"Taylor broke down when her mother said that Noah needed to know the truth about the baby. Taylor was on the verge of telling Noah when he arrived at the apartment. Taylor couldn't tell the truth in front of the woman she felt was her chief rival for Noah's affection. So, Vivienne told Noah and Julia that Taylor had suffered a miscarriage. Noah was emotional over the loss of his supposed baby. Julia left to allow Noah and Taylor to talk about the loss.

Laura, Brooke, and Pierce went to the high school to get accustomed to the surroundings. When they got there, Adam was talking to Michael's class about his days in Pigeon Hollow. Brooke was impressed but was soon shocked when Adam told her to get her sexiest dress on because they were going out to parts unknown. Scott recognized Laura from the mini-mart near Willow Lake and was very chummy with her.

Despite Erica's ranting, Liza was not pulled as the new station manager. Jason told Dixie that Liza was given the job over Tad. Erica went on a bender when she realized that her medication had run out. Liza gave Tad a hefty raise to stay on at the station, but one of his new duties was keeping the peace between Erica and Liza."

- Soap Central