03/07/2007 Zach Apologizes To Zoe

"Annie was shocked to hear Ryan's proposal, so she asked what happened in Las Vegas. Ryan said he realized that he wanted a future with Annie and Emma. Then, Jonathan came outside and invited them to come inside. However, Ryan picked Annie up in his arms and drove her away in his car. Then, they parked and Ryan asked for an answer to his proposal. Annie was still in shock and asked if this had anything to do with Kendall. Ryan said Kendall did influence him. Ryan thought Kendall was lucky to have a second chance at life. So, Ryan did not want to waste anymore time with his own life. Annie believed Ryan wanted to marry her because of Emma, but Ryan denied this. Ryan asserted that the proposal was strictly about them as a couple. Annie admitted that Ryan was the only person she would consider being with romantically. Then, they kissed.

Kendall and Zach arrived in their condo to find Erica, Bianca, and Spike waiting. The Kane women hugged and fawned all over Spike as Zach watched. Then, when Kendall turned to speak with Zach, he was gone. Erica was annoyed that Zach left and claimed Ryan would never leave Kendall. However, Kendall defended Zach and said he needed to get the blood off of his hands. Kendall reminded Erica about how hard she fought to forget about what her evil father did. Kendall said she stopped blaming herself because of Erica's love. Kendall believed Zach also deserved this love as he dealt with his father's sins. Kendall also stated that Zach saved her life and that she loved him very much. So, Erica stopped arguing about Zach and gave a champagne toast to celebrate Kendall's safe return.

Zoe was sitting next to Babe and Dixie's grave when Zach arrived. Zach saw Zoe and apologized for treating her so badly. Zoe also apologized for taking credit for the killings just to hide her personal drama. Then, Zoe looked at Zach and stated that Zach hated himself. Zoe said she could empathize with Zach. Zach wished he was not his father's son. Zoe said you cannot not change who you truly are. Zoe also stated that Alexander's sins were not Zach's fault. Zach said he was branded by his father. Zach also wished he could change his DNA with a medical procedure, like Zoe could change her gender with one. Zoe said Zach needed to find his own path. Then, Zach looked at Dixie's grave and apologized to her. Zoe hugged Zach to console him.

Krystal told Little Adam he was going to see his mommy. JR overheard this and demanded to know what Krystal was doing. Krystal pretended she was going to the cemetery. Then, Adam entered and Little Adam went into the kitchen with Winifred. JR filled Adam in and Krystal apologized. However, JR said Krystal was right to try to tell Little Adam because he deserved to know. Then, Little Adam came back with two cookies. One cookie was for his mommy. JR tried to tell Little Adam about Babe's death, but began to cry instead. So, Krystal brought Little Adam upstairs to get ready for bed. Then, Adam and JR discussed what it was like to be a father. JR wanted to raise Little Adam in a way that would make Babe proud. Adam promised to help JR and JR was appreciative. JR said that despite some differences, Adam was a good father that always made him feel loved. And, JR always wanted Little Adam to feel loved. Adam said he wanted the same for Charlotte. Then, they both laughed at how the Carey women inspired them to be better men.

Babe could not believe that Josh wanted her to stay dead. Josh felt this was the only way to keep Babe, Little Adam, and Krystal safe from JR. Josh said Krystal would bring Little Adam to Babe and then they would run off to anywhere in the world. Then, Krystal would pretend that Little Adam was kidnapped. Babe said she ran away before and regretted this decision. Babe did not want to take Little Adam away from his family and live on the run again. Josh said that he would make sure Babe had a stable, comfortable life. Josh also stated that he would only be a part of her life if she wanted him to be. Josh did not want to force himself onto Babe, even if she and JR were over. Then, Krystal and Little Adam entered. Babe was very happy to see her son. After Babe spent some time with the boy, Krystal sent him outside with the nurse. Krystal then asked what Babe and Josh were discussing when she arrived. Babe explained Josh's plan for her to runaway. Krystal said she would support Babe no matter what. However, Babe was still undecided. Little Adam then came back in to say goodbye to his mommy. Babe explained that Little Adam could not tell anyone that he saw her. So, Krystal brought Little Adam back to the mansion and put him into bed. Meanwhile, Babe told Josh she needed time alone to make her decision. Josh said he stood by Babe, whatever she decided.

JR went to say goodnight to Little Adam. JR promised his son that he would talk to him about Babe in the morning. Then, Little Adam announced that he saw his mommy that night!"

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