09/15/2005 Zach Gets Advice From Myrtle

"Reggie arrives at the studio as Erica gets a quick touch up before the second half of her show begins. He apologizes for being late and wishes her well before she runs back on to the set. Once she settles in, Erica introduces a series of segments where she: visits Yankee Stadium and talks with pitcher Al Leiter; meets with former New York mayor David Dinkins (who gives her updates on what he's doing, including his involvement with the New York Junior Tennis League); meets up with New York Knicks player Allan Houston; visits with Tiki Barber of the New York Giants; interviews former New York mayor Ed Koch; stops by Mount Sinai Medical Center and talks with Dr. Silverstein (a one-time high school teacher and who now delivers babies); and wraps up with a trip to Gracie Mansion and chats with the current Mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

Erica returns to the office and gets showered in rave reviews from her staff and beloved family. Val confirms that the show is a hit to more than just those who hold her near and dear – reviews, websites and blogs have already popped up online, singing her praises. In offering congratulations, Reggie causes Lily to ask questions that neither he nor their father really want to answer, so Reggie escapes by claiming to need a drink. He goes behind a partition to a refreshment-laden table, just in time to see Dani emerge from the elevator. He tries to blow her off, telling her that Josh is in the studio if she wants to go talk to him – but Dani refuses to be ignored. She confirms that she showed up hoping to talk with her ex-boyfriend. As Jack makes a toast to Erica, Dani pleads with Reggie to help her out. She tries to tell him about the predicament she is wrapped up in, and how she knows that he is good at figuring out solutions, but he quickly interjects that he wasn't good enough for her when she had him. She was hoping that they could just talk but Reggie doesn't want to hear anything she has to say. Lily, who had been looking at them from the other side of the partition, joins her brother once Dani takes her leave. She asks Reggie what he said to make Dani so sad, but he tells her it doesn't matter because they are no longer together. Lily tells him that they could be, simply because they both still care about each other. Reggie denies it, but Lily says that she is really good at reading facial expressions because she learned about them in her Life Skills class. Reggie tells her that life is different than her class, but she assures him that she studied extra hard so that she get it right. She also notes that his routine has changed, and that he doesn't spend as much time on himself in the mornings as he did when he was dating Dani. She illustrates what he used to do, and even though Reggie denies it, Lily has an answer at the ready: he doesn't do these things anymore, but he would if he mended fences with Dani.

At the hospital, Erin and Ryan discuss Jonathan's situation and agree that because of the tumor, they don't think Jonathan should be responsible for all of the things he did. Erin goes on to say that they should all be afforded a fresh start in life – and that Ryan could go back to Greenlee and tell her he was wrong. She reminds her brother that he isn't Patrick Lavery incarnate, and that Greenlee was right about who he really is. Erin believes that Ryan got so wrapped up in the family drama that he self-destructed. Ryan agrees but knows that he can't just go back to Pine Valley and expect everything to go back to the way it was. Ryan admits that when he found out that Greenlee was pregnant with his child, he knew he had to die because there was no way in the world he was capable of raising a son or daughter. Erin recognizes what Ryan is saying as something that lives in her, and knows that Ryan is telling her the truth. They talk a bit more about Erin's lack of a maternal instinct, but Ryan assures her that she is merely ahead of most people by knowing what she wants, and what she doesn't want. Before they can delve any further into the subject, a voice from the hall calls to Ryan, asking why everyone thinks he is dead. A man strolls into the room, and even through Ryan vehemently denies it, the man isn't deterred. He notes that he never forgets a face, especially if it's the face of someone who took him for a lot of money. Erin joins in the protesting, but the man ignores her too, saying that Ryan went by Will Walsh when they crossed paths. The siblings continue to try to convince the man that he has the wrong person, but the man simply goes on to talk about the obituary he read, and finding out that Ryan was once the Cambias heir but is now revealed to be nothing but a conman. He asserts that he will blow the lid off of the secret that Ryan is actually alive. He starts to leave, but Erin tries to placate him with a generic version of the reason they are there. The man doesn't give an inch, and after a moment where Ryan and Erin consider still trying to get the guy off their case, Ryan breaks first. He admits that he took the guy for a lot of money, and that it felt good. This gives the man license to really try to hit home – so he asks if Ryan's former wife is in on the scam, and if she'll be splitting the insurance money with him. This gets Ryan where it hurts and he gets in the man's face and demands that he leave Greenlee out of his attack. Realization dawning, the man asks Ryan what his former wife would do if she found out he was still alive. Reining his anger in, Ryan realizes that he has to find a way to strike back that will shut the guy up. He starts to question why he's at the hospital, and he and Erin soon realize that it's not to visit a sick family member or friend. Erin makes a sudden move and grabs the papers the man had been holding. While Ryan holds him back, they see that he is there to sell lousy insurance coverage to sick people. Ryan breaks it down for the guy: they agree to stay out of each other's' lives, because if he finds out that the guy started talking, started rumours about Ryan being alive, Ryan will get the cops on his trail and get him sent away to prison for 5-10 years. Angry that he can't cash in without paying a hefty price, the man grabs his papers and leaves, noting that Greenlee is better off without Ryan before making his final exit. Erin is giddy with pride over how Ryan handled that guy, but Ryan is wary – even though one person has been taken care of, that might not be the end of their problems. In fact, it might just be the beginning. Erin wonders aloud if Ryan might want to really try coming back from the dead, but Ryan confirms that he needs to stay dead – at least as far as everyone in Pine Valley is concerned. She then asks about Slater – he knows Ryan is alive, and what is keeping him from confessing all he knows? Ryan tells her that Slater wants him dead – so Ryan can trust that Slater will keep his mouth shut.

Greenlee tells Zach that he will never understand the choice that she and Kendall made – but Zach is incredulous that they can't grasp what he's saying: two seemingly intelligent women, willing to do something that will not only wreck their lives but the life of the resulting child – and they don't think there is anything wrong with that? He suggests yet again that they get an impartial third party to be the surrogate, because Kendall carrying Ryan's baby would be an emotional roller coaster. Greenlee assures Kendall that everything will be all right – but Kendall turns around to faces her and tells her that she can't. After a moment of strained silence, Kendall finishes the thought by saying that she can't let a stranger bring a miracle into the world for Greenlee. She pushes the button to call the elevator, and tells Greenlee that they should head over to the clinic to harvest her eggs. Near tears, Greenlee asks one more time if Kendall is certain, and Kendall confirms that she is. Kendall tells her beloved hubby to get a new hobby, and she and her best friend hop in the elevator and leave. Zach stalks around the room for a moment, picks up a picture advertising Erica's new show and, disgusted, flings it to the floor and walks out.

At the clinic, Kendall tries to calm down a very nervous Greenlee as Dr. Madden's assistant Hazel preps the drugs that will be dripped into her system. Dr. Madden comes in and Greenlee starts voicing her fears to him – about how she's completely awake and conscious, and how she is going to end up feeling everything that he does. He assures her that she won't and that in fact, she won't remember a thing. He asks Kendall to step out of the room, and although Greenlee begs her not to go, she does indeed leave. Greg asks Hazel to start the drip, and then tries to distract Greenlee by asking if she had thought of any names. Greenlee is wise to his game and swears that she isn't going to fall for it, but as he lays her back on the table, she notes aloud that she is starting to feel very good. A short time later, Kendall pokes Greenlee's hand as the patient starts to come around. Believing that the process is just starting, Greenlee halfheartedly threatens to sue if she feels any pain. Laughing, Hazel notes that her job is now done. Incredulously, Greenlee starts to realize that her eggs have been retrieved and the "worst" is over. Dr. Madden confirms that they extracted 12 eggs and then goes off to complete the fertilization process. With a gleam in her eye, Greenlee joyfully shares the thrill of impending motherhood with Kendall.

Greenlee and Kendall arrive back at Greenlee's apartment, and Kendall immediately starts to take care of Greenlee even though Greenlee feels it should be the other way around. Just then, the phone rings and Kendall takes the call. She launches into a caustic denial of rights to talk to Greenlee, and soon reveals that Mary Smythe is on the other end. Mary apparently doesn't believe that her daughter would refuse to talk to her, so Kendall hands the phone over, advising her best friend to either hang up on her or put her in her place. Greenlee takes the phone, and after a moment's consideration, greets her mother and tells her that she's glad to hear from her.

As Greenlee wraps up her phone call, Kendall brings out a tray with tea and cookies. When Greenlee hangs up the phone, Kendall questions why shee held back her ire. Greenlee admits that she was on the verge, and then had a flash where she was in her mother's shoes, squaring off with her own feisty daughter. In that instant, she realized that she couldn't do it. Despite the fact that Mary has been an awful mother, Greenlee notes that she tried everything she could think of and gave as much as she could. She further notes that Mary has always sought stability in all the wrong places, and has never really been happy. Greenlee admits that at least she had that. Kendall thinks that Mary deserved to be yelled at, but understands where Greenlee is coming from. Then, Greenlee says that she has a confession, and she hopes that it won't make Kendall change her mind.

Zach shows up at the Valley Inn, and joins Myrtle at a table near the bar. After imbibing a nip of scotch, Zach spills the beans about Kendall and Greenlee's plan to bring a child fathered by Ryan into the world. Myrtle thinks there is something wrong with them, and Zach wants to know why everyone in Pine Valley wants to erect a shrine to Ryan. Myrtle asks whether Zach's real concern is the group of people who will always love Ryan – or his wife. Zach sidesteps the question by simply saying that he can't understand why Kendall would risk her health and the last of her mental stability to bring a child into the world whose father was so dangerous. Myrtle tells him that Ryan was a good and upstanding man until his brother came to town – and that is who his "fans" love. She then asks again what his reasons are for being so concerned – and why it is that he is so hesitant to tell her. Zach swears that his only issue is why people think so highly of Ryan, but Myrtle doesn't believe him for a minute. She informs him that if he doesn't want to tell her – that's his choice; however, he owes the truth to Kendall and Greenlee before they go too far with their plan.

Greenlee confesses to Kendall that when she married Ryan, she really loved him. She told Kendall at the time that it was about the money and the company and the stocks, but really – she couldn't have cared less. She just wanted Ryan. Kendall tells her best friend that she was already in the know about it, and has gotten over it a million times since then. She just wants them to look forward to a bright future where she carries Greenlee's baby to term, and a happy life beyond. She starts to say something else but falters. Greenlee coaxes her, saying that now that her eggs have been harvested, she can take anything Kendall can throw at her. Kendall admits that she wishes Zach wasn't so against her carrying the baby. Greenlee asks why but Kendall can't really formulate an answer.

Zach tells Myrtle that he has a very good reason why Kendall and Greenlee shouldn't go through with having the baby, but if he confesses, things could get worse. Myrtle tells him that whatever his reason is, he either needs to come clean with the ladies, or stand behind them – anything else is unfair. Zach agrees that things can't stay the way that they are – but doesn't note whether he has made a decision either way. He tells Myrtle that he has to go, thanks her for the drink, and kisses her on the cheek before he leaves."

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