11/30/2005 Greenlee Leaves

"Jogging in the evening, Erin ends up in the park alone and is alarmed when she senses she is not alone. She begins to run away but trips and stumbles. Erin turns to discover Aidan approaching her. Still a bit startled, Erin lashes out at him and warns him to stay away from her and her family. Aidan is more than happy to leave her alone and tells her as much. Realizing that she might have overreacted, Erin apologizes for her outburst. Aidan assures her that he's trying to keep an open mind about Jonathan but is having some difficulty understanding why she's so protective of Jonathan. Erin explains that she is compelled to dedicate so much of herself to Jonathan because she cares for her brother deeply. As they prepare to go their separate ways, Aidan advises Erin to start jogging during the day instead of at night. Erin tells him that she actually runs three times a day because it helps her unwind and relax. They begin to brag about their running ability which leads Aidan to challenge Erin to a run. Erin accepts the challenge and takes off with Aidan close on her heels.

Erica enlists Tad's professional help. She wants Tad to dig into Greg Madden's past and find out what his connection to Erica is and more importantly why he seems to have a grudge against her. Tad is initially reluctant, having already investigated Dr. Madden without uncovering anything even remotely questionable about him as a professional or on a personal level. Erica manages to convince Tad that there is something that Dr. Madden is hiding. Tad promises Erica that if there is a secret to be uncovered in Greg's past, he will expose it.

Greg confronts his son with the obvious truth that he helped Greenlee gain access to Kendall's medical records. When Greg beings preaching to him, Josh stops him with the reminder that Greg was equally deceptive and has no room to judge Josh's actions. Greg defends his decision to help Kendall by reminding Josh of what the goal was. Both he and Kendall wanted to give Greenlee the baby she desperately wanted. Josh isn't impressed. He points out that a child deserves to know who its parents are regardless of the circumstances. Greg vehemently disagrees. He feels that nurture not biology is what makes someone a parent. Fed up with what he sees as a god complex, Josh tells Greg to stop meddling in people's lives. Josh doesn't see Greg's motivation in helping couples have children as altruistic but as selfish because he's only f trying to recapture the empowering feeling he had when he helped to save his own wife's life by giving her a miracle baby. Before leaving, Josh warns his father that he knows he's still keeping a secret that concerns Erica and he's determined to discover what it is. Tad is sitting nearby and appears to have overheard the exchange.

Jack and Zach discuss Kendall. Zach tires to defend her to Jack but Jack is too angry to listen. He is convinced that Kendall intentionally tried to have Ryan's baby because she's still obsessed with her ex-lover. Zach can't believe Jack's narrow view especially when Jack asks him why he's now defending Kendall instead of doing so earlier when Greenlee confronted her. Zach explains that Kendall didn't want his help earlier because it was painfully obvious that she was waiting for someone in her family to come to her defense. Equally obvious was the reluctance by everyone to do so. Zach asks Jack what he will do after the baby is born. Will he reject it because Ryan is the child's father?

Jack finds Erica at her penthouse where she is standing by the balcony doors looking at the nighttime skyline, pensive. When he admits that he doesn't know how to get their family back on track, Erica reminds him that if he needs an outlet for his anger, he should focus it in Greg Madden's direction, not Kendall's.

Kendall begs Greenlee to reconsider leaving town. Too filled with rage over what she sees as a betrayal on Kendall's part, Greenlee refuses to consider Kendall's request and takes the opportunity to berate Kendall for lying to her about the baby. While Ryan tries to get Kendall to leave, Kendall tearfully makes a desperate attempt to get through to Greenlee. She gives Ryan and Greenlee the ultrasound picture of the baby and reminds them that they have a son who needs them. For the baby's sake, Greenlee needs to reconsider leaving town. Greenlee can't get past the lies and betrayals. She explains that she can no longer trust either of them and that she feels absolutely destroyed inside. For her own sanity, she needs to get away from Pine Valley and the two people she can no longer bear to look at, Ryan and Kendall. After Greenlee walks out, Ryan turns to Kendall and lashes out. He tells her that her interference made matters worse and asks her why she can't just leave them alone. He leaves without waiting for an answer. Ryan catches up to Greenlee in the parking garage where he once again tries to convince Greenlee to reconsider. Greenlee refuses. Desperate, Ryan offers to leave town with her but Greenlee doesn't want him to leave with her. She tells him that if he follows her, he will just make things worse than they already are. She is determined to end her marriage to him and nothing Ryan says is able to sway her. Ryan has no choice but to watch Greenlee gets into her car and drive away. Kendall walks out moments later. Hurt and angry, Ryan turns on her and asks her how she could betray Greenlee in such a horrible fashion. Backed into a corner, Kendall reminds Ryan how he was the catalyst to everything that happened. If not for Ryan's actions, Greenlee would have never been in the desperate state that she was in, practically willing herself to die. Kendall tells him that she did whatever she needed to keep her best friend from giving up on life, including giving her the baby she so desperately wanted. Before Ryan can respond, Kendall walks away, crying.

Kendall returns to her townhouse and opens the door. Emotionally distraught, she drops to the ground, sobbing. Zach finds her and quietly wraps her up in his coat and offers her the comfort of his arms."

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