04/21/2006 Lily's Birthday Gift

"Greg denies knowing where Kendall is but Erica doesn't believe him. She threatens to tell everyone the truth about Josh but Greg isn't moved to reveal Kendall's whereabouts. Instead, Greg asks her if she is prepared to also tell everyone how she tried to kill him. Erica doesn't back down. She refuses to allow Greg to brainwash Kendall and take her baby from her. Greg denies doing anything to force Kendall to give her son up for adoption. He suggests that Erica stop using Kendall's situation to make up for her past mistakes. Erica is offended by Greg's view of things. She once again threatens to expose him for the monster that he is if he doesn't cooperate with her and reveal to her where Kendall is. Greg isn't intimidated. He believes that everyone will applaud him for saving the life of a child Erica wanted to discard. He also is certain that Josh will stand by his side and not turn his back on him as Erica believes. Erica doesn't believe his confidence. She points out that if he was so certain of Josh's loyalty then he wouldn't be trying to keep the truth from him. Greg switches tactics and once again starts talking about the two of them having a more intimate relationship. Erica is repulsed by the idea.

Josh steps in to help Joe. He talks to the parents of a young boy who has an aneurysm and needs surgery. The parents are reluctant to agree to the surgery because another family member had died after going through the same procedure. When the Haydens start talking about their son Josh and how he was their miracle child they never thought to have, Josh finds common ground. He explains a bit of his own similar history. Eventually, he is able to convince them to consent to their son receiving the life saving operation.

Tad tells Krystal that he didn't ask about Kate because he didn't feel the need to know the details of his daughter's passing. When Krystal tries talking to him about his feelings for Dixie, Tad orders her to drop it. Just then Winifred enters the room to tell Krystal that little Adam is awake. Tad asks where Adam is and isn't surprised when Winifred tells him that Adam has left. Suspecting where Adam was headed, Tad leaves to catch up with him.

Adam goes to Dixie's room and at gunpoint orders her to write Tad a note explaining that she's leaving town. Dixie tries to reason with Adam in the hopes of making him understand that all he's doing is delaying the inevitable and subjecting their son to the potential of more pain. Adam heartily disagrees. He is certain that the best thing for JR is to never discover that his mother didn't die in the car cash four years ago.

Tad enters Dixie's room to find Adam in the room alone, wiping his hands with a towel. He demands to know where Dixie is. Adam tells him that Dixie has left Pine Valley for good and hands him a note. Tad immediately dismisses it as a forgery. He points out that the note was written in block lettering and the signature isn't Dixie's. Tad worries that Adam did something to Dixie. When Adam denies having anything to do with Dixie's disappearance, Tad doesn't believe a word he's saying. He tries to shake the information out of Adam but stops short when Adam pulls out a gun and points it at him. He suggests to Tad that he forget Dixie was every in Pine Valley but Tad refuses to cooperate. Before Adam realizes what is happening, Tad manages to knock the gun out of Adam's hand and it goes flying across the room.

Ryan talks to Aidan about Kendall. Aidan informs him that he was unable to locate even a trace of Kendall much less where she went to. He suspects that Kendall was either kidnapped or she had help. Ryan is certain that the person behind Kendall's disappearance is Greg.

Jonathan gives Lily bus tickets to Boston for her birthday. He tells her that he got them for her because he knows that she wants to go to MIT. Jonathan also tells her his plans for once they arrive in Boston. He intends to support her while she goes to school. Jonathan then gives Lily a book about Boston. He knows that it is important for her to know everything about the city before they move there. As they are discussing their future, they hear Ryan call out. Lily quickly hides before Ryan, Erin and Aidan walk into the boathouse. Ryan asks Jonathan where his guest is because they heard a girl talking. Jonathan stalls long enough for Erin to join them and rescue Jonathan. She pretends that the entire picnic was planned for her and that she was the one they overheard. She also kisses Jonathan in front of them. Ryan, Aidan and Erin are surprised. Assured that Jonathan wasn't spending time with Lily, they leave the boathouse. Lily steps out from her hiding place and is clearly upset. Having witnessed the kiss, Lily feels that Jonathan would be better off with Amanda because Lily can't kiss him like that or touch him with the ease that Amanda can. Jonathan and Amanda immediately try to correct Lily's misunderstanding. The kiss wasn't special to either of them. When Jonathan asks to speak to Lily alone, Amanda steps away to give them some privacy. Jonathan does his best to explain to Lily that she is the one he wants to be with and that he loves her, not Amanda. He goes on to tell her that he won't be happy without her. Lily believes him.

Babe and JR return to Pine Valley. Looking for a crate that he had brought back with him from France, JR searches through a warehouse until he finds one marked "Chandler". Certain that it's his, JR begins to pry it open. Inside, Dixie is unconscious."

- Soap Central