02/06/2004 Erica Learns The Truth

"David continues to aim the gun at Adam, claiming he set him up as the Michael's murderer. David says that he found a gun, with the initials MC on the bottom, planted in his home by Adam. Of course, Adam denies planting the gun and when he tries to leave, David shoots at him, but does not hit him. Adam turns around and walks away from the door, as David asks Adam why he shouldn't die for framing him. Adam tells him that if he did shoot him, he would not get away with it. David explains that all he has to tell the cops is he and Adam were in a physical struggle and he shot Adam out of self-defense. David even tells Adam that if he confesses on tape to killing Michael, he would not shoot him. Adam does not agree and David blurts that they both know Erica had the planted gun the night Michael disappeared. Adam tries to leave again, but no luck. David tells Adam that he won't let Kendall, Bianca, or Erica take the fall for Michael's death. Tad walks by the window and sees David pointing the gun at Adam. He sneaks in and after wrestling David to the ground, grabs the gun. Instead of letting Adam go, he holds the gun to Adam and David! Tad tells them that he isn't going to let Kendall go to jail for something she didn't do, so David and Adam should start telling him what they know. He figures they could both be the killers, even though they deny it. Tad actually calls the cops, saying he has two killers with him, and when they arrive, Adam and David both tell the cops Tad was holding them hostage. David even says that Tad confessed to killing Michael! Tad can not believe what he is hearing and show them the gun he found, which the engraved initials. Not knowing what to believe, the cops arrest Tad, Adam, and David!

Ryan is beyond shocked at Kendall's accusations that he and Greenlee teamed up together to send her to jail. Kendall tells Ryan that he didn't help make her think otherwise when he spent all his time holding Greenlee's hand, instead of being by her side. She tells him that she overheard his last conversation with Greenlee and about them teaming up so they could both get what they wanted. Ryan asks Kendall to take everything back that she is spitting out, but she refuses and asks him to deny it, if its not true. Too shocked and hurt to say more, Ryan walks out on her, leaving Kendall to cry and stare at her engagement ring.

Jackson tells Greenlee about Bianca's pregnancy and Kendall lying to protect her sister, not ruin Greenlee's life. Greenlee seems a bit disgusted that Bianca wanted to keep the child, but Jackson explains that Bianca could not go through with the abortion. Jackson continues to fill Greenlee in on everything -- from Ryan finding the sonogram picture to all the other people who knew Bianca was pregnant. Greenlee turns the situation into her own selfish pity party and even threatens to jump out of her window, but Jackson pulls her away and tells her to cut the "melodramatics." When Jackson tries to leave, Greenlee pulls the "I guess Kendall is more important than your daughter" routine. She asks Jackson if Reggie knew the truth, and he tells her no. Greenlee figures out that David, Lena, and Maggie also knew the truth. Jackson tells Greenlee that she was kept in the dark because she can't be trusted. Greenlee says that she went after Kendall because she stole Fusion and she has a right to fight for what is hers. When she asks to Jackson to leave and he stays put, she walks out and slams the door.

When Bianca tells Erica that her blood was used on the DNA test, Erica denies it. She tells Bianca that her blood can not be a match because she aborted her pregnancy. To prove to her mother that she is pregnant, she removes her bulky jacket to reveal her round tummy. She even puts Erica's hand on her belly so she can feel the baby, but Erica quickly removes it, as though she has burned her hand on a stove. Bianca confides that she is seven months pregnant and didn't tell Erica because she thought it would hurt her. When Erica asks her why she didn't abort the pregnancy, Bianca says that she couldn't because of Kendall. If she Erica had aborted Kendall, she would never have been born and Bianca would have never had a sister to love. Bianca also says that she dreaded telling her mother because she knew her choices would disappoint her deeply. Erica asks how Bianca thought she could hide the pregnancy. Bianca explains about leaving Pine Valley until Kendall went on trial, and that once other people found out, things got worse. When Erica asks who else knew her secret, she explains about Ryan's involvement and that David knew because he is her doctor. Erica is silent and walks to the window. Bianca walks over and tells her that she is keeping the baby after he or she is born. Erica still remains silent and Bianca tries to get her to be honest about her feelings.

Edmund consults with a doctor about possibly having some surgery done to repair his legs. The doctor explains that the bullet can be removed, but it is a risky and possibly deadly procedure. Maria walks in and when the doctor leaves, she gets upset at Edmund for not informing her about consulting another doctor. Edmund tells Maria that he simply wants to weigh his options. Maria understands but urges Edmund to let his body heal first before he goes making decisions about major surgery. When Edmund asks Maria if she really believes his body will heal, she says yes. Edmund agrees not to make any rash decisions. When Maria walks out of his room, she runs into Ryan and immediately tells him that she has lied to Edmund. She tells Ryan that she lied about his chances of healing because the alternative surgery could kill him. Ryan assures her that she is not a terrible person and when you love someone, you do crazy things. Maria can see that Ryan is really talking about Kendall, but he ignores the topic and simply says he is done with the idea of having a true love.

Greenlee goes to Fusion and starts relieving her anger by messing up her office and throwing papers everywhere. Kendall walks in and Greenlee stops acting like a child. She looks back at her.

Erica recalls the moment Bianca was born and how happy she was. There is a knock at her door and Bianca encourages her to ignore it, but Erica gets up because "it may be something important." She opens the door and sees Jackson. He gives her a hug and tells them that he has been at wits with Greenlee. Bianca breaks in the conversation by telling Jackson that she just told her mother "some very difficult" news. Erica makes an excuse to get away by offering to brew some tea. When she leaves, Jackson says that Erica seems to be taking the news rather well. Bianca agrees and says that her mother's calm behavior is scaring her. Jackson encourages Bianca to go and let him handle Erica. She leaves and when Erica returns, she tells him about Bianca's pregnancy. She admits that she upset Bianca kept the news from both of them. Jackson gets uncomfortable and Erica can immediately tell, she was the one who didn't know the truth. She asks Jackson if he knew and he says "Yes, I knew.""

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