04/24/2006 Zach Asks About Dr. Madden's Yacht

"Zach and Aidan are at the marina where Greg's yacht was kept. Zach informs Aidan that Greg has an offshore account in the Cayman Islands. Aidan steps away to see what he can find out about the account. While Aidan tracks the account, Zach tries to get information about Greg's yacht. When Aidan returns to where Zach is waiting they exchange information. Aidan tells Zach that Greg's account funnels money to a private corporation by the name of RG. Zach tells Aidan that he learned that the night Kendall disappeared, Greg's yacht set sail but unfortunately they were not required to inform anyone of their destination. Later, Zach learns that the yacht, The Generation, has returned to the marina. Zach buys the captain of the yacht some drinks in the hoping of gaining information but is unsuccessful. As the captain is walking away, Zach notices that his jacket has the logo of RG on the back. Zach remembers seeing a brochure for RG Spas in Greg's office.

Ryan explains to Julia why he's so desperate to find Kendall. He's worried that she will have the baby and give it up for adoption before he can find her. His fear is that if Kendall gives the baby away, he will never be able to get him back. Julia promises to help him get the information from Greg.

Erica slaps Greg and calls him a sick pervert. She warns him never to proposition her again. Greg is without remorse. He is certain that eventually Erica will realize that she is meant to be with him. Erica is disgusted. She demands to know where Kendall is. Greg refuses to tell her. He keeps talking about Josh and how he is happy that she is the mother of his son. Greg starts talking about Josh in such a way that Erica is forced to remind him that he is not his biological father. The qualities that Greg is describing were inherited from Jeff Martin, Josh's biological father, not Greg. Greg dismisses Erica's observation. He tells her that it was nurture not biology that made Josh the way he is. Erica drops the subject and once again questions Greg about Kendall. She threatens to kill Greg if he doesn't immediately tell her where Erica is but Greg ignores her threat. Things escalate until Erica is screaming at Greg. Ryan overhears the commotion and walks into Greg's office just in time to pull Erica away from Greg before she attacks him. Ryan and Erica work together to try to get Greg to tell them where Kendall is but to no avail. Greg insists that he has no idea where Kendall went to. Julia soon joins them. She confronts Greg with the lie he told her about not being able to have children. Greg pretends to not know what she's talking about. Just then Joe walks in. Julia tells Joe about Greg lie while Greg accuses Julia of being confused. Eventually Joe has Julia's records brought in. Everyone is surprised when they reveal that Julia came to see Greg because she thought she couldn't have children due to an inoperable fibroid cyst. Julia denies any such thing. Joe finds it curious that Greg's notes are so detailed. Doctors usually make brief notes which they have typed up. Greg's are handwritten and read more like a legal brief. Greg explains to Joe that he believes in being thorough. Without any contradictory evidence, Joe has no choice but to accept that Greg did not lie to Julia about her infertility. After Joe, Julia and Greg leave the office, Ryan and Erica are left alone. Erica tells Ryan that she realizes now that she has no choice but to go public with the truth that Josh is her son.

JR opens the crate he thinks his antique is in but before he can pull out the packing straw inside, Josh and another man rush through the cargo area on a medical emergency. JR and Babe follow, curious about what could be happening. A short while later, JR and Babe return along with an airport employee. When they return to the crate they opened, the man points out that he's opening the wrong crate. The crate he opened is scheduled to ship to Uzbekistan. He points to the correct crate and while JR and Babe start to open it, the man reseals the first crate. Dixie is still inside and unconscious. A short while later, Josh walks through. He apologizes to Babe for rushing through earlier, explaining that they were dropping off a liver for an organ transplant. Babe is understanding until Josh starts talking about JR. Things get heated between the two men forcing Babe to drag JR out of the cargo area before they escalate any further. Josh is about to leave as well but stops when he hears a noise coming out of the crate bound for Uzbekistan. He quickly opens it and discovers Dixie inside. He checks her out and tells her that she seems to be ok. He offers to take her to the hospital to make certain there aren't any lingering effects from being trapped inside the crate. Dixie declines the offer. She has Josh take her to the casino, where she is staying. When they arrive, Josh tries to invite Dixie out for dinner but she declines. She makes it clear that she isn't interested in him. Josh is disappointed but decides to stay.

While Tad and Adam fight, David walks in and picks up the gun that Tad knocked away. They immediately stop struggling with each other when they realize that David is pointing a gun at them. David threatens to shoot both men. Tad is more worried about Dixie and accuses Adam of possibly killing her. Adam scoffs that the suggestion. He tells Tad and David that Dixie isn't dead. She left of her own free will. Tad points out that if that were the case then she would have taken her clothes with her. She didn't. Dixie's clothes are still in the room. The three men continue to argue until Dixie walks in just in time to hear David once again threaten to kill both men. She tells David to put the gun down. When David complies, Dixie begins to yell at Adam for putting her in a crate bound for Uzbekistan. Adam expresses not the least bit of remorse. He feels he was perfectly justified to do that to her if it meant sparing JR the misery he will feel if he should learn that his mother is really alive. Dixie throws Adam and David out of her room but asks Tad to stay. He does. When they are alone, Dixie explains that she wanted to talk to him because she needs advice. She knows that Tad is more of a father to JR than Adam ever will be and she needs to know how best to tell JR that she is alive. Tad asks her why she feels so compelled to tell JR the truth after all of this time. Dixie admits that it's because Tad knows she's alive. She can't ask Tad to lie for her and knows that even if Tad tried lying, he wouldn't be able to keep the truth from JR for long. Tad finds it ironic that Dixie knows him so well when he doesn't know her at all. He advises her to be honest with JR and walks out of her room.

Downstairs in the casino, David calls Babe. He tells her that it's urgent that he sees her and JR immediately. Babe is reluctant but David is persistent. He explains that he is going to be leaving town and he doesn't know when or if he will be returning. He wants to give his daughter and her husband a wedding present before he leaves.

Dixie decides to go down to the bar where Josh is sitting and having a drink. He offers her a drink which she accepts. As they are talking, JR and Babe walk in. JR is shocked when he sees his mother."

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