"Noah and Julia toured the Big Apple before retiring to a hotel room, where the two finally made love. Anita was worried Bobby was too "sexually experienced" for her. Since she'd never had a boyfriend, she was worried that she might not be a suitable girlfriend for Bobby.

Hayley told Mateo that she didn't love him and that their night on the beach had just been for sex. Matt didn't believe her at first, but Hayley kept reiterating that she had been using him all along. A sad and angry Matt stormed out of the apartment and headed home. Charlie stopped by a few minutes later to get Hayley out of Alec's apartment. He took the videotape out of the VCR and shredded the tape before asking Hayley to leave with him.

Matt got home and found that Laura had stopped by. She wanted to spend some time with him, but he wouldn't even give her the time of day. He chased her out of the apartment and ended up sitting alone in the dark.

Dixie found out from Jason that Liza Colby had gotten Tad's job. When Dixie showed up at the station, it was obvious she felt awkward talking to Tad's ex-gal pal and new boss. Liza made sure everything she said could be misconstrued, making Dixie uncomfortable about Tad and Liza working together. When Tad and Dixie finally were face-to-face, they argued over whether or not Tad still had the hots for Liza, which made Liza very, very happy."

- Soap Central