09/16/2005 Zach Toasts Kendall

"Amanda finds Aidan in a restaurant and tries to hit on him, but he does not seem thrilled about her company. Amanda toasts to herself and prides herself on stealing the now rich Jamie from Babe. Aidan offers his congratulations but wonders why she is there with him. Amanda responds that she is there to pass the time while Jamie studies, but Aidan walks away to greet his guest. Aidan asks the woman to get some information on an organization that is trying to bust, but before she can give him an answer, Amanda comes over and tries to spoil his meeting. When the woman sees Mimi and Garret walk in, she runs off, with Mimi following at her heels. Aidan runs after Mimi, who is in the alley looking for the woman. Mimi tells Aidan that she knows he is involved with Julia's case, but Aidan pretends not to know anything. Garret comes out to check on Mimi and he walks her back inside the restaurant. Amanda comes outside to gloat, but Aidan only calls her a pain with a whole lot of beauty.

Inside the restaurant, Garret publicly proclaims his love for Mimi with a dance and toast. She tells him that she loves him and they walk out as Amanda sips on her own alcoholic beverage. She insults Amanda, but still hits on him at the same time. Aidan says that she is just upset because he won't give in to her temptations. As soon as she walks out, Aidan goes to the bar and hears Amanda scream. Aidan goes to see what is wrong, assuming it is another one of Amanda's games, but he finds the woman dead in a pile of trash bags. Garret drops Mimi back off at her home, then brings up a picture of Danielle in the dressing room, fully clothed, with her bridesmaid gown on his camera phone.

Danielle is in Greenlee's apartment looking through Fusion samples when Garret comes up behind her and hands her a diamond necklace. Danielle does not answer and is surprised when he hands it to her mother as soon as she walks in the room. Mimi gushes over the present and asks Danielle to go out to dinner with them, but Danielle claims she has too much work to do. After Garret and Mimi leave, Reggie walks by and asks how Danielle is doing. She does not understand why he cares, but Reggie tells her that he wanted to help her with her problem. Before she can explain about Garret's odd behavior, Josh walks in, which makes Reggie immediately leave. Josh assumes that Reggie still cares about Danielle, but she says they are pretty over. Danielle tells Josh about the necklace incident, still thinking that Garret is not a bad guy. She tells Josh that she will just have to get through the wedding, no matter what he doubts are because Mimi is so happy.

Kendall looks through birthing books to understand how the baby will be born, but she gets too grossed out before she can even get past the first page. She tosses the book aside and picks up a beauty magazine, but before she gets a chance to see it, Zach comes over with a bottle of champagne. Kendall is skeptical about Zach wanting to celebrate the pregnancy plan since he was so against it. Zach admits that he was wrong and understands the bond that Kendall and Greenlee share. Kendall takes the alcohol and throws it outside, claiming that Zach is trying to get her drunk so she would change her mind. Kendall tells Zach that because he lost Julia, he is taking it out on her. He says that the marriage has turned out not the way he thought because he likes Kendall more now. Kendall says that their impressions of each other have changed over time. He thought Kendall was a ditz and Zach actually has a heart sometimes. When Kendall apologizes for throwing the champagne, Zach grabs a bottle of hers to use. Kendall asks him if he is OK with her carrying Greenlee's child once more. Zach says yes and Kendall grabs the wine glasses. He toasts to Kendall's courage and devotion to Greenlee. When Kendall offers to make them dinner, Zach leaves to go to an appointment. Zach breaks into a building and gets past the security alarm.

Tad finds Babe listening in the secret passage as Di and JR agree not to interfere with each other's love lives. When Di and JR leave the bedroom, Babe sneaks in and starts searching through the dresser drawers. Babe looks a picture of JR and little Adam, but her moment is interrupted when JR walks in and demands to know why she is there. Babe tries to pretend that she wanted a picture of JR and the baby, but then decides she was there to see Di to talk about spending more time with the baby. JR counters that Babe was there to find dirt on Di so Krystal can get back together with Tad. JR grabs Babe by the arm and leads her out the bedroom, giving Tad the chance to pick where Babe left off. Tad takes all of the items out of a drawer, turns it over and sees a letter that states not to be opened until after "my death or disappearance." Tad reads the letter which is from Di. Di writes, still claiming to be Dixie, how much she loves Tad.

Del finds Di in the library and she confesses that everyone wants answers. She knows that the real Dixie would tell the truth, but Di is scared that if she does, she will lose everything she has built up. Del tells her that he has lived with regrets his whole life, but Di does not think it is so easy. After all, she left home at 17 and hooked up with the first guy she met, thinking he would sweep her off her feet, Di said. When Del asked if the man was Kevin, she does not answer him, but only says that she stayed with the man because he pampered her beyond belief. Del finally understands why it is hard for Di to be honest because everyone around her has come to love her. He even agrees to help her keep up the fake identity.

Di walks back into her bedroom and sees Tad reading the letter. He tells her that they can still have their "together forever" and unless she is dying, she knows something about Julia's case. Di still pretends not to know anything, but Tad claims he knows "his Dixie" and the woman he knows would not lie to him. Julia listens as Tad tries to convince Di to be honest

Babe and JR go to the library, where he questions her goody two-shoes behavior. He tells her that she is probably scamming him, but Babe says that she is done with trying to make him suffer."

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