"A jubilant Maria and Edmund told Dimitri that they had felt the baby kick for the first time. Maria said it had felt sort of like "a flutter." Dimitri was happy to hear the good news but could not help being distracted by his fears for Erica. Dimitri told Edmund and Maria that Erica had fallen on the ice, and he was concerned that she might have reinjured her back.

Maria felt confident that Erica would be all right and tried to assuage Dimitri's fears. Maria remembered that she had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Clader and readied herself for the trip to the hospital. Dimitri suggested that they carpool because he was going to the hospital to check up on Erica. Edmund left, allowing Dimitri and Maria some time alone. Dimitri told Maria that he had bumped into Andy at Holidays' grand opening bash and that Andy had recognized him. However, Dimitri informed Maria that he had "put the fear of God" into Andy so that he'd keep his lips zipped.

Tanner stomped back into town and announced that he had returned the plane he had "borrowed." He hadn't returned to Pine Valley just to tell Mateo and Hayley of his accomplishment. Instead, he returned the four hundred dollars they had given him for plane fuel. Hayley refused to take back the money. She reminded Tanner that if he had not stolen, or as he called it, "borrowed" the plane, they would never have been back in time for the grand opening. Tanner was pretty much unmoved but asked if he could start earning some money by working at Holidays.

Mateo told Hayley that he would give Tanner a job but that, since he did not live in Pine Valley, there was really no point in hiring him. Isabella ran into the club and told Mateo that his youngest sister, Rosa, had cut school. She said that she had always had a hard time reaching out to Rosa and that only Hector and Julia could get through to the girl. Mateo said that he would take care of the problem.

With Mateo gone, Tanner moved over to Hayley and decided to keep her company. He told her the story of how he had ended up in America. He said that a fire had claimed the lives of everyone in his family but that he had managed to slip out the window and emerge as the only survivor. The land that the family house had stood on had been sold to pay for taxes, and Tanner had been forced to move into the city. From there, he had begun studying and had eventually been given the opportunity to leave Australia as an exchange student.

Mateo dragged Rosa into Holidays and warned her that he would be keeping his eye on her. He told her that he would not ground her or take away her television privileges -- but she had better do her schoolwork and stop cutting classes.

Trevor told Amanda that Janet was very busy and would probably be unable to find the time to pay them a visit. Amanda got around that problem and asked Janet if Janet's daughter could join Amanda's playgroup. Again Trevor stepped in with an excuse and said that Janet's daughter was busy with school, art classes, and other activities and could not meet Amanda right then. Trevor did, however, stop short of saying that Amanda would never meet Janet's daughter. Trevor handed Amanda some change and asked her to buy him a soda from the vending machine in the hall.

Once Amanda was gone, Trevor blasted Janet for trying to confuse Amanda. Janet insisted that she only had Amanda's best interests in mind. She asked Trevor if he wanted her to hire a child actor to play her daughter. Trevor laughed at the idea and said that the idea showed Janet was still hovering in outer space. Janet tried to make an analogy between her past crimes and Trevor's one-time confinement to a wheelchair. She said that no one knew how a person really felt until they were in that position.

Janet criticized Trevor for his lack of compassion. She told Trevor of her conversation with Erica and how she had been planning to back out of Amanda's life. She was, however, no longer sure that it was the right decision. "Let me be there," Janet said of wanting to be a part of her daughter's life. Janet said that she was confused by Trevor's sudden showing of sympathy on Christmas Eve and asked him why she was allowed to spend time with Amanda. Trevor did not respond. Instead, he ordered Janet to "never, ever tell [Amanda] that you're her mother."

Tired of waiting in the hall, Amanda reentered the office. Trevor said that they were ready to leave. Before leaving, however, Amanda had a message for Janet. "Tell your little girl I said 'Hi' and that she has a nice mommy," Amanda said.

Erica was stunned by Joe's news. She told him that the test results were either incorrect or that the results had been switched with someone else's. Joe shook his head and told Erica that there were no mistakes or mix-ups. Erica was so shocked that Joe postponed some of his meetings so that he could sit with her and make sure that she was okay. Erica's shock turned to concern as she asked Joe if it was possible that the baby would be born with birth defects from her drug addiction.

Joe told Erica that all of the drugs had been out of her system at the time of conception and that the baby would be perfectly fine. Erica gave Joe a big hug and told him that it was the best news he had ever given her. On her way out of the office, Erica said that she was concerned that she might suffer the same cramping that Maria had suffered and asked if there was some type of pill that she could take to avoid complications. Joe wrote out a prescription for a daily vitamin supplement and sent Erica on her way.

As Erica was leaving the office, she bumped into Dimitri and Maria. Erica made Joe tell Dimitri that she'd had a clean checkup. When Dimitri asked about the prescription he had seen Erica stuffing into her purse, Erica explained that piece of paper away as a description of an orthopedic support pillow that Joe had recommend she use when working at Enchantment. Erica stopped Maria from heading to her appointment just long enough to tell Maria that she looked more beautiful that she had looked before. Erica told Dimitri that she had some last-minute work to do at Enchantment and that she would meet up with him later.

Back at Wildwind, Dimitri visited with Sam and Edmund. Erica called him there and begged Dimitri to join her at the hunting lodge. Before Dimitri could respond, Erica hung up the phone.

Maria returned from her appointment and told Edmund that she had been given a clean bill of health. Dr. Clader speculated that Maria's cramping was the result of ligaments and muscles moving to help support the uterus.

At the lodge, Erica prepared to tell Dimitri her "wonderful" news. A fire flickered in the fireplace as Dimitri entered. He asked Erica if everything was okay. Erica suggested that Dimitri might want to sit down because she had something to tell him. Erica began by saying that Joe had performed some tests on her and had found that there was something unusual in the results. That only made Dimitri more nervous. Finally, Erica blurted out that Dimitri was going to be a father because she was pregnant. Dimitri had to force a smile on his face.

Skye pressed for the results of the paternity test, but Andy refused to part with them. Skye then tried to make Andy feel guilty by saying that he was obviously not the type of man she was hoping he'd be. Skye grabbed her purse and prepared to leave, but before she could walk out of the office, Andy called her back. "Truth," Skye said, "is the only standard we recognize." Again she asked for the results.

Andy said that he wished he could give her the results, but the lab's policy forbade it. Skye smiled and told Andy that she was "usually only attracted to men who take risks." After some touchy-feely moments, Andy said that he could be the type of man that Skye was looking for. She sat Andy down in his chair and sat on his lap. She gently stroked his hair and asked Andy if they were "destined to become partners in every sense of the word."

Andy was summoned from his office by a coworker but told Skye to stay right where she was. With Andy gone, Skye was able to freely tap into the computer system. She pulled up the paternity results. Her mouth dropped and her face scrunched up as she silently read the results."

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