01/17/2006 Adam Wakes Up With Brooke & Opal

"Julia went to Cambias Enterprises to warn Ryan that his life may be in danger. He guessed that she was referring to Zach. He told Julia that he could handle anything Zach dished out. Ryan asked Julia what he thought he should do. He said he was staying in Pine Valley and would enjoy the fight. Ryan asked Julia when she got to bed and she said she took a power nap and a pot of coffee. Julia said someone was after her too and if she nodded off too long, she would be gone. She said that whenever she closed her eyes, she relived the shooting that put her and Noah in the WPP. She told Ryan that she was alone and exhausted. Julia left and Zach came.

Erin and Jonathan returned to the penthouse. Erin left to get the rest of their stuff from the Pine Cone and Janet showed up at the door dressed as a police officer. Jonathan wanted to know who Janet was and why she kept showing up. She said she was his imaginary friend and he said he knew that she was very real. Janet asked Jonathan if owned a truck. He said no, but she then showed Jonathan the photo she took of him in front of the truck. Quoting from "Cool Hand Luke" she said, "What we have here, is a failure to communicate." Jonathan repeated the good deeds he had done since his return, and Janet told him she knew where he had stashed the people he kidnapped . Janet asked what his next move was going to be and what he was going to do with the bodies. When Erin returned, Jonathan was very freaked out. Erin asked what happened and Jonathan said nothing. He assured Erin he was fine and took her bags upstairs.

Zach brought Kendall breakfast in bed. He handed her the newspaper and she saw the front page article that stated Ryan had joined Cambias. Zach said he had to go to work but Kendall wanted to know if he was going after Ryan. Kendall explained that Ryan stayed in PV for her and he needed something to occupy his time. Zach told her that it wasn't business, it was personal. Kendall tried to assure Zach that Ryan had nothing to do with them and nothing should get in their way. She said that she went to Ryan's penthouse last night and he promised to stay away. Zach's phone rang and he left the bedroom to answer. It was a very mysterious call. He told Kendall he had to go and to call if she needed him. Julia showed up at Kendall's door.

Tad went to the hospital as Di was packing her things. She asked him why he came back. She told him that she wasn't holding him to what he said. Tad told her that J.R. had stopped by too. He said that he wanted to make it work. He said he couldn't give any guarantees and then Del came in and said he guaranteed that he was going to stay away from his sister. Del then asked Tad what he said to Opal to make her stay away from him. Del said she had gone missing. Tad said that Del and Opal spending time together was disgusting. Tad then told Del that he was going to leave he, Di and Opal and Opal's money alone.

J.R. and Babe raced back the mansion only to realize that Krystal and Adam were still missing. J.R. and Babe both accused the other's parent of setting up the whole disappearance. They finally realized that it was no set-up, but a kidnapping. The doorbell rang and Tad and Di were there. Di thanked J.R. for stopping by the hospital and J.R. told her he didn't care about her, in fact he had hoped that she died. Babe asked where her mama could be and Tad said that maybe they left together and Babe said that he mama wouldn't leave without telling her.

In the back of the truck, Janet's hostages were beginning to awaken. Adam came to first and pondered how much he had to drink. Brooke then awoke and wondered if she was in the basement. Joe, Opal and Krystal came around and Opal demanded that Krystal give back her shoes. Krystal accused Adam of setting up the whole thing and told him to tell his goons to open the truck. Brooke found a box of goodies left for them so they wouldn't starve. They realized that their cell phones were gone. The ladies beat on the truck and screamed to attract attention, but to no avail. Opal was going to drink the punch left for them, but Joe and Brooke warned her not to drink it. Krystal took a sip and nothing happened. They tried to figure out what the common thread was. They considered David as the culprit, then perhaps Erica or even Billy Clyde Tuggle. Krystal told Opal that Palmer had proposed and Opal did not take the news well. Joe got Opal off Krystal and Opal said that Palmer's fortune couldn't be touched. Adam said that he would be happy to step aside for Palmer so he could reclaim Brooke who said, never. Joe heard a noise and Janet was outside the truck with a hose. She poked the hose inside the truck and turned the nozzle on a tank full of "fun" gas (Janet's word)."

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