01/29/2004 The DNA Results Come In

"Krystal showed up at Tad's house with a copy of the Kama Sutra she claimed to have found in Adam's library. A few of the pages were bookmarked; these were pages Krystal wanted to try out with Tad. Tad managed to get Krystal to leave as he was waiting for Liza. Tad had come up with a very nice speech he planed to use on Liza to convince her that he wanted to give their relationship another shot. Later, when Liza arrived, she shocked him by not giving him a chance to say all that much. Before long they were upstairs in the bedroom. Later, Liza told Tad that she knows that she is not the only woman in his life - and that she is okay with it "for now."

Krystal headed to the Front Street Clinic and arranged an appointment with David Hayward. After some suggestive "tickle in my throat" references, Krystal managed to get David to "check [her] chest." David knew that Krystal wasn't there because of her health. She later confessed that she wanted dirt on Adam and Tad. David didn't offer much, except to say that Krystal should simply stay away from Tad.

As a handcuffed Jack was about to be led out of the courtroom, Greenlee lashed out at the courtroom observers for not doing anything to help her father. Erica warned Greenlee that she was just making things worse, but the words meant little to Greenlee. Ryan grabbed hold of Greenlee and escorted her to a conference room. There, he tried to convince her that her anger was making her delusional. He also asked that Greenlee put her vendetta against Kendall to rest - even if only until the trial ended.

Aidan took kooky Fred Lomax to an out-of-the-way pump house for safe keeping. Boyd somehow managed to track them down and accused Aidan of wanting to use Fred to send Kendall to prison. Aidan denied Boyd's allegations and asserted that he was actually trying to keep Fred from being found.

On the witness stand, Maggie revealed that she'd heard Kendall's voice the night of Michael Cambias' murder. Kendall, she said, and another person were lugging something away from the condos. The testimony seemed damning until Livvie got Maggie to admit under cross-examination that she too had showed up at Michael's condo that night with a plan to kill him.

Later, the DNA test results arrived at the courthouse. In what would be a huge gaffe, Singer asked the medical technician on the stand to state that the DNA test results proved conclusively that Kendall was not pregnant with Michael's child. The lab tech explained that she could do no such thing; the tests showed 99.9% certainty that Michael had fathered Kendall's baby. The courtroom erupted in loud gasps. Singer quickly ended his line of questioning and Livia had no questions of her own. Later, Erica approached Kendall and blasted her for actually carrying Michael's baby."

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