01/16/2006 Josh Offers To Resign

"Ryan thanks Kendall when she offers to keep him company on his first night back in the apartment he shared with Greenlee. When confesses that he is still having a difficult time dealing with Greenlee's absence, Kendall admits that she misses Greenlee as well. While Kendall disappears to the kitchen, Ryan answers a knock at the door. Hoping to cheer Ryan up, Julia decided to stop by and invite him out for a night on the town. Ryan tries to explain that he can't go out but Julia refuses to hear any excuses and pulls out a pair of handcuffs which she threatens to use on him if he doesn't cooperate. Just then Kendall emerges from the kitchen with a tray of hot chocolate. She is less than pleased to see Julia standing in the living room and takes the opportunity to fling a few insults at her before Julia decides to leave. Alone with Ryan, Kendall tries her best to discredit Julia but Ryan will have none of it. He reminds her that she made it clear that he is not permitted to comment on her relationship with Zach so she doesn't have the right to judge his with Julia. Ryan insists that he and Julia are only friends and that he enjoys her company because she understands what he's going through. Frustrated with Ryan's stubbornness in regards to Julia, Kendall gathers up her things and leaves in a fit of anger. After Kendall's departure, Julia knocks on Ryan's door once again. She explains that she waited for Kendall to leave so that she could apologize for interrupting their evening. Ryan accepts the apology and tells her that it doesn't matter how Kendall and Julia feel about each other as long as they don't ask him to choose between them. He then asks Julia why Kendall and Julia feel so much animosity for each other. Julia explains that they never really got along. She speculates that for Kendall the big kiss off was when Julia dragged Zach into the whole dragon mess while for Julia it was when Kendall ratted her out to the police. Later, as Julia is leaving, she tells Ryan he can call her any time he feels the need to talk. He gives her the same open invitation.

Zach tracks Anita down at the hospital to ask her for help. He wants to avoid Kendall going through a similar scare as she did the other day. Anita offers to get him the name of someone in obstetrics whom he can talk to and some pamphlets but beyond that she can't help him. Later, Kendall arrives home still upset about Ryan's involvement with Julia. Zach tells her to stop and pulls her into his arms. After a brief hug, Zach picks Kendall up and carries her to bed where they kiss. After Kendall changes into a nightgown and returns to bed, she asks Zach if he's ok with them not being able to make love. Zach assures her that holding her is enough for him.

At Di's request, Tad pays her a visit in the hospital. When Di tells him that she doesn't expect him to forgive her, Tad begins laughing. He feels that she doesn't have the right to have a say in whether or not he forgives her. When he wonders if a man can fall in love with someone he hasn't forgiven, Di weighs in with her opinion. She doesn't think he can but he can certainly have an affair with her. Tad is a bit taken aback. He admits that she was right about his feelings having nothing to do with Dixie. He goes on to tell her that he hasn't yet sorted out what his feelings are but he wants her in her life. After a brief kiss, Tad leaves Di's room. Anita stops him outside of Di's hospital room door, asking if he has any idea how to contact Joe. Tad suggests she call his service which Anita has already done without success. Tad speculates that Joe might have gone ice fishing which would mean that his cell phone may not have reception. Tad is certain that Joe will surface soon and tells Anita not to worry.

Erica is surprised when she walks into her office and learns that Josh is her new co-host. She is less than pleased at the news and tells Jesse, the network executive, that she has absolutely no intention of adding a co-host to her show. Jesse tries to convince Erica to change her mind but she refuses to be swayed, reminding him that it's her show and she has complete creative control. Josh, realizing Erica won't be forced into accepting him as a co-host does damage control by turning down the offer of co-host and backing up Erica's decision. Jesse reluctantly accepts but before he leaves he turns to Josh and warns him never to talk the way that he did to a network exec again. Alone, Josh notes that Erica appears unhappy. Erica turns to Josh and asks him to check closely and tell her if she's been stabbed in the back. Josh looks surprised and asks her what gave her the idea he had backstabbed her. Erica points out that twice now she was walked into her office to find him ensconced with a network executive. Josh does his best to convince Erica that she is misinterpreting things but to no avail. Erica stubbornly refuses that Josh hasn't been undermining her in order to further his own personal agenda. Realizing that Erica can't be convinced, Josh offers to resign. When Erica doesn't refuse the offer, Josh quickly changes tactics. As he's walking out of the door, he stops and asks Erica if he can ask her one more question. At Erica's prompt, he ask her if her hatred for his father spilled over onto him. Erica is offended at the suggestion. She tells him that she is having a difficult time connecting what happened with Josh and Jesse and Erica's feelings for Greg. Josh explains that Greg's obsession for Erica may have prompted Greg to plant the seeds of doubt in Erica by suggesting that Josh is trying to professionally stab Erica in the back. Josh's ploy works. Erica ends up giving Josh a second chance to work for her.

JR tries to ignore Babe's proposal of marriage by suggesting they go for a swim. Babe refuses to let JR off the hook so easily. She insists on getting an answer forcing JR to admit that while he wants to sleep with her, he isn't interested in marriage. Babe is hurt by his rejection. Before things disintegrate completely, they decide to pretend like the proposal never happened and pick up their enjoyable evening where it left off. Later, during a beach party, JR has a change of heart. Babe is overjoyed when JR not only asks her to marry him but suggests that they do it that very night. As they kiss, Winifred interrupts them with an urgent telegraph. She tells them that Adam is missing and when she called home, Lucretia told her that both Krystal and Adam have disappeared. Worried, they all rush to the hotel to prepare to leave for home.

Krystal doesn't take Palmer's proposal of marriage seriously and is saved having to explain herself when Marian walks in, concerned because Opal has apparently disappeared. Palmer is unconcerned but Krystal realizes that Marian is truly concerned. After Marian tells them that she hasn't heard from Opal or has been able to reach her on her cell phone, Krystal suggests that Palmer contact the police. He reminds Krystal that he doesn't have the right to do so as her ex-husband and then makes it clear that he couldn't care less where Opal was. Marian is disgusted with Palmer's attitude and points out that not even Petey has heard from Opal. Palmer is certain that Opal is somewhere gossiping but Marian insists that something is wrong. Realizing Marian isn't going to let Opal's disappearance go, Palmer decides to leave. As he reaches the door, he turns to Krystal and asks her to reconsider his proposal. Marian quickly realizes he is talking about a marriage proposal and tells him to stop embarrassing himself. As she follows Palmer out the door, Marian takes a moment to offer Krystal some advice. She tells her to cool it and get her act together. After both are gone, Krystal starts to turn to go back inside but spots Adam's shoes on the front stoop. She picks them up and calls out to Adam thinking he's somewhere in the house but he doesn't answer. Later, Krystal is unconscious as Janet rolls her into the trailer of a truck. Beside Krystal are Brooke, Adam, Opal and Joe, all of whom appear to be unconscious as well. After Janet locks the trailer, she climbs into the cab of the truck and drives away."

- Soap Central