"Trevor nearly tackled Janet in McKay's. He accused her of sneaking into his house and kidnapping Amanda. Janet professed her innocence and Jack backed her up. Trevor told Janet that Amanda was mad at her. Janet shook her head. She said that she had not seen Amanda since their brief encounter at the house and it was Amanda who thought Janet was mad at her. Jack advised Trevor to call the police and check all of Amanda's friends' houses for signs of her.

Tanner asked Mateo if he is "serious" about Hayley. After getting the obvious "yes," Tanner asked his buddy how he knew that Hayley was the one. As anyone in love can attest, there is no simple one-word answer to explain why you love someone. Matt said that Hayley made him feel special and that they are "just in love." As Tanner rambled on about how Hayley is the one that Mateo longs for an wants to settle down with, you couldn't help but notice that Tanner has the same feelings for Hayley as his friend.

Across the room, Hayley and Brooke had a heart to heart talk about Tanner. Hayley said that Tanner was a great help at the club and that he is one of Mateo's best friends.... Brooke sensed a "but" coming. Hayley told Brooke that Tanner had given her flying lessons. She explained that during her instructions, Tanner held her hand. Brooke asked if there were "unwanted sparks." Hayley drifted off and recalled the moment in her mind. Brooke apologized if she had inadvertently offended Hayley. Hayley assured Brooke that she was not offended, but insisted that she was not flirting. Flirting, according to Brooke, is an entirely different subject. She said that these "sparks" are part of the human nature and that they cannot be controlled---even by an engagement ring. Brooke compared the situation to her commitment to Adam and then falling for Pierce. She added the situations are not the same, but that a ring does not prevent feelings for someone else. Hayley's main fear was that she was "turning into" Arlene. As you recall, Arlene, Hayley's mom, told her that she will never be able to settle down with one man because it is in their blood to be unsatisfied with one man. Brooke guaranteed that Hayley was nothing like her mom. Hayley dashed off to tend to some Holidays chores. Brooke called Mateo over and told him that he needs to get away with Hayley and spend a nice romantic evening in front of a fireplace.

Erica arranged for a family meal---just Edmund, Maria, Dimitri, and, of course, Erica. She said that the meal will be a nice gathering and will help to get everyone back together. She pointed out that the guest room is occupied so there must be a major rift between Edmund and Maria. Edmund explained that he is a snorer (said he "snores like a buffalo with asthma") and that he is keeping Maria awake. Maria laughed, but said that the real reason is that she is rolling around a lot during her sleep because of her pregnancy and that she is keeping Edmund awake. Erica suggested they get a larger bed, but Edmund insisted that they had taken care of the problem.

Dimitri warned Skye that she was over-stepping her bounds. Skye didn't see it that way. She felt that she hold "all the cards" in the situation and that everyone has to bow down to her demands. Dimitri dared Skye to tell Erica the truth. He said that he was about to tell Erica when his car went off the road. He would have told her later, he added, but Edmund, the man Skye longs for, asked him not to tell. Skye began yelling back at Dimitri, but Erica entered the room and stopped the feud. Erica found it "distressing" that Skye is continually yelling at her family and told her that she needs to get over her problems toute-de-suite. Dimitri stared into Skye's eyes and told her that he was going to re-marry Erica and that there was no one to stand in his way. Erica asked for a few moments alone with Skye.

Maria told Edmund that she was asked to be the matron of honor at Erica and Dimitri's wedding. Edmund told her that she did the right thing by accepting the honor. Dimitri walked in on the conversation and immediately apologized for the intrusion. Maria said that she was just about to leave and wash up for dinner. Dimitri then asked Edmund if he could stand up for him at the wedding. Edmund said that he would gladly do the honors for Erica---but he would never stand up for the man who got his wife pregnant.

Skye insisted that she loves Erica "like a sister," but that she is not the one with the problem: Erica is the one with the problem. Erica questioned Skye's motivation for attacking the man she loves. Skye said that she knows Erica loves Dimitri. Erica advised Skye to seek out the help of a support group because it is what her AA sponsor would want. Skye said that no step program will solve her problems. Erica was disappointed to hear that and said that because Skye refuses to change her attitude, she is no longer welcome at Wildwind and she will not be invited to the wedding. Skye was devastated. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she asked if it meant she was no longer Erica's friend. Erica escorted Skye to the door and told her to "Get help." Erica went back inside and told her family that she really wishes she could get to the underlying cause of Skye's problems.

Outside, Skye cursed the Marick clan and said that they will pay for shutting her out. She added the even though she is no longer Erica's friend, she'll give Erica " a wedding gift [she'll] never forget!"

Janet, Jack, and Trevor searched the Dillon House but could find no sign of Amanda. Nothing was disturbed. Trevor again accused Janet of tying Amanda up somewhere and hold her hostage. All the while he refused to look her in the eyes. Janet said that Trevor is unable to look her in the eyes is because "he knows" that she is not responsible for Amanda's disappearance. After some prodding by Jack, Trevor admitted that he knows Janet would not harm Amanda. Trevor dashed off to find Amanda. Janet prayed that Amanda was not harmed. Trevor called a short time later and told Jack that he was going to visit Jamie and find out what upset Amanda.

At the Marick Estate, Amanda putted around the old mine shaft. She slipped through the boarded up entrance and called out to anyone who might be inside. She said that she can help them. She slowly moved toward the well and shined her pocket flashlight inside. She moved a little too close to the edge and tumbled down into the well."

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