keep her mouth shut." And now that his woman hadn't kept her mouth shut, Jim stated that he'd have to shut it for her!

The door to the loft was open. Edmund warned his brother about the dangers of keeping his door unlocked, but Dimitri seemed unconcerned. The place was still dark and Edmund asked Dimitri if he could open the curtains or turn on a light or two. Dimitri obliged him. With the light came an ability to see Dimitri's raggedy appearance. He had a day or so's worth of stubble and his hair was unkempt. Edmund told Dimitri that he'd been to see Erica. Dimitri didn't have to wait for the story's conclusion to know that Erica had turned down his request to go riding with Bianca. Edmund nodded. He remained quiet for several seconds before explaining that Erica had then done a one-eighty and agreed to the horseback riding excursion. The story sounded too good to be true and Dimitri accused his brother of toying with him. There was no hidden punch line---Erica had agreed to let Bianca see Dimitri. Edmund called and made arrangements with Erica for the ride. Edmund had wanted to schedule the horseback riding for later in the day, but Dimitri said that he had other things to do. Edmund suggested that Dimitri contact Myrtle and ask her to pack up Gloria's things. Dimitri refused. He felt that he owed it to Gloria to gathering her belongings. Dimitri explained that once he packed up Gloria's things Ruth would send them to Gloria. Gloria hadn't given him her forwarding address and he implied that he didn't want it. The latter part of his statement seemed more of a macho attempt to hide his hurt feelings than a statement of fact. Dimitri reached into one of the boxes and picked up a teddy bear. Dimitri told Edmund that the bear belonged to Maddie, but Edmund couldn't accept the gift. Edmund said that Maddie had enough toys and that Dimitri could keep the bear. Dimitri explained that Maddie had picked the bear out on a shopping excursion. He and Gloria were pushing Maddie in her stroller and Maddie pointed to the bear in a store window and began laughing. Finally, Edmund agreed to accept it. After Edmund left, Dimitri sat down at his desk to write a letter to Gloria. In his letter, he called Gloria "a light at the end of a very long tunnel." He told her that he doesn't resent her for her decision to leave him. In fact, he's happy for her and told her that she made the right decision. He tucked the letter in an envelope, placed it in one of the boxes, and closed the lid.

In the bar at the Valley Inn, Trevor hid behind a newspaper hoping to catch a glimpse of Janet and Axel. Janet saw Trevor and smiled admonishingly at him. She joined him at his table and told him that she doesn't want him to create a scene when Axel arrives. Trevor stated that he didn't plan on causing a stir. He only wanted to size up the competition. A waiter brought over the phone and told Janet that she had a call. On the other end was Axel with bad news for Janet. He told her that his car had given out on him and that he would be unable to join her for dinner. Trevor rolled his eyes and said that he somehow knew Axel would get "tied up." He reached for the phone so that he could talk to Axel, but Janet pressed the disconnect button before he could grab the phone. Janet explained that she didn't want Axel to know that she was seated with Trevor because he might get jealous. Trevor mused that it would be hard to make an imaginary person jealous. He also stated that Tad doesn't believe that "Mr. Janet Green" has returned either. Janet implied that Trevor was acting so childish because she'd dumped him. Trevor asked her to cast her thoughts back tot he Crystal Ball. He reminded her how happy she was and how she cried when he proposed to her. Janet' didn't argue with his account of the events, but things had changed since then. Trevor gave her a peck on the cheek and told her that he'd be waiting for his next chance to meet Mr. Green. Janet dropped her head to the table and asked herself what she'd gotten herself into. Jimmy, the waiter Janet had paid to make the phone calls, walked over to her table and asked her if she needed anything. Janet shook her head and thanked him for helping her. Jimmy thanked her for allowing him to sharpen his acting skills. Suddenly the little lightbulb over Janet's head lit up. She raced to the phone and called a Manhattan-based talent agency.

Brooke returned home. Her Aunt Phoebe told her that Jim wanted her to call him, but Brooke had more important things to tackle. Phoebe knew that something was bothering her niece and asked Brooke to spill her story. Brooke told Phoebe about Laura's reaction when she learned of Jim's proposal. She knew that Laura was holding something back from her---and that worried her. Brooke felt like the earth was about to open up and swallow her. Being a reporter, Brooke was compelled to search for answers. She could only hope that the answers didn't show that Jim was lying to her. Opal entered the room carrying some tea. She told the two women that she was going to head over to "Pheebes'" house to check her mail. Brooke was somewhat envious of Opal. She visualized Opal and Palmer together and how happy they must be. Phoebe urged Brooke to contact the police and have them check into Jim's past. Brooke couldn't do that. She said that in the unlikely event that Jim was actually telling the truth, if she called the police it would be like signing Jim's death warrant. By that, she meant that the thugs who had planted the bomb would surely seek Jim out and kill him. Normally Brooke goes into things with her eyes wide open. The one time that she took a leap of faith, she groaned and never finished her sentence. "I want Mateo to call and say Jim's story is true. It doesn't seem likely, does it?" In a spooky coincidence, the phone rang---and it was Mateo on the other end. He didn't have the good news that she was looking for, but he told her that he'd set up a meeting with Jim's loan shark. Opal returned with a bouquet of flowers sent to Phoebe by Langley. Langley was on an archaeological dig and knew nothing about Phoebe's accident. The flowers were sent "just for so." Opal smiled and said that she knew that Phoebe would be receiving flowers because she read it in her tealeaves. Brooke went upstairs to take a shower and Phoebe asked Opal if she could read Brooke's tealeaves. Opal saw a rated-X account of two people intertwined in passion, but she also saw serious danger. Jim returned from his brief visit to New York and asked if Brooke was home. Phoebe told him that her niece was taking a shower and that afterwards she was going to take a nap. "I must have missed that nap part," Opal interjected. Phoebe whapped Opal with her elbow to try to keep her quiet. It was too late. Brooke walked down the steps and smiled weakly to Jim. He asked her if she would join him for lunch. Phoebe quickly interrupted and said that Brooke was going to teach her how to trim her bonsai. Opal sighed and told Phoebe that Brooke could help her with her plants anytime and urged the two "lovebirds" to run along. Brooke leaned over and whispered into Phoebe's ear, telling her that she'd be okay. Once they were gone, Phoebe called Opal foolish for allowing Jim and Brooke to leave. She picked up the phone and placed an urgent call to Edmund.

Mateo and Hayley found the address scrawled on the napkin. They waited in a vacant lot in the freezing temperatures for nearly an hour before they realized that they'd been set up.

Jim passed on having lunch with Brooke and invited her back to his hotel room. She asked him why he'd opted not to have lunch to which he replied that he wanted to get her alone. A bead of sweat formed on Brooke's brow as Jim locked the door and moved closer to her. "You sold me out," he snarled, "and I want to know why.""

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