01/28/2004 Greenlee Gets Advice From Her Mother

"Maria walked into Edmund's hospital room just as he woke up. He told her he remembered her pulling him back to life when he was fading after being shot. Then he blurted out "I can't feel my legs!." Maria tried to calm his fears by telling him that was normal and they just had to wait for the swelling to go down. Nurse Carmen came in and Maria left Edmund to go do her rounds. Edmund asked the nurse to dial a phone number for him and hand him the phone. When the other person answered Edmund just said "It's me, Edmund. I need your help." Outside in the hallway Pablo came upon Maria just as she fainted. He took her to an empty hospital room and propped her up in bed. When she came to Pablo told her what happened and said he was going to take care of her. She tried to get up but was light headed. Pablo said he was going to take care of her and fed her some soup. Then he told her to rest and think of happy times. She laid her head back and thought of her wedding to Edmund. Back in Edmund's room Brooke arrived with the packet he asked her to bring from his office. He was very upset about his legs and Brooke tried to calm him down. He asked if she had shown the packet to Maria and Brooke said no, and asked what it was. Edmund said he has a feeling he can't shake, everything feels different to him. Brooke tried to use humor to cheer Edmund but he was very worried. He told Brooke the packet she brought him was his living will. Brooke said she was going to put it back where she got it but Edmund insisted she keep it. She thought Maria should have it but he said no, he didn't want to add to Maria's stress. Brooke said this seemed like post operative depression but Edmund said it was more like someone walked over his grave. Brooke argued that Maria should have the papers but Edmund got angry and said "NO!" just as Maria returned. Brooke and Edmund acted like they were discussing a news story and Brooke told him to consider the subject closed and left.

Greenlee woke up on a sofa in Adam's study with Mary touching her cheek. Mary was thrilled that Greenlee had turned to her but Greenlee said "This touching mother-daughter moment was brought to you by sheer desperation." Mary offered to help Greenlee put Kendall out of her misery. Greenlee asked how, and Mary told her to get dirty, don't hold back and figure out what Kendall will do next and get there first. Greenlee thought about it and then said that Mary was right, she was going all out and "not take any prisoners." Then Greenlee told Mary that Erica and Jack were getting married but Mary showed no emotion. Greenlee realized her mother had set her sights on another man. Adam walked in then and was surprised to see Greenlee. He excused himself and Greenlee turned to Mary and asked if Adam was who she was after. Mary acted very coy and said she was just helping Adam with a situation. She said she wanted to help Greenlee too. Greenlee said her first stop was the baby shop and stormed out. Adam returned and Mary said she hoped Greenlee realized she was really on her side. Adam said it was worth his sleeping alone then. Mary started making suggestive comments and they ended up locked in a kiss. Adam pulled back and asked if her interest in him was confined to the bedroom or did it extend to the boardroom too. Mary said she did know some people who would be interested in the murder weapon Adam was hiding.

At the baby boutique Greenlee talked to the store clerk named Debbie. She showed a picture of Kendall and asked what the woman had bought. Debbie refused to give information and Greenlee pretended she was Jacquelyn Montgomery, DA. Debbie looked at the ID card Greenlee was waving and said "This says Jackson Montgomery!." Greenlee said it was a misprint. Then she pretended to be a socialite trying not to buy the same gift as Kendall for a very posh baby shower. The clerk didn't buy any of it. Finally Greenlee started to walk away but stopped when she saw the pregnancy belly. She asked the clerk what it was for and Debbie explained women liked to try it on with the maternity clothes to see how they'll look later in their pregnancy. Greenlee took one down and held it up to herself and realized this must be how Kendall was faking her pregnancy. She ran out of the store.

Erica stopped at Jack's before going to the courthouse. Jack seemed very distracted as he took a phone call. Then he tried to usher Erica out quickly but she was very suspicious. Finally he admitted he was hiding something and she wouldn't like it. He said someone was coming over to talk about the direction the trial was taking but he didn't want to tell her who. Erica said after this they would have no more secrets between them and kissed him as she walked out. Jack was very agitated as he walked around his living room waiting for his guest. When there was a knock on the door he opened it and in came Judge Hannah Lambert. She was very straight forward and asked Jack what his intention was in court. She said she was very sympathetic to his case, that she hated letting Michael Cambias go free because she knew he raped Bianca. But she said she will not tolerate Jackson's turning her court room into a sideshow. She said if he took the stand again she'd have to allow follow up questions by the prosecution. Judge Lambert wanted to disallow Jack's testimony so he could just fade into the background. Jack refused and the judge got angry, saying he could end up in prison. Jack said he was ready to face the consequences for his actions. Judge Lambert said she was sorry to hear that and left to go to court. Jack followed.

In the courtroom Kendall walked in to find Reggie sitting at the judge's bench. He said he was looking for any notes she had taken so he could tell "which side she was on." Kendall thanked him for standing by her and said she owed him. Just then Bianca and Lena came in. Bianca had just told Lena that Jack and Erica were getting married and that would make it very difficult for Uncle Jack to keep her baby a secret. They joined Kendall and Reggie and talked for a moment. Erica walked in and asked Reggie why he wasn't in school. Reggie claimed he was covering the trial for the school newspaper. Kendall and Erica moved away from the group and Kendall told her she was engaged to Ryan. She said she had Erica to thank for that. Kendall said she was through pushing Ryan away and she was tired of pushing Erica too. She said "When this trial is over maybe we can get this mother and daughter thing right." The judge came in so everyone took their seats. She called Jack back to the stand and said she would not strike Jack's testimony. She told Mr. Singer to begin questioning the witness. He told Jack they would start with "the smoking gun." Jack said he took the gun from the evidence room for protection from Michael Cambias. He said he also took a kilo of heroin. The court went crazy and the judge pounded her gavel. Mr. Singer asked why Jack took the drugs and Jack said he planted it in Michael's apartment. He said he was trying to set Michael up for a prison sentence. The prosecution asked if the gun was really for protection or could it have been used for murder. He got in Jack's face and asked "Did you murder Michael Cambias?." Jack looked very upset but finally looked at the courtroom and said "No, I did not." The prosecution sat down and Livia got up. She asked if Jack had ever given Kendall the combination to his office safe. He said no, because he didn't trust her. Then she asked if it was true when Michael Cambias was acquitted Jack publicly assaulted him and threatened to kill him. Jack barked "He raped my niece!" Livia continued barraging him with statements and then asked if he expected the jury to believe he had nothing to do with the murder. Judge Lambert ordered a recess and Jack stepped down. He walked to the prosecution table and asked when he could expect to be arrested. Erica, Bianca, Reggie and Kendall all rallied around Jack and begged him to recant his testimony. But policemen arrived and as they were handcuffing Jack Greenlee and Simone rushed into the court room. Greenlee was ready to tell what she found out about Kendall but was stopped short when she saw what was happening."

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