12/31/96 New Years Eve

"Maria called the health clinic to see if the results of the paternity test were in, but she was told that she would have to wait until the end of the week. Maria seemed peeved that Dimitri's monetary bribe to speed up the results wasn't making things go any faster. As she finished up the phone call, Brad sneaked up behind her and nearly scared her out of her skin. Brad was pleased to see that someone else was going to have to work the holiday. Maria shook her head and said that her shift was winding down and that she was headed to New York to spend some time with Edmund. Maria's plans were cut short when a multi-car accident on the highway sent dozens of patients to the hospital. Maria phoned Edmund to let him know that she would be late in arriving at the banquet.

In New York, Edmund and Skye sipped champagne. The topic of their conversation turned to their romantic interests. Skye said that there is someone in her life who she finds very special. Edmund smiled and said that he hopes to one day meet the mystery man so that he can shake his hand---and warn him to take care of Skye. Skye asked Edmund how he met Maria. Edmund told of how he was caught in a love triangle with Maria and Brooke. This seemed to give Skye the notion that she does have a chance at landing Edmund.

The excitement surrounding the influx of crash victims proved too stressful for Maria. She hunched over in pain and clutched her stomach area. After an examination by Dr. Clader, Maria was told that she'll need to stay off her feet and cut her work load.

Brad called Michael and told him that he'd be unable to join him at Holidays for New Year's Eve, but that they'll have plenty of holidays to spend with each other.

Maria phoned Edmund and told him that she would not be able to join him for a night out because of a busy schedule at work. Edmund insisted that he would drive home to be with her, but Maria ordered him to stay put because there are too many drunk drivers on the roads. Brad overheard that phone call and asked Maria why he did not tell Edmund the true reason why she was unable to join him. Maria said that since her health is fine she did not want to worry Edmund unnecessarily.

Stuart visited Brooke to see if she would join him at Holidays' grand opening bash. Brooke declined the offer and said she would be more comfortable at home. Scott and Laura tried to convince Brooke to get out of the house, but Brooke turned them down as well. Scott and Laura went ahead to the party and Stuart stuck around to try to change Brooke's mind. Brooke knew that Stuart was going to ask her if she was upset that Adam was married to Liza. Brooke informed Stuart that she has no intentions of falling in love because it only opens the door to disappointment. Stuart questioned Brooke as to whether or not she was referring to Adam or to any man in general. Stuart told Brooke that she needs someone in her life to make her laugh and feel loved, someone to do what Cindy did for him.

In Santa Fe, Pierce found himself sketching a portrait of Brooke. He called the school's administrator and asked if someone could cover his classes for him because there was "someplace" he had to be.

Isbella, Rosa, and Anita arrived at Holidays and were pleased to see that Tanner was in town. Tanner expressed his feeling of loss when he learned that Hector has passed away. Michael and Jack arrived on the scene and told Mateo that someone was loitering in their parking lot and would probably cause trouble. Matt was about to walk outside when the troublemaker entered the club. Trevor, now using a cane, walked into the club and stunned everyone with his ability to walk. Hayley asked him how and when was regained his mobility. He gave her a hug and said that he owed it all to "an angel."

Isabella got caught up in the moment and her thoughts turned to not having Hector, Julia, or Noah with her for the holidays. Matt convinced his mother to stick around.

Adam and Liza arrived. Hayley didn't look thrilled with her stepmother's presence, but did seem pleased when Liza praised the job Hayley had done in decorating the club.

Andy searched for Skye, but couldn't find her. Dimitri saw Andy and became nervous. He approached the man and asked him if he was there to talk about the paternity tests. Andy shook his head and said that he was an invited guest.

Tad walked over to Liza and asked her why she is avoiding him. Liza insisted that her schedule has been so busy that she just hasn't had time for him.

Jake told Joe and Ruth that he dropped out of medical school. Joe was furious, but Ruth managed to calm him down by telling him that they could discuss the matter later. Jake promised to repay every dime that his parents gave him.

Kelsey was feeling neglected and asked Kevin if he would dance with her. Later she smiled and told Jake that she "supposes" that Liza is an attractive woman. Jake shook his head and asked what Kelsey was talking about. Kelsey said that it was obvious that Jake was infatuated with Liza because he had been staring at her all night.

Ruth tried to tempt Joe with a romantic evening spent at home by the fireplace to clear Joe's mind, but he was still upset that Jake hid dropping out of school from them.

Dimitri toasted Erica's completion of her book. Erica told Opal, Phoebe, and Myrtle that she would be inviting them to a party to celebrate the book's released. Opal said that Palmer would be joining her before midnight, but he never showed up.

Grace told Belinda that she hopes the New Year will bring a man into Belinda's life. She said that it can be difficult waking up to an empty bed and that she wants to see Belinda happy for a change.
Out of nowhere, Bobby pulled a ring from his pocket and proposed to Anita. She gladly accepted.
Adam asked his attorney if he would have legal basis for a divorce if he could prove that Liza has been unfaithful to him. "Dame chance would definitely" be on Adam's side, the lawyer responded.

As the countdown to midnight arrived, Adam pulled Liza close to him and plant a kiss on her. When Tad saw that Adam and Liza were kissing, he decided that it was time to kiss Gloria. "

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