01/27/2004 Babe Visits JR At The Office

"Greenlee was still hiding in Kendall's apartment, listening to Ryan wonder why Kendall suddenly wanted to get married. As they talked, they heard a cell phone and found Greenlee, who answered her phone and said she had to go right away. Ryan stopped her and demanded to know what she was doing there. She tried to tell a story about looking for Fusion paperwork, but they didn't really buy it. Kendall urged her to get her own life and Greenlee said she couldn't think of Kendall without her brain bleeding and stomped out. Kendall was upset and tried to take back her proposal, but Ryan told her Yes! Later, in front of the fireplace, Ryan gave her the same ring he'd given her before. She was delighted he knew where she'd kept it. He said he'd wanted to propose himself and he told her they'd get married the day she's acquitted.

At the celebration at Jack's, Jack and Erica said they'd get married after the trial, but Reggie wanted them to elope immediately. They promised the wedding would be perfect and then discussed the honeymoon plans for the entire family, but Reggie wanted Greenlee excluded. Erica suggested he bask in the moment with her. Bianca and Erica discussed Kendall and how happy they are that Ryan is back. Erica gushed that someday Bianca will find someone special too. As they bonded, Bianca assumed that Erica knew her secret and quickly asked Jack if he'd told her. Erica wondered what was going on and Jack covered with a story about how easily Erica cries. Greenlee dropped in and when she heard about the engagement, said it was contagious, like cooties. Erica did not let her ruin the mood. Greenlee then wondered if Jack was really planning to confess to Michael's murder, just to save Kendall. Jack tried to explain, but Greenlee stormed out. Reggie followed and yelled at her for ruining another good time and Greenlee said Erica and Kendall were to blame, not her.

Alone, Jack and Erica talked about their relationship and Michael Cambias. Erica said she can still feel his presence, in some new shape and form. Jack tried to assure her he is gone forever.

Krystal saw Liza at BJ's and pointed out how quickly Liza left Tad's. Liza offered to buy her a drink and set her straight. Krystal asked if Liza had seen her bra over at Tad's. Liza tried to tell Krystal about Tad, but she was not interested in history. Liza explained she and Tad have never been apart and are destined for each other. Krystal said they sounded only like friends who did the cha-cha. Liza warned her to stay out of the way. Krystal noted that Tad seemed like a man not looking for destiny. They ended up laughing about Tad since he was the most confused one in the room earlier. They discussed him and sighed, agreeing there is enough bad boy in him to make him interesting and enough good boy to steal your heart. They agreed Tad's heart will always belong to Dixie and Krystal wondered what it feels like to play second fiddle to a memory. Liza commented that playing second fiddle with Tad is worth a full string orchestra with someone else. Krystal said she only plays first violin. Liza warned her to find a different orchestra, the sooner the better. Krystal told Liza she respected her straightforwardness and Liza thought Krystal meant she planned to leave Tad alone. Krystal only smiled and asked if Liza knew how to get to Carnegie Hall..."practice, practice, practice."

Jamie came home and accused Tad of having a frat party. Tad explained Krystal had made the mess, and Jamie was partly responsible, and that he hadn't "nailed her for it" because Liza had interrupted. Jamie wondered what Liza wanted and Tad only had a long stare. Just then Joe came by, confused about women and asking for a sofa for the night. Jamie picked up Krystal's bra off the sofa and Tad sent him out for takeout, but not before Jamie suggested Grandpa Joe sleep elsewhere, since there was no telling what might be on the sofa. Tad started whining about women, and New Year's Eve when he started out with Krystal and ended up with Simone and how Liza nearly caught him inflagrante with Krystal on the floor. Joe choked and asked for less detail. Tad discussed all the women in his life, how exciting Krystal is and the things she can do with a ping pong paddle, and how fun and funny Simone is, and wondered how he went from Tad the Casserole King, pathetic widower, back to Tad the Cad. Tad said he just wanted to have fun, with whoever was along for the ride. Joe noted there were now too many takers and not enough Tad. Tad asked for more paternal sympathy and Joe told Tad his life has come full circle and it's like he's 17 again. Tad was mostly concerned about Liza and Joe encouraged that, saying Liza is grown up now and willing to take a chance. Jamie came home, remarkably happy and calm. Tad and Joe were stunned at how his attitude had changed and he'd accepted reality. Tad marveled at Jamie as he raced out for his date, with someone not married, not pregnant and who had never met JR. Tad and Joe commented on his wit, wisdom, and common sense.

At Chandler Enterprises, JR was browbeating an employee for not making a merger happen fast enough and was even more upset to hear the man wanted Adam's approval first. Babe burst in and cooed over her husband's mastery of the boardroom. He was distracted, but she brought takeout for lunch and insisted he eat. She walked them down memory lane and they ended up on the sofa in the office. Afterwards, he coldly told her that nothing had changed and the paternity test would happen as planned. He dressed and left her, but was lost in thought outside the door.

Adam commented snidely about Mary making herself at home as lady of the manor. Mary wanted to replace a piece of sculpture with one of her own but Adam didn't want her to. As they struggled with the piece, it fell to the floor and shattered, revealing a handgun with the initials "MC." Mary swooned that Adam was planning ahead for her days as Mrs. Adam Chandler. Adam commented on her sense of whimsy but she discussed the benefits of marriage, like not being able to testify in court against your husband. He joyfully told her that Paul Cramer can be bought and Babe is nearly gone and her services may no longer be required. This made Mary nervous and she thought she may be driven to turning the gun over to the police. She asked him if he'd killed Michael and he cryptically answered that if he had, he'd get away with it. He had a creative project for her, one which required her to work closely with him, but he'd be in charge. She giggled like a schoolgirl, assuming he was talking about them having a relationship. They kissed and just then, Greenlee burst in saying she needs her mother. Mary apologized and asked Adam to leave them alone and then asked Greenlee what was wrong. Greenlee angrily blamed Kendall for making her lose everything and everyone she cares about."

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