10/01/2008 Annie Tells Greenlee's Secret

"Pete went to see Adam at the mansion. Pete told Adam that the first shipment of Bella was about to go out. Pete was anxious to taint more of the perfume with his chemical, Blast. Adam was reluctant to move forward with their plan since they did not find out if anyone, besides Greenlee, had an allergic reaction to the samples that were tainted. Adam wondered if Blast was a "bust." Pete insisted that his chemical would work, and he reminded Adam that everyone had a unique reaction to Blast. Adam told Pete to go to work so he could spy.

Adam saw Annie sitting in the living room with a bathrobe on. He demanded that she leave the house. Babe overheard this and scolded Adam for being rude. Babe told Adam to back off, and insisted that Annie stay at the mansion for as long as she needed. Adam gave both women a dirty look and stormed off.

Annie did not want to go to work, but Babe urged her to. Annie revealed that Ryan wanted a divorce and full custody of Emma. Babe was shocked that Ryan was trying to take Emma away from her mother. Annie felt that Greenlee was manipulating him, so she could have Ryan and Emma to herself. Babe thought that Annie was overreacting and reminded her that Greenlee loved Aidan, but Annie disagreed.

Babe arrived at Fusion to find Amanda very excited for the Bella launch. Then, Babe received a call from a major department store buyer. The buyer said that they loved Bella. They also apologized for not giving Babe their feedback sooner, but they revealed that everyone in their company got sick. Babe was worried that Bella made the company sick, but Amanda thought it was just a coincidence. Meanwhile, Pete was eavesdropping and learned that people got sick from the samples. Babe and Amanda proceeded to give a presentation on expanding the perfume into a line of soaps and lotions. Kendall liked the idea.

Erica went to Fusion to tell Kendall that Adam was plotting to gain ownership of Fusion. Erica divulged that she overheard Adam and Annie talking about a takeover. Kendall was not surprised that Annie was involved. Erica promised Kendall that she would keep an eye on Adam.

Greenlee and Aidan were talking about their night of lovemaking. Greenlee wished that they could "do it" all day long. Aidan said that he wanted to "do it" the day before, but she was nowhere to be found. Greenlee lied and said that she was busy at Fusion, instead of revealing that she was with Ryan.

Annie arrived at work and Kendall was annoyed to see her. Soon after, Aidan and Greenlee entered. Annie accused Greenlee of trying to steal Ryan and Emma from her. Aidan told Annie to leave his wife alone. Annie asked Aidan if he knew that Greenlee bailed Ryan out of jail and spent the whole day consoling him. Aidan pretended that Greenlee told him everything. Aidan then left the office. Kendall informed Annie that she was fired and Greenlee backed up her partner's decision. Annie told Greenlee that she could have her job and her husband, but she could not have Emma. Greenlee looked distraught and left Fusion.

Greenlee went home to see Aidan. She apologized for not telling him about her day with Ryan. Aidan demanded to know if there was something going on between her and Ryan. She adamantly denied having romantic feelings for Ryan. Aidan told her to stop making a fool of him. She pleaded with him not to be angry. He replied that he loved her too much to be angry. Then, he announced that he had something to show her. He revealed that he was having a house built for them. He carried her over the threshold of the house's unfinished foundation. She exclaimed that she loved it.

Babe called JR to tell him her concerns over Bella. JR agreed with Amanda that the illness was just a coincidence. She replied that Adam could not find out that there might be a problem with Bella because it could foil their plans to take over Fusion. After she hung up, Kendall asked what Babe did not want Adam to find out. Babe looked nervous and pretended that she was trying to protect Fusion from Adam. Kendall retorted that if Adam tried to take over the company, she would "cut him off at the knees."

Erica went to see Adam. They were flirting when Pete waved at Adam to meet him in the backyard. Adam claimed that the gardener needed to see him, and went outside. Pete reported the news about the illness from the Bella samples. Adam was pleased and told Pete to taint more of the perfume, so Pete returned to Fusion and put Blast into numerous bottles of Bella.

Erica was trying to listen in on Adam and Pete's conversation. When Adam returned, Erica claimed that she was fearful Bella was a bad business move for Fusion. Adam wondered if Erica wanted to take Fusion from Kendall. Erica affirmed that she would never do that to her daughter. Erica and Adam flirted more and they kissed.

Taylor thanked Frankie for helping her. Jake overheard this and inquired how Frankie helped her. Taylor said that Frankie gave her moral support, but after she left, Jake asked Frankie which meds he gave her. Frankie said that he could not divulge any information because of doctor-patient confidentiality. Jake warned Frankie that anti-anxiety meds were merely a temporary cover for Taylor's post-traumatic stress disorder. Frankie wondered if Jake liked her, but Jake insisted that he had no romantic feelings for her.

Taylor went into her second therapy session. When she thought about her late fiancé, she ran out of the room. The therapist chased after her, but she wished to be left alone.

Amanda invited Jake to her yacht to celebrate Bella's success. When he arrived, she was wearing a camouflage jacket and underwear. She talked to him like she was a drill sergeant. She yelled at him to give her the appreciation she deserved for being a successful businesswoman. As they kissed, Taylor entered the room. Taylor saw the jacket Amanda was wearing and realized it belonged to her late fiancé.

Frankie signed a lease for his own apartment and he brought Randi to see it. Randi was impressed with the apartment, which made him happy because he wanted her to move in with him. She was hesitant because she was not ready to have an intimate relationship. Frankie assured her that he did not want to pressure her and explained that she could have her own bedroom. Randi agreed to move in. Frankie was ecstatic and he hugged her."

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