10/02/2008 Greenlee Unfriends Ryan

"Taylor was offended when she saw Amanda traipsing around the yacht in a military jacket with a barely clothed Jake. Amanda apologized for hurting Taylor, but Taylor just rushed off. Jake noticed Amanda was wearing the jacket that belonged to Taylor's late fiancé. Amanda was mortified when she realized how hurt Taylor must have felt. Amanda wanted to go after Taylor, but Jake thought it would be best if he tried to sort things out with Taylor. Jake found Taylor on his porch. She apologized for exploding at Amanda and Jake. Jake said Amanda felt awful after she learned the jacket belonged to Taylor's fiancé. Taylor thought she should be with her unit in Iraq. Jake said the doctors had a valid medical reason for keeping her in Pine Valley. Despite the horrible images Taylor saw in Iraq, her real fear was going back to a place without her fiancé.

Colby was shocked to see Erica and Adam kissing in the Chandler's home. She quickly muttered a few words and went back to her bedroom. Erica told Adam she thought they were alone. Adam tried to make up for the mistake by giving Erica another kiss. But Erica thought it was time for her to go, so she headed to Opal's house. Opal told Erica the tarot cards revealed something bad was heading to Pine Valley. Pete snuck home and overheard Opal explaining her fears to Erica. Erica said something was definitely in the air because it caused Adam to kiss her. But despite Adam's intentions, Erica said she was just spying on him to see if he was after Fusion. Opal knew by looking at Erica that the kiss was more than just a ploy to get information from Adam.

Colby wanted to know the juicy details about Adam's relationship with Erica. Adam said it was just a meaningless kiss to get information from Erica.

Annie came to Kendall and Zach's home. Annie said she called Zach after worrying about Emma. Zach said Emma needed her mother at such a confusing time. After Kendall left, Annie told Zach she felt that someone was watching her. Kendall brought Emma out of her room to see Annie. Zach told Kendall they needed to give Annie and Emma some time alone. Kendall wanted to supervise Annie's visit, but Zach thought that was unnecessary. Emma told Annie she wanted to go home. Annie explained that Emma had to stay with Kendall and Zach until a few problems got worked out. Zach put Emma to bed. Annie thanked Kendall for looking after Emma, but Kendall said she only did it to help Ryan. Annie went home and heard a noise. As soon as she stepped into the dark living room, someone put a hand over her mouth.

Zach planted a big kiss on Kendall to remind her of their love.

Greenlee and Aidan happily walked into ConFusion. Their mood turned a bit sour when they spied Ryan at the bar. Aidan and Greenlee decided to see how Ryan was holding up after handing Annie divorce papers. Ryan said he was fine, but credited Greenlee for busting him out of jail. Aidan said Greenlee told him about what she did to help Ryan because their marriage had no secrets. Ryan wished he and Annie could say the same. Greenlee told Ryan they needed to end their friendship to keep her marriage strong. After all, Ryan said he did not want her in his life, Greenlee added. Greenlee asked for Aidan's input, but Aidan said that decision was between her and Ryan. Greenlee said it did have to do with Aidan. She wanted to focus on their marriage, not Ryan's problems. Ryan dropped a few bills on the table for his drink, and left.

Angie told Frankie she liked his new apartment. It was big enough for a roommate, she added. Frankie started to tell his mother that Randi was moving in, but Randi quickly diverted Angie's attention to decorating details. Randi told Frankie things were moving too fast. She told Frankie living with him was not going to work, and left. Angie wondered where Randi rushed off to. She immediately assumed Randi did something to upset Frankie. Frankie said he was tired of Angie interfering with his life. Angie promised to give Frankie more privacy.

At ConFusion, Randi told Carmen she turned down Frankie's offer to live together. Randi said she was scared of the intimacy with a man who was not her client. She admitted that making love to Frankie would be wonderful. Carmen thought Randi was using her past as an excuse to keep a distance from Frankie. Carmen urged Randi to give Frankie a real chance. Randi went back to Frankie's apartment after Angie was gone. Randi said she changed her mind. She did want to move in with him.

Pete went to the Chandler mansion to find Adam, but only Colby was home. Pete said he heard Opal and Erica talking about the kiss. But Opal also said kisses had meaning, Pete said. Colby said people could kiss without feeling anything. To prove a point, Pete kissed Colby and she did not immediately turn him away. Colby said Pete needed to stop acting like he knew her. But Pete thought he knew Colby the best. Once Adam got home, Pete told Adam that Erica knew he wanted Fusion."

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