01/26/2009 David Picks A Fight With Jake

"Little Adam ran to JR as he entered the mansion. Adam said that he and the boy were watching "Nemo." JR said that he wanted to watch the movie with his son, but Adam was concerned. Adam asked JR if he was sober. JR looked annoyed, and warned his father not to come between him and his son. Adam reminded JR that he scared Little Adam the last time he got drunk. Adam said that he wanted to make sure JR was capable of watching the boy. JR divulged that he went to an AA meeting. JR urged his father to trust him. Adam said that he would trust JR when JR proved he could stay sober.

Colby sensed that JR was upset. Colby assumed that Adam had said something to aggravate JR. JR said that maybe it would be best for the Chandler men to stay away from their children. Colby affirmed that Little Adam needed his father. Then, JR revealed that Amanda was pregnant and the baby was his. Colby was shocked. JR explained that Amanda decided to give up the baby because she did not think he would be a good father. Colby urged JR to talk to Amanda and convince her to keep the baby. Colby reminded her brother that he was a great dad to Little Adam.

Amanda and Jake were sitting at the bar at ConFusion. Jake wondered if Amanda's baby was David's. She was not sure and did not want to find out. She was resolute on giving the baby up for adoption. Just then, David and Krystal entered the club.

David noticed Amanda and Jake. David noted that Amanda got around with men. Krystal inquired why David cared about Amanda's love life. David claimed that it was entertaining. He then sent a bottle of champagne over to Amanda and approached her. He commented that she looked beautiful, but a bit pale. David proceeded to tell Amanda to dump Jake. Jake and David exchanged insults. David noted that Jake went from a doctor without borders to a doctor without a job. Krystal realized that David was picking a fight with Jake, and pleaded with him to stop.

Jake told Amanda that she needed to act calm around David, or David would figure out that something was wrong. Jake worried that David would try to steal the baby, if he was the father. She did not want David to have a role in the baby's life. Jake told her to pretend to drink the champagne, so David did not get suspicious. She tried to pretend, but she was too upset. She ran out of the club.

Krystal asked David why he had to antagonize everyone. David claimed that he was not trying to start a fight with Jake, but Krystal knew better. She was upset that David fired Jake and Angie from the hospital. David affirmed that he was protecting himself from bitter, jealous people. David felt that Angie and Jake were envious of his power and his relationship with Krystal.

Krystal looked nervous when Tad entered ConFusion. David slyly smiled and revealed that he had divorce papers drawn up for Krystal. David urged her to have Tad sign the papers. She inquired why David was pushing for the divorce. He replied that he did not want Krystal to be married to a man she did not love. Krystal was frustrated and began to leave ConFusion, alone.

Tad saw Krystal leaving, so he stopped her to see how she was doing. Then, he noticed the divorce papers in her hand. He asked her if she wanted a divorce, but she did not know. He told her to call him when she knew, and he stormed off.

Amanda got on her yacht and vomited due to morning sickness. JR came onboard to check on her. She threw a pillow at him and yelled for him to leave, but he refused to go. He said that even though he was a man, he sympathized with her situation. He stated that he wanted to be her friend and help her through the pregnancy. She was touched by his sincerity and they hugged. He made her tea, but she was in the mood for tomato soup and peanuts. They joked that she had her first odd craving. Meanwhile, David was lurking on the yacht, listening to their conversation.

Brot made Emma feel better about her burnt hands. She told Brot, "I like you!" Greenlee, Taylor, and Frankie were impressed with Brot's bedside manner. Frankie suggested that Brot apply for an orderly position at the hospital. Brot was hesitant initially, but eventually agreed to an interview.

As Brot interviewed, Taylor and Frankie discussed why Brot would be an asset to the hospital. They felt that Brot would be empathetic towards the patients and hard-working. Then, Brot returned from the interview and announced that he got the job. Brot asked Taylor to celebrate with him at ConFusion that evening. He wished to celebrate his new job and the beautiful woman that helped make it happen.

Taylor arrived early at ConFusion and noticed Jake at the bar. They sat down together to have a drink. Jake admitted that he had talked to Brot about her. She was grateful, because it made Brot warm up to her. She then asked Jake how he was holding up. He confessed that he sometimes wondered what would have happened between him and Taylor if Brot never returned. She was grateful that they remained friends.

Brot arrived at ConFusion. He smiled at Taylor and picked her up. He swung her in his arms and embraced her. Taylor was happy, until she saw Jake standing alone at the bar.

Annie was frightened because she hallucinated that Richie was in her room. Dr. Sinclair asked Annie why she envisioned her brother. Annie stated that he left the room. Dr. Sinclair questioned how Annie got rid of her brother, but Annie said nothing.

Ryan complained to the hospital administrator that Dr. Sinclair was not treating Annie properly. The administrator assured Ryan that Dr. Sinclair was one of the best forensic psychiatrists in the area. Then, Dr. Sinclair pulled Ryan aside because she knew that he was complaining about her. She admitted that her methods were unorthodox; however, she was determined to prove that Annie was faking her psychosis and that she killed her brother.

Annie talked to Aidan through the vent in the wall. Aidan made Annie promise that she would not tell Dr. Sinclair about her memories. Annie was distraught over killing Richie. Aidan explained that she was very hurt over losing her husband, which made her act crazy.

Dr. Sinclair entered Aidan's room with a needle in her hand. She stated that she was Aidan's new doctor. She further noted that his "textbook, paranoid, schizophrenic act" needed to be fixed. Aidan looked worried.

Ryan met Greenlee and Emma at the penthouse. Greenlee explained that Emma tried to take the cookies out of the oven alone and burned herself. Greenlee felt guilty, but Ryan assured her that she was going to be a great mom to Emma. Then, Ryan divulged Dr. Sinclair's diagnosis of Annie. Greenlee could not believe that Dr. Sinclair thought Annie was faking her illness. Nevertheless, Greenlee assumed that there was nothing they could do to help Annie, but Ryan disagreed."

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