"Noah whisked Julia off to Manhattan, where the two kissed in the moonlight and looked at the lights of the Big Apple. Mateo prepared his "gourmet" dinner for Hayley, but Momma and Poppa Santos didn't have 100% faith in his abilities. So, they sent over Anita to make sure nothing burned. Hayley never showed.

Hayley was at Alec's apartment, watching the videotape Arlene had made of Arlene and Alec having sex. Hayley wasn't alone, though. Charlie was there, telling Hayley that she wasn't "a pig" like her mom because she had been faithful when she dated him.

Matt arrived later to try to take Hayley back with him for the dinner he had prepared, but she told him that he couldn't make things better for her. Anita, left alone to baste the turkey, had a visitor stop by. Bobby tried to put the moves on the second-youngest Santos sister, but she wanted no part of it.

Brooke said that she didn't want to marry Adam because as soon as a woman did, he put a short leash on her and took away all the fun. So, Brooke said that she'd rather stay the way they were and have fun. She later invited Adam back to her place for a nightcap and whatever else happened."

- Soap Central