02/09/2004 Greenlee Apologizes To Kendall

"Tad, David and Adam arrived at the jail, surprised to find Jamie and Maggie locked up, in separate cells. Jamie thought Tad was there to get him out, but all three were locked up in the cell with him as Adam told Tad about catching Jamie and Maggie in his limo, playing "motel mambo." Tad wanted confirmation from Jamie that he'd "worn a raincoat." Tad explained he was bystander to justice, to keep a power hungry jackass and a demented vigilante commit murder and let Kendall take the blame. Adam scoffed at Tad so Tad accused him of only being angry that his car gets more action than he does. Tad and David bonded and told Adam they would tell the police that they saw him shoot Michael. Jamie and Maggie were released. Livia showed up and Tad started outlining his theories involving David and Adam about the night Michael disappeared. He started out by discussing Michael's gun, found in Adam's possession. Adam and David refused to talk. Tad played the JR card and reminded Adam that Kendall was JR's friend. Adam hinted that he was only protecting the person who really did kill Michael. Tad wondered who and Alan Singer walked in, curious about the answer. Tempers flared while they argued about who killed Michael and Livia said she'd ask for a postponement while David and Adam get checked out by the police. Suddenly, Alan bent over in pain. Livia called for the paramedics who wheeled Alan out, saying he'd had a heart attack. Livia went with him, telling Tad, Adam and David they could expect subpoenas.

Back at Tad's, Maggie and Jamie laughingly discussed their adventure and Jamie said he'd do it all again. She started to leave, but he asked her to stay and they kissed.

Kendall and Greenlee confronted each other in the Fusion office. Greenlee tried to apologize, but Kendall wouldn't hear it and only accused her of hate and wanting to push the needle in herself. Greenlee apologized again and asked about Bianca. She congratulated Kendall for being such a good big sister and blamed her for not trusting her enough to tell her the truth and keep her from making it worse. Greenlee was teary-eyed as she told Kendall that she can't stand herself for the horrible deed she's done, but she can't fix it either. Kendall only wanted to know about Ryan's involvement and if he'd been behind Greenlee all along. Greenlee denied a conspiracy and tried to get Kendall to see reason. They continued to fight and call each other names as Kendall outlined her proof. Greenlee said she knew Kendall would turn on Ryan, sooner or later. Kendall told her she was "not only a bitch, but a stupid bitch." Kendall wondered if she'd slept with Ryan and Greenlee only kept her guessing. Greenlee reminded her she'd already apologized but Kendall only laughed at her, saying how comical the tears were. Greenlee had enough and let Kendall think Ryan wanted to destroy her. As Kendall stormed out, Greenlee accused her of being beyond stupid for thinking everyone wants to stab her in the back, including Ryan.

At Erica's, Jack admitted he's known that Bianca is pregnant by Michael and didn't tell her. Erica crushed a glass in her hands and tried to assure Jack she's not losing it. Jack was worried at how calm she was. He poured a glass of brandy as Erica demanded to know why he hadn't told her. He explained that Bianca had asked him not to say anything after he had guessed the truth. Erica asked him if he'd asked her to marry him only to protect her when she found out. He said yes, he wanted to be by her side and wants to marry her because he loves her and considers her his soul mate. Erica expressed her concern that Bianca will never be able to get over the rape now. She told Jack she was exhausted and asked Jack to leave, saying she was going to bed. Jack refused to go away and said he'd be in the guest room. He held her hand and Erica blew up about a broken fingernail. She calmed down and when Jack left the room, Erica poured herself a glass of brandy.

Ryan went to see Bianca and she told him about her plan to leave town with Kendall in Palmer's jet, and that she'd told Erica about the baby. Bianca found the engagement ring and Ryan told Bianca that Kendall had pushed him out of her life. Bianca was stunned and lectured Ryan about Kendall and her trust issues and urged him to go back to her. Ryan was reluctant but Bianca insisted Kendall was worth it. Bianca explained that fighting for Kendall was like fighting for her baby and begged him not to give up.

Bianca, Jack, Kendall, Ryan, Greenlee were all left dreaming of better times. Erica finished fixing her nail and walked to the bathroom carrying the glass of brandy."

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