03/08/2007 Myrtle Visits Zach & Kendall

"Bianca accompanies Zoë to her first visit to Dr. Massey, a doctor who specializes in the treatment of people who are transitioning. She acknowledges that the journey will be tough but, as the rock star breaks down, Bianca assures her that she will do whatever she can to help.

Kendall greets her husband after his long night out, fighting his own demons. He tries to avoid any mention of the terror they just went through, but she tells him simply that she has had her own experience with fathers who are monsters, and she knows from experience that there is life beyond them. Comforted, Zach leans in to kiss her, moments before Myrtle shows up in their open doorway with a handful of 'I told you so's. Kendall says her goodbyes and leaves the two friends to visit. Myrtle jokes that she should have bet on their relationship to survive everything, and then notes how hellish it must have been to save Kendall from near death. She then tells him that he is not responsible for the things that his father did, and that no one, not even the women that died, would expect him to pay for his father's sins. She then says that he deserves a wonderful life, and that he can have it if he can just learn to love and forgive himself. He takes it all in, and then simply says that he doesn't deserve her.

Jack wraps up a phone call just as Erica enters the police station and approaches him slowly. He stands and greets her cautiously, and she thanks him for his part in making sure that Kendall came home safely. He dismisses her offer, noting that Kendall is his daughter too, and starts to walk away. Before he can, she asks what his plan is regarding the mess he made with Josh. She admits that she is concerned about her son's future if the charade about Babe's death isn't revealed. Jack listens patiently and then tells her that their meddling has never done any good. She tries to protest but he tells her that their promise to stay out of the lives of their children was the foundation of their marriage. She tries to call his bluff by pointing out that he didn't follow his own rules when it came to Lily. He concedes her point but notes that he knows now that he was wrong and has been trying to make up for his mistakes, and get back to respecting the covenants of their marriage - and then asks if she had been doing the same. She asks him if his refusal to help her with Josh is some sort of payback for her fling with Jeff, but Jack simply responds that he saves his payback for the important things - like putting away psychotic killers. Trying to get the last blow in, Erica notes that his affinity for nutcases has reminded her to have him pass on her regards to Barbara.

Josh greets Babe warmly as he brings her breakfast in. She admits that she didn't sleep well, and further notes that she can't believe he isn't curious about her decision: should she stay in town and fight JR, or go on the run with him and her son? Josh remains silent and she wonders aloud why he has no input. Only at her prompting do they start to review the possible scenarios, none of which has a good output. Babe balks at the fact that even when she is sure of what she wants, JR still has an effect. Josh tells her that no matter what her choice is, he will stand behind her. Before they can go any further, Kendall appears in her doorway, and the two women warmly embrace. Kendall admits that she was shocked when she didn't hear about Babe's amazing return from the grave when she got back, but Babe and Josh soon explain their hesitation. Kendall warns them that whatever they decide, they need to do it quickly, and promises that she won't rat them out if they decide to leave town. She then tries to get up to leave, but feels woozy and only Josh's quick reflexes breaks her fall. Kendall writes it off as a product of a rough couple of days and the fact that she didn't eat breakfast. Josh leaves the room briefly to get a few things so that he can check her out. Once the women are alone, Kendall notices an impish look on Babe's face and inquires as to its cause. Babe hints that perhaps Kendall's near collapse could be attributed to something else. Kendall counts back and admits that her being pregnant is possible, but then refuses to consider it as reality. Instead, she refocuses on the decision that Babe has to make. She then tells Babe that she would actually miss her if she decided to go. Smiling, Babe echoes the sentiment. A short time later, all checked out by Dr. Josh, Kendall prepares to go. She tells Babe that she hopes to see her again, and Babe notes that as soon as she makes a decision, she will let her know.

Krystal passes by the slightly ajar doors of the Chandler living room and hears JR call out that his son isn't very good at keeping secrets. She feigns innocence, but JR fairly demands that she take him to where they "saw Babe" last night. She hems and haws a bit, but when JR confronts her with the evidence that Winifred saw her putting Little A in the car, she tells him that she just wanted to spend some quality time with her grandson. Not very appeased, JR holds out a set of keys and asks her to take him where she took his son. Instead of walking out the door, she goes into the living room and asks if he really believes that she would take a three year old to a cemetery in the middle of the night, and tell him that his mom is stuck out there forever? JR realizes how his accusations sounded and apologizes. Krystal explains Little A's confessions as nothing more than a toddler's imagination in reaction to all of the emotions flying around the house. JR takes the bait and heads out for a meeting, much to Krystal's relief.

Bianca offers to come back another day with Zoë to see the doctor, but Zoë tells her that the delay could be indefinite if she doesn't face it head on. Bianca notes that she just wants her to be sure. Zoë tells her that she is, and that she has wanted this her whole life, but still finds it frightening. Bianca asks what scares her the most and Zoë tells her that the idea that she could complete her transition only to find that she is still lost is the worst thing she could imagine. While Bianca continues to assure her that she will be there every step of the way, JR watches them from nearby, initially unnoticed. They soon see him, and Bianca warns him not to start trouble. JR stops her before she can launch into full-blown defensive mode, and apologizes. Zoë seems confused and thinks it is meant for someone else, but JR tells her that just because he doesn't understand her doesn't give him the right to treat her as less than human. Just then, Erica emerges from the elevator and approaches her daughter. The doctor's assistant comes out at the same time and tells Zoë that the doctor is ready to see her. Zoë offers to go in alone, but Bianca tells her mother than she will catch up with her later, and the two friends retreat into the office.

Once inside, Bianca asks for permission to record the consultation, and doctor agrees. She first says that it's her job as an endocrinologist to lay out the complete picture of positives and negatives with hormone therapy. Zoë tells her that she is something of an internet MD, having spent many sleepless nights reading everything she could find. With slight coaxing, Zoë talked about the things that she had learned, and the doctor fills things in along the way. Bianca asks to review the parts about the dangers, as the mention of them concerns her more than she thought they would. Just then, the assistant comes back in and tells the doctor that the call she had been waiting for was holding. The doctor excuses herself, telling Zoë to think of any questions she may have while she is gone. Once alone, Bianca tells Zoë that she needn't go through the hormone therapy, since people already know who she is without it. Zoë tells her that living life in her body the way it has been for so long has made it clear that a total transition is what she needs to feel comfortable in her own skin. Bianca, seeing her determination, stops protesting just before the doctor returns to the office and apologizes for leaving. She asks if Zoë has any questions, and the singer tells her just that she would like to begin hormone treatments right away. The doctor looks at her sadly and says that she can't do that. Zoë thinks the doctor doesn't want to treat her, but she is quickly told that there is a protocol to follow before the physical transition can be completed. Zoë hesitates, but when Bianca reminds her that she has already waited a long time for this, she agrees to do things the doctor's way. Then, much to Zoë's surprise, Dr. Massey tells her that there is a transgender group meeting at the hospital shortly, and encourages her to go. A short time later, Bianca parts ways with Zoë at the door to the room where the meeting is being held. Though nervous, Zoë takes the plunge, and she sees average every day people inside. She closes the door and hopes for the best.

In the AA meeting, JR stands up and introduces himself while Erica looks on. He tells the group that he just lost his wife and admits how horribly he treated her. He also talks about how badly he has wanted to drink to kill the pain, choosing instead to just be pissed off at everyone. He then notes that he'd been reading their book a lot lately, especially Step 8: writing down the names of everyone who had been hurt. He tells them that he had a lot of names, but the one that hurt the most was his wife's because he has no way to make amends. He notes that he is willing to try to do whatever he can to make things right. They all stand, recite the Serenity Prayer and disband. JR and Erica stay behind, and she asks if what he said was for real. He tells her that he was being truthful, and she asks if his amends extend to Josh. He tells her that he is trying not to blame anyone for what happened. He then exits the scene, aiming to run some errands.

Krystal opens the door and finds Amanda on the Chandler's doorstep, needing to talk to someone who misses Babe. They go into the living room, and Amanda pours out her heart, saying that she misses Babe and is angry that she has to. She talks about all of the things she still expects to do, and how it feels when she realizes that her best friend is gone. Teary eyed, she begs Babe's mother to tell her what to do. They talk some more, and Krystal continues to comfort the young girl. Amanda apologizes for her behavior but Krystal tells her that it's helpful to know that people cared about Babe.

Zach visits the police station and reviews the statement about his father's crime. Derek cautions him to read it carefully and then sign it so they can begin trial proceedings. As he does, he has flashbacks to Las Vegas and the terror his father inflicted. He forces his way through the report, and signs it where indicated. He stands up to leave and comes face to face with his father once again.

Kendall returns home, bag in hand and greets her son happily. Rachael asks to take an hour or so off for errands, and Kendall grants the request effortlessly. Once alone with her son, she takes a pregnancy test out of the bag and rhetorically asks Spike what he thinks of his mama's magic wand. She takes the test, and is shocked a few minutes later at the results.

Having sent Amanda on her way, Krystal takes a drink of water moments before JR returns home and joins her in the living room. She is thrown for a loop when, out of the blue, he asks if he can be her son.

Babe asks whether there is any way to tell what the right decision would be before she does anything. Josh asks if there is anything that he can say to help, but she tells him that she doesn't think so. He then pulls out a magic 8 ball that he found downstairs and tells her that she should try it and see if it helps. She asks a few questions but she gets decidedly lackluster answers. Erica approaches in the hall and listens in on their conversation, wherein her son tells Babe that if she decides to run, he will do a better job of making sure no one would ever find them again."

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