01/18/2006 Janet Gases The Sardines

"Julia stopped by Kendall's to speak to her about Ryan. Julia offered some advice to Kendall to either pick Zach or Ryan because she said that she didn't want Kendall's baby to have any undue stress. She went on to tell Kendall that she needed to limit the arguing between Zach and Ryan for the baby's sake. Kendall realized that Julia is falling for Ryan telling Julia that is was "cute, you with a crush." Kendall told Julia that Ryan and Zach had minds of their own and that she could not keep them from fighting. As the two girls argued over Ryan and Zach, Ryan listened from outside the door. Just then Kendall began having cramps and Ryan barged in to her aid. Julia questioned Kendall as to what she had eaten that day and then offered that it was heart burn and nothing more and to take some antacid which Ryan promptly brought her. After Julia left, Ryan questioned Kendall on who was going to raise their child. Kendall told him that she would need more antacid to discuss that right then. She asked him what he wanted from her to which he responded, "I want you to marry me."

Zach stopped by Cambias Enterprises only to see Ryan back at work. Ryan told Zach that Zach would never have anything to do with his baby. Zach offered that Ryan should let his son be raised by anyone but him and asked him where he got off by having Maria fight his battles. When Ryan insisted he didn't know anything about Maria calling Zach, Ethan entered and took credit for instigating the telephone call to Maria as well as convincing Ryan to come back to Cambias Enterprises after offering him a really big bonus. Zach insisted that Ryan was using Ethan to get to him. Ethan told Zach that the reason he got Maria involved was because, "I didn't have a choice. You have come between the lives of too many children and parents." Ethan went on to blame Zach for breaking up him and Kendall and told him that he would not let Zach do that to Ryan and Kendall. Zach asked him when he and Ryan became such good friends. Ethan informed him that there was nothing left for Zach there and to see himself out.

When Jamie tried to leave his apartment to go over to the Chandler Mansion after being summoned by his Dad, Amanda insisted she go with him. Jamie reminded her that she is not welcome there. Amanda went on to blame JR of just wanting to get Jamie away from her. She continued on to tell Jamie that JR and Babe hate her. Jamie promised Amanda he would come back but told her he would have to leave before he could come back. After Jamie left, Myrtle showed up to visit with Amanda. She asked Amanda if she could rent her room at the boarding house as somebody was interested in it. Amanda asked if she could hold onto it for a little while longer, just until she was sure about her future. She went on to share with Myrtle her budding love for Jamie and sought her advice on what she should do to keep him. Myrtle told her that she needed to be herself. Janet then came by to visit with Amanda and brought her some new earrings. Myrtle noticed that they matched the ones Janet was currently wearing and brought it to Amanda's attention. Amanda said that maybe she didn't want to "match" her mother. After Myrtle left Amanda apologized for her comment and tried to explain to her mother that she did not mean it the way it sounded to which Janet responded, "Are you ashamed of me?" Amanda did her best to reassure her mother that she didn't think she was a nut job. She told her that she thought she was great for how much she worries about her and tries to help her. Janet told her she wouldn't do all these things to help her if she didn't love her wherein Amanda questioned her mother as to what she had done for her.

At the Chandler Mansion, Babe, JR, Tad, Di, and Palmer put their heads together to try to figure out where their missing loved ones were. They all finally came to the conclusion that somebody kidnapped them. They tried to figure out what the connection is between all of the people who were missing. Amanda came to mind as a possible suspect but Tad thought that it would have to have been somebody that could lift more weight than Amanda. Jamie also doubted that Amanda was responsible for this particular incident, he nonetheless promised to get information of their family member's whereabouts out of Amanda if in fact she had something to do with their disappearance. Tad then called Derek and asked him to put out an APB on the missing people. Tad then left (with Di in tow) to go "pay somebody a visit" which turned out to be Jonathan. Palmer also left to go make sure some spaceship hadn't taken off with Opal muttering that they may have sucked her up after all. JR and Babe stayed behind in case one of the missing people checked in.

Meanwhile, in the back of an enclosed metal semi-truck trailer, Opal, Brooke, Adam, Joe, and Krystal wake up side-by-side together without their shoes and wondered how they got there and where "there" was. While they are trying to figure out what is going on Brooked smelled a sweet-smelling fragrance which they figured out to be some kind of gas. With this knowledge they all thought that their lives were going to soon come to an end. Outside, Janet from another Planet was giggling as she turned up the level of the gas (nitrogen oxide). The prisoners began frantically banging on the truck to get attention. Soon all of the prisoners begin giggling uncontrollably over small things, with the exception of Adam who was more somber. Opal asked Brooke if they were still alive. Brooke responded with, "I hope so because if we're not and we are with him (pointing to Adam), we are in hell!" Everyone chimed in with laughter at Adam's expense. Brooke and Krystal bonded over some snacks that had been provided for them and discussed the things they had in common ... Adam and Tad! They agreed that Tad was very good in the sack. Brooke asked Krystal if she knew that Adam seduced Dixie when she was helping run their house and then tried to convince Brooke to adopt their baby and that is when Adam put Dixie in the insane asylum." Krystal told Brooke that she was sorry that Brooke had been married to him at which Brooke replied, "I am sorry that you still are!" Adam sat down next to them and suggested a threesome. Meanwhile Opal was admiring Joe's hands insisting that they were so nice and soft and his cuticles were so healthy "not like the claws some people sport and call it class," glancing wryly toward Adam."

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