07/15/2009 Jesse & Madison Threaten Each Other

"Madison approached Randi at the Yacht Club and introduced herself as Henry's widow. Madison then accused Randi of killing Henry. Madison proceeded to insult Randi for being a hooker. Randi looked nervous, but admitted nothing. Madison asked if Randi's baby was Henry's. Randi affirmed that she never cheated on Frankie.

Frankie saw Madison and Randi talking. Madison introduced herself to Frankie and congratulated him on the pregnancy. Frankie wondered how Madison knew. Madison explained that Jesse told her when she met with him at the police station. Madison then told Randi that she hoped to see her again, and left.

Frankie and Randi went home and started kissing. Randi flashed back to the night that Henry almost raped her. Randi pulled away from Frankie, so he noted that it was safe to make love while she was pregnant. She claimed that she felt nauseous and asked for soda water. They were out of soda water, so he left to buy some.

Jesse got a text message from Randi, so he rushed to her apartment. Randi was freaking out because Madison confronted her about Henry's death. Jesse said that he would handle Madison.

Frankie returned home with soda water. He told Randi that he wished to indulge all of her whims. She felt lucky to have such a great husband.

Jesse found Madison gambling at the casino. He asked her why she sought out Randi. Madison explained that she wanted to meet the woman that stole her husband's heart. Jesse warned her to stay away from his family. He stated that, if she continued to meddle with his family, he would make her regret it. She was appalled that he threatened her. She reminded him that he had covered up a murder and that she could expose him.

Frankie got a text message from an unknown caller. The message read, "Are you sure the baby is yours?"

Kendall admitted to Zach that she still loved him, and they kissed. He then pushed her away and stated that they had to stop. She wondered why they could not go back to the ways things used to be between them, especially because they were married and living together. He noted that they were living together, but they were strangers under the same roof. He did not want to make love as though they were strangers, as well.

Zach felt that they could not recover what they had shared in the past. She was sad that he did not reciprocate her feelings. She asked why he would not allow himself to love her again. He replied, "I can't." Kendall walked out of the house as tears rolled down her face.

The new prosecutor, Mr. Willis, went to Ryan's penthouse to question Ryan about the night of Stuart's murder. Ryan declared that he already told Henry everything. Willis wanted to go over the facts again, especially because Ryan lied the first time he recounted the night's details. Ryan assured Willis that his most recent statement was true. Just then, Liza entered the penthouse and told Ryan not to answer any more questions.

Ryan was annoyed to see Liza and noted that he did not have to listen to her. She announced that she was Kendall's attorney. She then told Willis that he should drop the case against Kendall because it was flawed. Willis stated that Henry felt the case was a slam-dunk for the prosecution. She retorted that Henry was not interested in the truth; instead, he was interested in unrightfully condemning Kendall for his personal gain. She asked Willis what his motives were. He affirmed that he wanted justice, and left.

Ryan thought that Kendall and Zach were crazy for hiring Liza because she was also representing Annie. Liza assured Ryan that there was no conflict of interest. He asked her if she would be willing to prove that Annie killed Stuart. Liza said that she did not have to prove Annie was a killer; instead, she needed to make the jury doubt that Kendall was a killer. Nevertheless, Ryan was convinced that Annie was the murderer. To prove it, he gave Liza the picture that Emma drew of Annie holding a gun. The picture intrigued Liza. Liza opened the door to leave and found Kendall outside.

Kendall entered the penthouse. She wished that Ryan had not seen her on the doorstep because she regretted going to his place. He agreed that she should not have visited him. She apologized for falling back into her bad habits. He believed that Kendall and Zach belonged together. Ryan urged her to rely on Zach, not him. She knew Ryan was right, but it hurt her feelings to hear him say that.

Kendall confessed that she was scared. Ryan assured her that she would not go to jail. She felt that she needed a life jacket to save her. He thought that her comment made her sound guilty. She explained that she was starting to feel guilty, after being accused many times. He urged her to stay strong, and she left.

Ryan did not know that Emma was eavesdropping on all of his conversations. Emma told her father that she heard him talking. He asked what she heard. The little girl adamantly stated that her mother did not kill Stuart. He asked Emma if she saw the real killer. Emma retorted, "I saw Kendall shoot Stuart!"

Zach met with Liza to get an update on Kendall's case. Liza had been looking through all of Henry's notes. She found the notes frustrating because they were hard to decipher. Henry scribbled all over ransom sheets of paper. Liza then showed Zach a particular piece of paper that was interesting. The paper read, "The Kid." Liza deduced that Henry planned to put Emma on the stand. Zach agreed that Emma was Henry's "ace in the hole."

Kendall told Zach that she went to see Ryan. Zach was annoyed and stated that he had more important things to worry about than her visits with Ryan. Zach revealed that Henry wanted to put Emma on the stand. Zach asked Kendall if the girl saw her at the mansion. Kendall looked worried.

Amanda asked Jake to swear on his love for her that he did not give the baby to Liza. Jake swore that he did not give Amanda's baby to Liza. Amanda hugged him and apologized for making the accusation.

David was shocked to read the DNA results, because they confirmed that the baby Stuart was not his son. David immediately assumed that Jake rigged the results. Marissa felt that David was being ridiculous. Marissa told David that it was time to accept his son's death. She further noted that David was obsessed. She then gave him an ultimatum. She told David that he had to choose between his baby obsession and her. David chose Marissa.

David told Amanda and Jake that he ordered a secret DNA test on baby Stuart. David admitted that his actions were wrong and he apologized. Jake inquired about the DNA results. David revealed that the baby was not his and promised to leave Jake and Amanda alone.

Marissa met Krystal at ConFusion. Marissa revealed to Krystal that she helped David conduct a secret DNA test. Krystal was aggravated with David, especially because he involved Marissa in his scheme. Marissa assured Krystal that David was over his obsession, but Krystal was skeptical. Amanda and Jake then approached Krystal and reaffirmed Marissa's position. Amanda and Jake truly felt that David was going to leave them alone.

David arrived at ConFusion and Krystal walked over to him. He assumed that she knew about the secret DNA test. He asked for her forgiveness and she said that she would try. He promised her that he was done obsessing over Stuart and she was glad. He then announced that he had to finish what he started and left the bar.

David went to see Liza. He apologized for conducting the DNA test. He swore that he would not bother her anymore. They then shook hands and she forgave him.

Liza called Jake and commended him for tricking David. She asked Jake how he did it. Jake said that he fooled David by switching the DNA samples. Meanwhile, Jake did not realize that Amanda was listening to his conversation."

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