02/05/2004 The Judge Decides Whether To Grant A Mistrial

"Greenlee's outburst fails to convince the judge to grant a mistrial. Noticing everyone's anger, Greenlee doesn't really understand why she's getting the cold shoulder. Jack and Ryan's admission that they already knew the truth about Kendall shocks Greenlee.

Kendall accuses Ryan of selling her out and is ready to dump him like a hot potato. The recent events at Kendall's trial weighs heavily on Bianca's conscious. Realizing she has to clear the air, Bianca tells Erica the secret she has been keeping from her.

After having sex, Jamie and Maggie get caught on the backseat of Adam's limosine by -- of all people -- Adam. Adam calls the cops and has them arrested for breaking into the limo. Later, Adam shows up at David's cabin after having been summoned there by David. When Adam shows up, David holds him at gunpoint. "

- Soap Central