04/19/2006 Lily Tells Erica's Secret

"Greg moves forward with his plans to give Kendall's baby to the couple he's chosen.

Kendall walks in just as Lily rushes out of the living room, upset that Zach won't help her disappear. Kendall misreads the situation and jumps to the conclusion that Zach did something to intentionally hurt Lily. Lily becomes even more agitated and goes to her room to be alone. Kendall demands an explanation from Zach. Zach instead focuses on why he showed up at the house to begin with. He's concerned about Kendall's continued involvement with Greg Madden. Kendall stubbornly refuses to listen to Zach's concerns or warnings. He tries to convince her that something is very off with Greg by telling her that he suspects Erica knows something that could change the way Kendall sees Greg. Kendall dismisses his suspicions. She tells him that Erica went to Greg years ago to terminate a pregnancy. That's what Erica is hiding. Zach doesn't think that's it. As they are talking, Lily returns to the living room. She announces that she knows the secret that Erica is keeping. She then proceeds to tell them that Greg stole Erica's baby. Kendall dismisses it as a misunderstanding even after Lily reveals that she overheard Tad and Erica discussing Erica's secret. Zach isn't so certain. He finds it interesting that they used the word "stole". When Kendall continues to defend Greg, Zach asks her what she's afraid of? He starts to talks about Dixie's' situation without revealing her identity. Kendall becomes frustrated with his cryptic talk and refuses to listen. They are interrupted by Erica who is not happy to find Zach in her home. Fed up with all of the arguing, Kendall leaves telling both Zach and Erica that she's had enough. Erica doesn't waste time blaming Zach for the state that Kendall is in. Zach accuses Erica of subjecting Kendall to needless misery by refusing to share her secret.

Kendall goes to see Greg. Upset, she tells him that she can't take the pressure from everyone anymore. She plays into Greg's hand when she asks him for help.

Dixie knocks on Adam's door and is greeted by Krystal. Krystal immediately slams the door in Dixie's face. Adam enters the foyer as Dixie once again knocks on the door. Krystal tries to stop Adam from opening the door but Adam can't ignore the continued knocking. He is shocked when he opens the door to find Dixie standing on the doorstep. Dixie pushes her way into Adam's home, demanding to see JR. Krystal starts to criticize Dixie for staying away for all these years and subjecting her son to so much pain. Adam takes a different approach. He offers Dixie two million and then five million to walk out of the door and stay dead to their son. Dixie continues to insist on seeing JR. Adam refuses put JR through the shock of seeing his mother and learning that she'd been alive the past four years. Dixie won't be denied. She tells Adam to act like a father and go upstairs, tell JR he loves him and will stand by him and then tell him that someone is downstairs waiting for him. While Adam goes upstairs to get JR, Krystal continues to berate Dixie for the hurt she's put her loved ones through. Adam soon returns and happily informs Dixie that JR has taken Babe to the South of France for a romantic breakfast. JR had arranged for Winifred to stay behind with little Adam. Dixie is disappointed. Adam and Krystal urge Dixie to rethink her decision to talk to JR. Dixie ignores them and asks to see her grandson. Adam denies her request. He orders to leave his home and never come back. Dixie tells Adam that it's too late; Tad already knows that she's alive. She decides to leave but not without first warning Adam that JR needs to hear the news of her return to Pine Valley from her.

Tad goes to see Di. He realizes that she must have known about Dixie being alive all along. Seething with anger, he confronts Di with the truth. He now realizes why Di turned down his proposal at the beach. Disgusted by her betrayal, Tad accuses her of being just another scheming and worthless Henry: a con artist who only cares about herself. Di is crushed. She tries to get out her side of the story. She tells him about being in Europe after Dixie supposedly died and accidentally running into at a café. Dixie had made up her mind by then that she would never return to Pine Valley. When she asked Di to keep her secret, Di didn't hesitate. She didn't know Dixie's family back then and Di was her sister. She tries to make Tad understand that she couldn't break her promise but Tad is much too hurt and betrayed to understand or forgive her. He asks Di if she told Dixie how she came to town and passed herself off as Dixie. Di evades answering. Tearfully she tells Tad that she loves him and begs him for forgiveness. Tad isn't moved. Di desperately tries to make him understand that it was Dixie's decision to keep Tad from learning that she was alive. When that fails she insists that their love can get them through this. Tad asks her how that is possible when everything that they have is based on a lie. She cries that she was afraid that she would lose him. Tad has no sympathy. He tells her that she was right to be afraid and walks away.

Erica is thrilled when she overhears Ryan talking to Livia about getting Ryan custody of his unborn son. Livia is surprised to see Erica and intrigued when she fully supports Ryan's action. Livia is initially reluctant but Ryan and Erica manage to convince Livia to help them without divulging the details of Erica's secret. After Livia leaves to return to her office, Erica tells Ryan that Greg knows that she tried to kill him. Ryan is concerned and asks her if there is any way someone could trace the poison to her. Erica assures him that after all these years, she's learned a few things and there isn't any possibility that the poison could be traced to her. Later, Livia returns to Ryan's office with good news. She has found a judge who will keep Kendall from making any decisions for the baby without Ryan's consent."

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