01/22/2009 Angie is Arrested

"Krystal met Opal at ConFusion, but figured Opal was only there to give her a lecture on righteous living. Krystal bumped into Tad after she began to walk away from Opal. Krystal figured Opal was trying to set her up with Tad. Opal said she wanted Tad and Krystal to resolve their differences for Jenny's sake. Tad appreciated Opal's concern but said he and Krystal would handle their own problems. Tad asked Krystal if she would like to take Jenny to swimming class. Krystal was surprised at Tad's sweet gesture, but graciously accepted the invitation.

Jesse told Angie she was being charged with breaking and entering at David's home. Angie did not deny the accusations, but refused to tell Jesse where she'd found the pills. David said Angie's evidence against David was weak. Although the pills had ingredients that were not approved by the FDA, there was no evidence showing he had given them to Krystal. Jesse asked Angie to accompany him to the police station for questioning. Angie told David she would not let him get away with drugging Krystal.

Jesse dragged Angie away before she could incriminate herself any further. David said he would meet them at the police station. But first, he called Krystal and asked her to take the pills to the police station. Krystal said she was too busy, but David insisted he needed Krystal's help. Krystal told Tad she would have to see Jenny swim another time.

Tad said Krystal was making a mistake by ignoring Jenny to spend time with David. Krystal apologized and left. Opal suggested Tad take it a bit slower with Krystal and Jenny spending time together. Tad did not excuse Krystal's odd behavior but said she was an excellent mother.

At the police station, Jesse tried to speak with Angie about the charges. However, the couple only argued loudly. Krystal heard the ruckus when she met David at the police station. David said Angie had broken into his home and stolen illegal pills that she believed he was giving to Krystal. Krystal said her pills were just mild sedatives. David suggested that Angie was trying to frame him. Krystal found David's accusations hard to believe.

Angie and Jesse walked out of the questioning room. Krystal gave Jesse the pills so he could have them analyzed. Krystal said she was no longer taking the pills. Krystal started walking away with David, but Angie pulled her away. Angie begged Krystal not to go home with David. Angie claimed David was going to hurt her, like everyone else in his life. Krystal insisted that David loved her. Krystal asked Angie to leave her alone if she really cared about their friendship. Angie decided to go back to work, but David said he was putting Angie on suspension, since she was involved in a criminal investigation.

Krystal went to Tad's home to spend time with Jenny. She apologized to Jenny for not being around as much as usual. Tad put Jenny into her playpen for a nap. He asked Krystal why she'd had to rush out at ConFusion. Krystal explained that Angie had gotten arrested for breaking into David's home and stealing some of his medicine. Tad said Angie was only trying to help Krystal.

Krystal said she did not need help or rescuing from David. Tad said David was taking Krystal's identity away, but Krystal said she was no longer anything to anyone. Tad grabbed Krystal by the shoulders and told her to realize how many people loved her, including him. Krystal did not listen. Instead, Tad sent her home.

Amanda pulled JR out of the water and took him to her boat. She wrapped him up in a few blankets and wrapped a towel around herself. Amanda asked JR if he'd purposely fallen in the water. JR said it had been an accident, but he doubted many people would have been upset if he had died. JR started coughing and fell to the floor.

When JR did not respond, Amanda called Jake for help. Before Jake arrived, Amanda put on dry clothes and tucked JR into her bed. Jake said JR was suffering from hypothermia but would recover. He asked why Amanda had been hanging out at the pier. Amanda said her car had broken down on the way to the abortion appointment. She'd decided to walk but had stopped when she saw JR.

Jake said JR's fall gave Amanda more time to reconsider the abortion. Amanda looked down at her watch and realized she was running late for her rescheduled appointment at the hospital. She asked Jake to watch JR, but Jake wanted to go with Amanda. Amanda said she needed to handle the abortion alone and left. JR woke up, but was not pleased to see Jake by his side.

Jake told JR that he was not the only man who had lost a wife. Jake reminded JR that Tad had lost Dixie but had managed to pick himself up and move on. JR went to the bathroom and walked out holding the empty pregnancy test box. JR asked Jake if he knew Amanda was pregnant. Jake said Amanda did not think it was JR's business. JR realized Amanda had gone to have an abortion. He decided to go find Amanda before it was too late.

Taylor took Brot to ConFusion for dinner. Brot quickly noticed that many of the customers were giving him strange looks. He complained about the stares to Taylor, but she thought he was being paranoid. Brot said other people's reactions made him want to stay inside the house. Taylor grabbed Brot's hand.

Colby met two friends at ConFusion. They teased Colby about Pete's obvious affections for her. Colby said Pete wasn't such a bad guy, but her friends insisted Pete was still a nerd. Colby said she appreciated Pete being honest about his romantic feelings for her. However, Pete had not taken the news well when she'd told him the feelings weren't mutual, Colby said. Colby said she missed Pete, who was not talking to her.

Colby's friends noticed Brot sitting with Taylor. They called him a "freak" and acted nauseous when Taylor took Brot's hand. Colby pushed her chair back, stood up, and insulted her friends for making fun of Brot and Pete. Colby said Brot was a hero who had fought for the country, while her spoiled brat friends had lounged around and eaten burgers all day. Colby went over to Brot and apologized for her friend's behavior. Brot said he didn't need Colby or Taylor to fight his battles, and he rushed off.

David saw Amanda at the hospital. Amanda said she was there to visit Kendall. David said he'd never known Kendall and Amanda were such good friends. Amanda said she had been busy at work and had not gotten a chance to see Kendall lately. David told Amanda he knew she was lying.

Amanda admitted she was not seeing Kendall. Instead, Amanda said she was looking for Erica to discuss ConFusion business. David said Erica was at the hotel. Amanda said she would head to the hotel then, but JR found her at the hospital. JR said he knew Amanda was pregnant and begged her not to have the abortion. Amanda said nothing and walked toward the doctor's office.

Jesse and Angie went to the hospital to find David. Jesse said that tests showed the pills were legal. Annoyed at the news, Angie went home. David made a snide remark about Angie, but it did not sit well with Jesse. Jesse grabbed David and threatened to hurt him if he continued going after Angie."

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