10/07/2008 Annie Agrees To See A Therapist

"Annie was shocked when Zach offered to help her get Emma from Ryan. Zach said he needed to show the judge she was a sane woman who could care for a child. Zach asked Annie to go see a therapist. Annie said Ryan wanted her to see a therapist, but she was always too scared.

Aidan listened through Greenlee's bugged earrings as she spoke to Ryan at the boathouse. Greenlee and Ryan looked at the full moon together. They both said it looked beautiful at the same time. Greenlee asked Ryan if he was nervous about the custody hearing. Ryan said he and Emma belonged together. Ryan thanked Greenlee for sharing the moon with him and left. He went to see Emma at Zach's house. Annie showed up to see Zach while Ryan was present. Annie said she just wanted to tuck Emma into bed, but Ryan had beaten her to it. While Ryan and Kendall hung a picture of the moon in Emma's room, Annie told Zach she would see a therapist if he went with her to the appointment.

Reporters surrounded Amanda as soon as she stepped in Fusion. The reporters wanted to know if Fusion was responsible for the tainted perfume bottles. Amanda refused to discuss any details and ushered the reporters out of the building. Randi told Amanda she handled the press well. Greenlee came to work as Amanda and Pete fielded calls from the media. Greenlee said Kendall went to confront Adam about tainting the perfume. Kendall came to work to inform them that Adam denied the accusations. Even she agreed that Adam would not hurt his own daughter.

Kendall accused Adam of ruining the perfume and trying to steal the company. Erica told Kendall that she never saw Adam partaking in suspicious activity to steal the company. Babe and JR walked into the room to see what all the noise was about. Kendall told them that Adam tainted the perfume. Adam denied the allegations, and instead, accused Babe of using Bella to snatch Fusion from under Kendall and Greenlee. Babe and JR denied Adam's allegations. Adam said that Colby must have gotten sick from the tainted perfume she put on at the launch party. Adam said he would never harm his own daughter. Erica went after Kendall as she stormed off. Kendall was distraught that her mother did not back her up. Erica said Kendall should have let her get the truth from Adam before brewing up a storm.

Assuming Erica was gone, JR said he believed Adam tainted the perfume to try to show him and Babe up. Erica came back into the room. She asked to speak to Adam alone. Erica bluntly asked Adam if he tainted the perfume. Adam said no. Erica claimed she believed Adam. After Erica was gone, Adam decided to share something with the news reporters.

Jake found Taylor at the Comeback. He asked her if it was tough to always act so brave. Taylor said she was not one to let her guard down - not since Brot died. Tad asked Krystal why Taylor and Jake went from dancing to fighting. Krystal said she was still trying to figure that out herself. Tad pulled Jake aside to find out what happened. Jake said Taylor pushed him away the moment they got close. Tad said Jake should tell Taylor about Carolina, his estranged wife. Jake said his loss with Caroline was not the same as Taylor's loss with Brot. Jake decided to go to Fusion and check on Amanda. Meanwhile, Tad told Krystal he was hired by an anonymous source to investigate Taylor. Krystal said Tad should turn down the job, but Tad already had deposited the source's payment. Tad suspected the source was Taylor's family.

Taylor called a woman, but hung up once she answered the phone.

Fusion staff turned on the news to see Adam urging all Bella users to file lawsuits against Fusion. Babe and JR stood on the sidelines in the room as Adam discussed Colby's trauma from using the perfume. Amanda angrily threw a bottle of Bella perfume against the wall. Jake tried to sooth Amanda, but she felt that her whole life was destroyed."

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