"Zach urged Kendall not to go through with the carrying of Ryan and Greenlee's baby, saying that it would be too difficult for Kendall to give the baby up. After all, Kendall had once claimed that Ryan was the true love of her life. A concerned Greenlee had been quietly and secretly listening to the conversation from nearby. She emerged and announced that "Zach had a point." However, Greenlee quickly brushed off all implications that Greenlee would bar Kendall from being a part of the baby's life, saying that Kendall would have "full access."

In Canada, Ryan and Erin began a nervous six-hour wait for the completion of the risky surgery to remove a tumor from Jonathan's brain. Ryan became grim-faced when he realized that Greenlee had been right when she claimed that Patrick Lavery was not the cause of the Lavery children's dysfunction. Erin asked Ryan about his relationship with Greenlee, but Ryan repeatedly dodged the questions. After Erin revealed that she had never been in love with a man and never allowed anyone to feel for her, Ryan opened up. He told his sister of his love with Gillian โ€“ and how her life had been cut short. He then explained that he felt that Greenlee was also the love of his life... but that that was not the case any more. Erin and Ryan then pondered whether or not there really was no Lavery Curse and that they were all individually responsible for their respective unhappiness.

Erica launched her new talk show, New Beginnings, with a splashy and star-studded tribute to New York City. Erica explained that the city had been the place where she had made her own new beginning when she entered the world of modeling. New York, she said, was also a shining example of new beginnings. The city had banded together in the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11th and was beginning a new. Erica's guests on the show were also examples of new beginnings. Erica made an appearance at NASDAQ to ring the opening bell. The seven-story building also proudly displayed an advertisement for Erica's talk show. Her first guest, former New York mayor Rudolph Guiliani talked of being in New York during the terror attacks and later spoke of his transition back to the private sector. Erica then traveled to the recently-rehabbed Grand Central Terminal. There, the chief architect involved in the restoration project revealed that the terminal had once been the target of demolition plans. It wasn't until former First Lady Jackie Kennedy became involved that the terminal became a landmark and was spared from the wrecking ball. Next up was a visit to the store of Mary Norton, founder of Moo Roo, a collection of glamorous handbags. Ms. Norton started the company after a terrible bout of postpartum depression, saying that ailment had basically crippled her everyday life. One night she prayed for the guidance and ability to overcome the battle with depression and subsequently dreamed of a flowery purse. Ms. Norton had no previous design experience, but made her own new beginning by making purses anyway. At a rooftop bar, Erica chatted up fashion commentator Simon Doonan, who said that women have more fashion options today than ever before. He also touted the notion that making a new beginning with a new outfit can help inspire changes in other areas of one's life. Erica then visited the human beatbox, Doug E. Fresh, in Harlem at the renowned soul food restaurant Sylvia's. The tie-in there was discussion of yet another renaissance in Harlem and how the section of New York was becoming a hip and trendy place all over again. Erica later visited and got hosting tips from Regis Philbin and the ladies of The View (minus Barbara Walters). Later, Erica traveled to Bryant Park to take in a concert by Clay Aiken. Aiken discussed how, as a UNICEF ambassador of education, had visited parts of Asia that had been devastated by the tsunami. [Editor's Note: This episode was taped well in advance of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina]. Finally, Erica was back in her studio โ€“ with Jack and Lily in the front row โ€“ listening to the wondering sounds of the stars of the Broadway musical All Shook Up. The show went off without a hitch, but the show almost didn't happen at all because Lily warned Erica that there were people all over that wanted to hurt her; Lily had taken their "break a leg" remarks a little too literally."

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