03/06/2007 Kendall Apologizes To Ryan

"Kendall called Erica and told her the good news that she was fine and that Zach was fine. She told Zach she couldn't wait to get home and to have everything be normal again. She apologized to Ryan for giving him such a hard time and said that he could be with Spike anytime he wanted. She told Zach that she couldn't live in the clone house in Pine Valley and he said he would find a perfect house for the three of them.

Cambias Sr. was taken in to the Las Vegas police and was as smug as ever. He told the PV Posse that they had made him immortal, a living legend. J.R. tried to go after Sr. yelling and crying that he killed his mother and his wife. Tad called him a lunatic but Derek said he was not crazy enough to escape prison. Tad explained to J.R. that Sr. was nothing and worthless and was wanted by no one, not even his remaining son. J.R., Jamie and Tad reminisced about Dixie and times past and an emotional J.R. continued to weep.

It appeared that Erica was about the spill the Babe beans to Adam, but she backed off before the truth came out. Erica asked about the relationship between J.R. and Babe before Babe's death. She told Adam that a dead slut can cause just as much trouble as a live one. Adam asked what the point was for all this and Erica told Adam to keep his son away from hers.

Krystal told Babe that she would sacrifice her marriage so that Babe could keep Little Adam. Josh, ever lurking, overheard that Tad was the father of Charlotte. He said he would do everything possible to handle J.R. Babe asked about Little Adam and Krystal told her he was just fine. Babe said she wanted to see him and Krystal said that she would sneak him into the casino to see her. Krystal again told Babe she would do anything for her and she thanked Josh for keeping her baby doll alive. Erica came in and told Babe and Josh that the Satin Slayer had been caught, that Kendall was fine and all was well. She then threw back the blankets and told Babe to get dressed, she would take her home. Josh said that Babe was in no condition to go home so Erica suggested that they bring the Chandlers to Babe at the casino. Babe told Erica that Krystal knew she was alive but Erica wouldn't let it go. Josh ushered her out of the room and told her not to say a word to anyone. Erica told Josh that if Babe wanted to be with him she would be even if she left the casino. Josh told Erica that if she said anything their relationship was over. Josh went back into Babe's room and told her to let him do the worrying. When Babe awoke, Josh told her he had a plan -- that she remain dead.

Krystal arrived home and Adam said she seemed transformed. She said she felt better and that it was a better day. He asked Krystal where she had gone with Josh and wanted to know what he didn't know. She told Adam that Josh loved Babe and she wished that J.R. had loved her that way too. Adam defended J.R. and told her that he didn't want to argue. She told him she was going to take a nap and then she was going to take Little Adam to a flower show. Krystal got Little A ready to go see Babe and she told him he was going to see his momma. J.R. was at the door of the nursery.

At Wildwind, Annie answered the door and Ryan asked her to marry him."

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