03/11/2003 Chris Demands Answers From Jackson

"Greenlee met Sidney Bergeron. Greenlee interrogated Sidney, who would only admit that she lives with a male...a cat named Groucho. Greenlee grilled her about why she's spent so many weeks trying to get Greenlee to fall in love with her. Sidney was very confused, told Greenlee she doesn't know any Mia or Simone and no one put her up to this. She threatened to call the police and Greenlee told her to go ahead, since there are laws against cyber-stalking. Sidney still played dumb, but when Greenlee read the latest email, Sidney turned pale. All she would say is that someone must have hacked into her account. Greenlee knew she looked guilty and begged her to explain what was going on and why she was making her life miserable. Sidney apologized and explained again to Greenlee that she did not write those emails, that someone must have hacked into her account. Greenlee said she was sorry too, since those emails had given her much needed hope. As soon as Greenlee left, Sidney got on the phone and called someone and said "the love of your life just left, no I didn't tell her."

Kendall and Michael. Kendall called Michael to thank him for the necklace, unaware that he was in bed with Lena. They made a date for later that evening. After hanging up, she waxed poetic about Michael being the most perfect man, and she decided to go to his hotel room right away and surprise him. Mia and Simone gave her some grief about only working a half day again and said they didn't mind being worker bees, tending the hive, while the queen went out to spread her honey. They only asked for all the buzz as soon as Kendall got back.

Michael, still in bed with Lena, was very surprised to hear a knock on his door. Kendall announced herself and said she had a surprise. Lena hid in the closet and Michael opened the door to Kendall, who brought massage oil with her. Michael wished Kendall had called first...Kendall wondered why Michael was in bed in the middle of the day, was it jet lag or was he sick? He politely refused Kendall's offer to get in bed together. Kendall became very suspicious and asked why he was acting like a pod man. Michael said he had to get back to work and that spending time with Kendall was costing him money. He sent her to the bar to wait for him to finish a conference call and promised they would have lunch.

Lena came out of the closet and congratulated him on his progress. Michael said he has no attachment to Kendall and will throw her away as soon as she's served her purpose.

At the Fusion Office. Simone lamented her lack of love life and motivated herself to go after Carlos. Mia tried to dissuade her, but Simone was persistent and suggested that Mia watch and learn from her. She called Carlos and said there was an emergency and he was needed at the office right away. Carlos rushed to work, looked for Greenlee and expressed concern that the emergency was about her. Mia left to count paperclips. Simone confronted him about her feelings for him and how the subtle approach has not been working. She asked an obviously uncomfortable Carlos if she had a chance with him. He avoided the question and tried to leave. Simone was very persistent and Carlos finally admitted that there is someone else. Simone tried to act casual and like she wasn't hurt. She encouraged him to go after the woman he really loves. They agreed to be friends and she told him to go ahead and continue the errand she had interrupted. Carlos left and Mia offered chocolate. Simone did not want a pity party, she only wanted to get back to work. The company was having financial problems and that was good news to Simone, who could now throw herself into work. Simone's strategy was to do the same type of advertising again, getting women excited about a product before they had one.

Joni bounced in to work to brainstorm teen advertising strategies. Joni was flush with excitement after winning a second term on student council which she won by plastering campaign posters all over campus. She gained access over the weekend because she had the security access codes. Simone was immediately interested and asked for the codes. Joni refused.

When Greenlee got back to the office, the other women were very curious but Greenlee only said it was a disaster. Carlos looked on, longingly. Joni and the others discussed other romantic scenarios and that Sidney may be covering for the real mystery man. Just then, Jamie entered and once again reiterated that the emails had to come from Sidney's computer. The Fusion girls scattered and Jamie asked Joni not to give him the Thou Shalt Not Hack sermon and said she is perfect and only loves herself. He told her to relax, it would be good for her, like bran. Joni accused him of being mean and he said at least he's not judgmental. Joni wondered why everyone picks on her and Jamie said she shouldn't act so perfect all the time, she might make some friends.

Next, Joni offered to assist Simone in breaking into the school and would enter the code herself, instead of giving the code to her.

Carlos gave Greenlee a handmade rose. Greenlee told him she felt like she's made a fool of herself over her fantasy. Carlos insisted the letters were real and asked what she would do if she found her mystery man. She said that she would have thanked him for leading her out of the pit of despair, but now she would spit on him and turn him into the police. Carlos told her she deserves so much more and walked away.

Aidan and Maureen went to the Valley Inn, where Aidan intended to return to work as a bartender. As they hugged, Maureen noticed that he was carrying a gun. She asked if someone is still after them. Aidan said it wasn't Julian, that part of his life is over. Maureen wanted to know what is going on. Aidan admitted he's only working at the bar as a cover for his real job, working for Jack to spy on Chris Stamp. Maureen wondered why the DA is after a federal agent. Aidan wants to help support Chris, who's always been good to him. He further admitted that Jackson is in love with Erica. Maureen tried to stop him and wondered if he was doing this to prove that the two of them belong together. Aidan said he wants to help Chris, in case he's being set up.

Kendall showed up and gave him a big hug for being her hero. Maureen wondered why and Kendall explained that she took Aidan's advice and got Michael back. She showed off her "swamp girl" necklace to an unimpressed Maureen. Kendall told Maureen she was brave for sticking with Aidan when the whole town wants her back with Edmund. Maureen was not interested in continuing their discussion and Kendall left to sit with Michael. Aidan said he had to leave for Philadelphia and Maureen asked to come along. Aidan made her promise to play it safe.

Jack, Chris, and Erica. At Jack's apartment, Jack played innocent while Chris was adamant and said he knew about Jack and Erica and their dirty little secret. He said knew Erica was playing around and who she was playing around with. He asked how could Jack, as a friend, stay silent. It was bad enough that Jack knew that Erica was catting around, but how could he not tell Chris about Erica - and Michael Cambias! Chris knew something was up and begged Jack to talk. Jack turned the tables and asked Chris to explain what he thinks he knows. Chris told him about the PI he'd hired, then fired. Jack wondered what he'd learned. Chris said he knows that Erica has spoken with Jack about cheating on him and asked Jack what kind of game those two are playing with him. Jack told Chris that the PI misunderstood, Erica was talking about Chris treating her as though she were cheating. Jack said he did not want to be in the middle, Chris said he was already there. Chris asked Jack to swear that Erica told him nothing about shacking up with Michael Cambias. Jack swore to him that Erica had never said any such thing and suggested Chris talk to Erica. Chris was absolutely certain that Erica is hiding something. Jack told Chris it isn't true, Erica would not go to bed with the competition. Chris paced the floor, perplexed, it just had to be Cambias, based on the evidence. If not Cambias, then who?? Chris begged Jack to swear to him that Chris is crazy for ever thinking that Erica would cheat on him. Jack said what he thinks is that if Chris doesn't trust Erica then that is the problem and the wedding should be called off. Chris looked stunned.

At her office, Erica left a message for Chris expressing wonderment about why he's not returning phone calls and suggested he not bother, ever again.

Boyd came in to express concern about Lena as an employee, but only because he doesn't want to see Bianca get hurt. Boyd told Erica he does not trust Lena and he gets a strange vibe from her and believes Lena is playing Bianca. Erica wondered if Boyd thought there was a chance Lena would hurt Bianca romantically. She continued to trust her instincts and was not alarmed about Boyd's concerns, since Lena and Bianca only have a working relationship. Besides, if Lena was up to something, she would definitely know about it.

Later, Lena arrived at Erica's office to report that Michael and Kendall are back together. Erica wondered aloud why Michael would be going after Kendall, if not to pursue Erica and Enchantment. Lena offered to plant another story. Erica wanted to try another tactic and suggested poison. Lena was horrified and did not want to resort to murder. Erica explained that she was interested only in a corporate poison pill strategy, to prevent a hostile takeover. Erica asked Lena to start laying the groundwork right away. Just then, Erica got a phone call and learned that Chris was with Jack and she rushed out of the office.

Soon after, at Michael and Kendall's table at the Valley Inn, he got a phone call from Lena outlining Erica's plan to use a poison pill strategy to counter his efforts. She acknowledged that she knows what to do next and he should consider it done.

Erica showed up at Jack's apartment, expressed her astonishment at seeing Chris there and was even more amazed when he said that Jack had just been explaining why they should not be married."

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