"Jamie returned just in time to see Janet's confession of imprisoning her sister in a well on the Marick Estate. Amanda was very upset that "the tea party lady hurt her own sister." She was so upset that when Trevor arrived to pick her up and announced that Petra was going to let them all lick the cake batter off of the egg beaters, Amanda said that she did not want any cake. She said she was mad and that she did not want to talk about it.

Liza told Jake that his position at WRCW is nothing more than a glorified gopher (or go-for) and that he is in a "thankless job." How charming. Liza's belittling of Jake was interrupted when Tad entered the office. For the first time he learned of his little brother's employment at the station. Liza made sure to point out that Adam had hired Jake, not her. She then ordered Jake to carry several large boxes to an upper level of the station, making sure to point out that the freight elevator was broken and he'd have to use the stairs. Jake followed orders, but Tad was no pleased with the way Liza was treating Jake. He asked Liza why she was being so mean to Jake---after all he was the same man that made her trip to Sleepy Hollow Inn so enjoyable. Marian listened intently at the door as Liza and Tad discussed Jake. Liza told Tad that the station needs ratings and that they will not get ratings by hiring med school drop-outs. She said that they need "another Laurel Dillon," referring, of course, to Laurel's murder on the air. Tad said that a show about engaged television station managers who slept with former lover's brothers might be a better topic. Marian did not get much more dirt because Adam snuck up behind her and asked her if she was "coming or going." Adam escorted Marian into the office and announced that he was planning on having The Blue Room at Chandler Mansion renovated for her. Adam did his best to make everyone happy: a new room for Marian, allowing Mommy Dearest to live rent free for Liza, and hiring Tad's brother. Tad and Adam scooted off in their own directions. This allowed Marian to ask Liza for the details on her roll in the hay with Jake.

Jake bumped into Gloria and thanked her for bringing back Tad's happy side. He said that Tad was miserable after Dixie left him and that it was nice to see him smile again. Jake assured Glo that he had no intentions of returning to med school. He also said that he does not want her to feel cramped by his living with Tad. He suggested that she turn the welcome mat upside down when she and Tad are being intimate. Adam walked over and complimented Gloria for looking "beautiful...as always" and told Jake that he should not be lugging heavy boxes around the station. He told him to go back to Liza's office and try to cozy up to Liza. Gloria smiled and asked Adam what devilish tricks he was up to.

Liza insisted that nothing happened between her and Jake. Marian was disappointed that there was no story to tell. She did warn Liza that an affair could ruin her chances of claiming half of Adam's wealth. "Wait until after the divorce before going after the wonderboy," Marian lectured. When Jake returned to the office, Marian made herself scarce. Jake let it be known that he was not going to be bullied around by Liza.

Gloria was treated to a rare performance by "T-Bone Martin." Tad, broadcasting himself over the station's video wall, lip-synched to "I've Got You Under My Skin." Gloria was pleased with the performance, but wanted "the real thing." So she looked around the station and eventually found Tad hiding behind a curtain. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain," Tad said in his best Wizard of Oz style.

Dimitri returned home to Wildwind. Erica asked Dimitri if he would marry her---for a third time, She said that she felt their last divorce was a "technicality." Dimitri didn't responded orally. Let me rephrase that. He responded with a kiss. The couple couldn't wait to announce the news to Bianca. Bianca was not upset that Maria would be chosen as matron of honor. But when asked if Edmund would stand as Dimitri's best man, the room silenced. Erica sent Bianca upstairs to get a fashion magazine. Dimitri told Erica that he is not sure if Edmund would want to partake in the wedding. The chat soon included Skye's name as Dimitri asked how Skye figured in to everything. Erica told Dimmie that Skye has a crush on Edmund.

Janet and Skye shared a table at McKay's. Janet said that Erica had called her and talked about Skye's crush on Edmund. She ranted and raved about how Maria is still living with Edmund even after her affair. Janet assumed that Skye had told Edmund about Maria's infidelity. Not so, said Skye with a rather disappointed expression. She said that Maria beat her to the punch. With a few clues, Janet figured out that Dimitri is the father of Maria's baby, not Edmund. Janet was stunned, but she didn't let her awe stop her from advising Skye to stop her pursuit of Edmund. She warned Skye that she had "been there" and that Skye needs to look out for her sanity. Jack strutted over to table and only said "Hello ladies." Skye was furious by Janet's comments and stormed off.

Amanda did not utter a single word all the way home. She finally broke her silence when Trevor asked her if he had done something to upset her. She cracked a smile and said that she is mad at Janet. She did not say why she was mad and a phone call prevented Trevor from asking any more questions. Trevor mistakenly assumed that Janet had physically done something to Amanda to hurt her. Amanda went upstairs to her room. She later went back downstairs while Trevor was the study talking on the phone. She put on her coat and grabbed a flashlight out of the desk and headed off to parts unknown. Trevor ended his phone call and searched all around for Amanda. He saw her wool hat on the sofa and knew that she had run off.

Skye showed up at Wildwind to "drop off some work for Edmund." Dimitri answered the door and grew weary of Skye's interference. He grabbed her by the arm and yanked her into the mansion, saying that he had to talk to.

Janet invited Jack to join her for a cup of coffee---her treat. Jack gladly accepted. Janet again thanked Jack for his legal advice and said that if it had not been for him Trevor would most likely have kept the restraining order against her. She said that she never imagined that she would be allowed to see Amanda again---let alone visit with her. As they talked, Trevor stormed into the restaurant and asked Janet what she had done to Amanda."

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