"At the Insomniac Cafe, Brooke and Laura prepared for their day in court. Brooke informed Laura that most of the adoption process was already complete. All that would need to be done would be to answer a few of the judge's questions and then wait for the final approval. Laura asked Brooke if she could bring someone along with her to the hearing. As Laura asked the question, Scott wandered into the coffeeshop and Brooke said that it would be fine if Scott went along with them. From the look on Laura's face, however, I don't think that she was referring to Scott. Brooke allowed the two young lovebirds to have some time alone, saying that she had something to tend to. Scott told Laura that he enjoyed their New Year's Eve together and that he really enjoyed kissing her. Laura was anxious to have her adoption finalized and told Scott that she "knew" that she would find a place in Brooke's home. She said that ever since the first time she walked into Brooke's home she felt that she would one day be a part of her family.

Julia Barr demonstrated why she has been nominated for Emmy. Brooke returned home and held her daughter's handprint close to her heart. Brooke spoke to her daughter and told her that she is "always in [her] heart and in [her dreams." She went on to say that "my adopting Laura Kirk is not about filling your space in this family." Brooke said that it was her daughter who taught her "what a gift a child is."

Michael and Trevor met up after one of Trevor's counseling sessions. Mike broke the news to Trevor that he might be moving in with Brad. Trevor said that Laurel would be proud because Michael's boyfriend was a doctor. Trevor continued on and told Michael that now that the holidays are over he will no longer allow Amanda to visit with Janet. Michael wasn't so sure that barring Amanda from Janet was such a good idea. As the two talked, Trevor caught sight of Pierce entering the hospital and called her him to chat with them. Mike gave the two men some space to chat. Pierce told Trevor that he has been seeing a psychiatrist to deal with the painful memories of his murdered lover Christina. Trevor seemed surprised that Pierce never told Brooke about his lost love. The discussion was cut short when Pierce was called for his appointment with the doctor.

Erica took a tumble on the ice, but insisted that she did not injure herself in any way. Dimitri finally convinced Erica to pay a visit to Joe and get a check-up. Since Erica agreed to do a favor for Dimitri, she felt that Dimitri "owed her one." She asked Dimmie to check in on Maria and to make sure that she is feeling better. She said that since they all live in the same house, she feels as though she has an obligation to the baby.

Janet showed up for work and learned that Erica plans on launching a new perfume. As Erica praised her new aromatic idea, Janet drifted off into space. She later revealed that she is distant because she misses Amanda. She told Erica of how she was allowed to visit Amanda on Christmas Eve. In spite of Erica's encouragement for Janet to seek a more active role in her daughter's life, Janet insisted that the best choice she can make is for her to gradually move out of Amanda's life.

Someone from Enchantment's labs brought a sample of the new perfume up to Erica's office for a "test sniff." Both Erica and Janet loved the scent (that included sandalwood), but Erica suggested that they give the perfume to a test group before heading to market. Janet was impressed by Erica's business savvy and asked her if there is anything she isn't good at. If so, Erica smiled, she doesn't think about it. Erica tried to impress upon Janet that she can have happiness in her life and that Amanda is the stepping stone to this happiness. Janet disagreed. She said that she does not want Amanda to learn about her mother's sordid past...at least not right now. "You owe her all the love that is in you," Erica told Janet. "She needs you." Erica warned Janet that she needs to think twice about walking away from Amanda because it would be a decision she would always regret.

Maria told Edmund that she feels responsible for her near miscarriage because she has done a sub-par job of taking care of her baby. Edmund couldn't figure out why Maria was beating herself up over something that she had nothing to do with. Dimitri arrived for his promised visit just as Edmund was leaving to take Sam for a walk. Maria suggested that karma was responsible for her health crisis and said that she knows she will lose the baby because of her one night of infidelity. Dimitri did his best to convince Maria that she was not a bad person, but I'm not sure if his efforts were successful. Dimitri told Maria that he was going to go to the health clinic and get the results of the paternity test.

When Edmund returned from his walk, Joe called to check in on Maria. He said that he was concerned for Maria because she was his "favorite doctor." Maria said that she felt better and that she would follow the doctor's orders and take it easy. After the call and as Maria and Edmund talked, Maria felt the baby move.

Trevor picked up Amanda from daycare and was asked if they could go see Hayley. Trevor told Amanda that Hayley no longer works at Enchantment, but the young girl had to check things out for herself. After realizing that her daddy was right, Amanda asked if she could see Janet. Trevor said that Janet was probably busy with work and unable to pay a social call. Sure enough, Janet walked in at the exact moment. With some prodding from Trevor, Janet agreed that she was very busy with work and would probably have very little free time to visit with Amanda. Amanda then asked Janet if she could meet her little girl.

Skye begged Andy for the results of the paternity test, but Andy refused to breech the patients' privacy. Even when Skye promised to change the names of the people involved he still declined to help. The reasons for Andy's response became obvious. He said that he bumped into "Mr. West" at Holidays and when he saw who his wife was, he knew that the man was a man of power. Not only that, but the woman Mr. West had accompanied to the clinic was not his wife. Andy said he feared retaliation if he were to give Skye the results. Skye was impressed by the answer. Okay, she wasn't really impressed, but she gave Andy that impression. She said that the focus of her article has changed and that she wants to put the spotlight on Andy---the trusted keeper of genetic technology. Andy was flattered and apologized for losing his temper. A call came through on the phone to announce that Dimitri (Mr. West) was there to check on the results of the paternity test. Skye hid in an adjacent room while Dimitri put the pressure on Andy. Mr. West asked Andy if his presence at Holidays was, as he had said before, a "coincidence." Andy nodded and said he had no way of knowing that Dimitri would be at the party. Dimitri was pleased and said that he would hate to have to get even with Andy if the results of the paternity test were ever made public. Dimitri left after learning that the results would be in within twenty four hours. Skye emerged from hiding and told Andy that she now knows why he is afraid of Mr. West. As the two talked, the printer began printing something out. That something could very well be the results of the paternity test.

Erica kept her appointment with Joe even though she knew she was in perfect health. Joe asked Erica if she felt numbness or pain. Erica shook her head. "I'm fine," she insisted. Joe insisted that Erica have an x-ray taken just to be on the safe side. He asked her a series of routine questions including whether or not she could be pregnant. Erica said that she wasn't pregnant, but that she could be. Joe ordered a pregnancy test and when the results came back, Erica was stunned. "It's a good thing we did the test," Joe smiled. "You're pregnant. You're going to have a baby!""

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